Written by Howard Hamburg

Work of Howard Hamburg

36 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Luis Solórzano.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Howard Hamburg Introduction anecdotes with Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller 1
Howard Hamburg The Professor several anecdotes and stories 7
Howard Hamburg Deck Vanish during 2-selection location 9
Howard Hamburg Hidden Prediction cards chosen via shuffling-dealing-procedure, total of values predicted, gilbreath 17
Howard Hamburg, Jon Armstrong, Nick Trost Perfect Poker Deal poker hand is shuffled into deck and still dealt right from the top, gilbreath 21
Howard Hamburg, Paul Curry Taste of Curry Inspired by 23
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 25
Howard Hamburg Clipped card with paper clip comes to top, clipped card transposes with another card 27
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Tilt 28
Howard Hamburg Aces Galore aces are produced on table, selection appears sandwiched 31
Bruce Cervon, Karl Fulves Pivot Production 32
Howard Hamburg Gilbreath Principal credit information on a conjecture by Gilbreath, probably misunderstanding 35