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58 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Guastaferro, Edward Marlo, David Solomon Blackjack Transpo from spectator's sleeve to case, based on Marlo's "Buffaloe'd" 7
John Guastaferro Suggested Opening Phase get-into for Fechter's "Be Honest - What is it?" 9
John Guastaferro M.I.T. Aces aces found, they change place with single selection, "Magician In Trouble" 11
John Guastaferro, Tyler Wilson Fusion Alternative Presentation, blendoInspired by 14
John Guastaferro Book of Clues 15
John Guastaferro, Andrew Brown Piecing the Clues Together 18
John Guastaferro Here, There & in my Pocket card at multiple locations, change to aces, transpo with pocketed card 21
Jerry K. Hartman R.S. Control 22
Unknown Spread Switch 23
John Guastaferro Here, There, & in there Minds blank deck finale 26
John Guastaferro X-Factor performer apparently sees through cased deck 27
John Guastaferro Stock Exchange cuts to mix face-up/face-down by spectator, red-black-separation as finale 31
John Guastaferro Cut Deeper Exchange two-pile version of Cut-Deeper Force 31
John Guastaferro Match Game 35
John Guastaferro Daley Prequel 37
John Guastaferro Multi-Mental multiple revelation routine, mental aspect through wording onlyVariations 39
Aldo Colombini Fireworks Control biddle style 40
Unknown Bubble Peek 41
Hubert Lambert Swivelroo Swivelleroo 42
John Guastaferro iContact magician and spectator think of same person in borrowed iPhone contact list, including varition "Name That Tune" 47
Rajneesh Madhok The 21st Century Wizard profile photo in iPhone contact list reveals card 50
John Guastaferro Zen Bend straw bends at fingertips 51
John Guastaferro Covert Coins producing coins under cards 55
John Guastaferro Playing the Odds ideaInspired by 55
John Guastaferro Action! presentational idea for CardToon 55
John Guastaferro Mixed Personality shuffle gags, on extra sheet tipped into booklet 59