Written by Jack Carpenter

Work of Jack Carpenter

91 pages (Spiralbound), published by Old-Guy-In-The-Bathroom Productions
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jack Carpenter Dedication 5
Jack Carpenter Acknowledgements 7
Darwin Ortiz Foreword 10
Jack Carpenter Introduction 12
Jack Carpenter The Chop Shop Shuffle overhand shuffle action palm 17
Jack Carpenter Instantaneous Stud Double-Turnover 20
Jack Carpenter Elegance In Motion (A Card Switch) Veeser Concept substitute, Elmsley count grip 24
Jack Carpenter The Routine 25
Jack Carpenter The Distribution Shuffle Sequence overhand shuffle that distributes four cards throughout deck and retains them under control 29
Jack Carpenter The One-Shot Shift multiple shift with one cut and instant palm 33
Jack Carpenter Hustler's Optical False Triple Cut Related to
  • "Pirandello False Cut" (Jeff Semel, Versatile Card Magic, Frank Simon)
Jack Carpenter Hustler's Stock Control Shuffle top and bottom stock simultaneously, jogged-slug stripping approachInspired by 40
Unknown Stevens Control brief 40
Jack Carpenter Scarne's Dream deck is fanned and instantly four outjogged Aces appear in fan 47
Jack Carpenter Near Enough, Yet So Far Away five cards with selection, cards eliminated via down-under deal, selection is seen eliminated but yet last card is selection, other four cards change into Queens, suckerInspired by
  • "Near Enough" (Roy Walton, The Complete Walton Vol. 3)
Jack Carpenter O' Henry's Return, Revisited Inspired by
  • "O'Henry's Return" (Jack Carpenter, Expert Card Routines, Video)
Jack Carpenter Le Temps Style Add-On 57
Al Leech Leech Pick-Up Move 61
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety brief 63
Jack Carpenter Rhythm Count Handling 64
Jack Carpenter Bottom Deal Transfer as packet is turned over onto another packet in dealing position 66
Jack Carpenter One-Handed Triumph 68
Jack Carpenter One-Handed Optical Revolve Charlier cut type 70
Jack Carpenter, Steve Ehlers The Legend of Silas Greene two poker hands dealt, three of a kind and Kings, former hand changes to Aces, then perfect bridge deal, rhyming patterInspired by 75
Jack Carpenter The Texas Wind Card Rise card rises from deck that sticks halfway out of case 88