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Benjamin Earl Real Magic "A new paradigm for conjuring" 1
Benjamin Earl What is Neo-Movement? on Simplicity, Psychology & Movement 4
Benjamin Earl The Neo-Movement System:
1) Natural Movement Philosophy
- The Vernon Trap
- Everyday Movement
- Open & Closed Patterns of Movement: Movement is Misdirection
Benjamin Earl 2) Physical Development - Reduce
- Expand
- Flow (twenty drills)
Benjamin Earl Top Change Practice 10
Benjamin Earl 3) Psychological Development - Self-Permission
- The Holistic System
- Mental Rehearsal/Visualisation
- Finding Flow
- Objectivity & Empathy
- Becoming Present/Non-duality
- Simplicity and Efficiency
Benjamin Earl Using Flow Drills to Practice 17
Benjamin Earl The Flo Pitch discussion of a toss vanish à la Goshman
1) Preparatory Body Movement
2) The Toss
3) The Catch
4) Simulation
Benjamin Earl Test Conditions Prediction named card predicted in pocket 21
Benjamin Earl This Is Now indifferent card changes into selection, "'This Is Now' is a completely different attitude and perspective concerning the nature of effect and method - creating a different conscious experience of performing." 23
Benjamin Earl Final Thoughts 26