Written by Joseph Barry, John Cottle

Work of Various, Joseph Barry

58 pages (Paperback), published by The Modus
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(36 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Issue Page Categories
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome 1 3
Joseph Barry Echoed three progressively fairer locations of a cardInspired by 1 5
Joseph Barry Charlier Shuffle Key Placement 1 5
Sav The Worker Interview 1 6
Joseph Barry Impromptu Bug constructing bug/table-holdout for a card from card case 1 8
John Cottle Portable Bug hiding bug/table-holdout for a card at card case 1 8
Joseph Barry Another Stop Trick.. Really? spectator stops at card, its value is used to count down to selection, no set-up 1 9
Joseph Barry Red/Black Location using chunks of one color in shuffled deck 1 9
Joseph Barry Justin Higham 1 10
Justin Higham Illogical Revolve-Cut Production Related to
  • "Revolving Pass" (Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, 1929)
  • "Flip-Oer Force No. 1" (Tony Kardyro, Kardyro's Kard Konjuring)
1 11
John Cottle Card at Date card fairly lost, appears at day of the month of birth, two handlingsInspired by 1 12
Joseph Barry No Thanks to Zarrow riffle cull without Zarrow or blocking offInspired by 1 13
Joseph Barry The Stacking Drill 1 14
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Year One in Photos photos of Joseph Barry and John Cottle on conventions and magic meetings 1 16
Joseph Barry Casual Strip-Out Shuffle shuffle in hands, strip-out on table 1 18
Michael Weber, Joseph Barry A conversation with Michael Weber interview on persona, exposure, Charlie Miller, Ricky Jay 1 20
Michael Weber The Card Problem fairly removed card named by phoned person, strict conditions, posed as problem 1 22
Michael Weber Killer 21 performer repeatably wins despite shuffling and cutting 1 23
Joseph Barry The Modus Guide to Cards "What do your cards say about you?" 1 25
Joseph Barry Seal of Approval color of USPCC seal gives place of production 1 25
Joseph Barry Swivelosis cards apparently upjogged from various places, stripped out and given to spectator, actually order retainedInspired by
  • "Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle" (Justin Higham)
1 26
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome 2 3
Thomas Rosenkranz Instant Cutting Production tabled, retains order 2 4
Justin Higham Self-Working Turnover Pass - Tabled Handling
- Swing-Cut Handling
- Stand-up Handling
2 6
Brad Hodgins, Ross Taylor Eagle Eye four-of-a-kind produced after spectator's shuffleInspired by 2 10
Theodore Annemann Spectator Shuffles and Cuts Related to 2 10
Ross Taylor, Brad Hodgins Dead Aim performer cuts off named number of cards, four aces produced 2 13
John Cottle Target Practice shuffle tracking a (crimped) card, then dealing a good hand with it 2 14
Joseph Barry Flying with Balloons magician or spectator cuts to the acesInspired by
  • Marlo's methods in New Tops
2 17
Joseph Barry Fake Removal card apparently transferred from tabled packet and placed in left hand 2 17
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 2 Way Out two outs for lost selection 2 18
Joseph Barry Stuart's Strip Poker spectator thinks of card, shuffles and removes it, cards dealt and missing card completes straightInspired byRelated to 2 20
Luke Jermay, Joseph Barry Luke Jermay on creativity, NLP, card magic vs. mentalism, boredom, ethics & disclaimers 2 22
Luke Jermay Pick a Card Poker four chosen cards are shuffled into a poker handRelated to 2 29
Unknown Cull Stacking 2 29
Luke Jermay Four Card Blackjack Ten Card Poker style routine for Blackjack 2 30