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Lennart Green The Green Angle Separation history and background 1
Lennart Green The "GAS" Separation Green Angle Separation, detailled explanation divided in
Step One: The Running-thru
Step Two: The Angle
Step Three: The Strip-Out (as a cut and as a hidden move)
Lennart Green Finding a Chosen Card selection is in half of opposite color, application of GAS 12
Lennart Green Production of the 4 Aces aces appear in halfs of opposite color, application of GAS 13
Lennart Green Four-Color Separation separating all suits, extention of GAS 14
Lennart Green Out of this World opening phase, starting from shuffled deck and using GAS 15
Lennart Green Out of this break OOTW without switching in dealing process 16
Lennart Green Finally 17
Lennart Green Extremely last and final words 18