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Toby Wessel Introduction
Steve Mayhew Welcome & Dedication
Steve Mayhew A Balloon, a Cartwheel, and a Pony Ride three selection are found three times
- Phase One (deck is dropped and cards turnover one by one)
- Phase Two (flashy location, last one in mouth)
- Phase Three (Cards to pocket, all cards to pocket finish)
Steve Mayhew, Lennart Green Unusual Location a la Lennart Green, right hand quickly grabs selection 1
Steve Mayhew, Toby Wessel Dolores in a Meadow ambitious card, in the end hole deck are double backers 3
Steve Mayhew Freedom Mayhew Poker Deal, face up card shuffled in face down, then dealt out and four aces as a kicker 4
Steve Mayhew, Toby Wessel Burn Out Your Blind Eyes without looking four cards are removed from the deck, eventually they change to aces 5
Steve Mayhew How You Like Me Now? Opener named card is only odd-backed cardRelated to 6
Steve Mayhew Cut Myself on Angel's Hair and Baby's Breath producing a flower from flash paper 7
Toby Wessel Wessel's Aces shuffled deck, four aces are found through various procedures, stop, pop out, transformation and spelling of spectator's name 8
Jack Carpenter, Toby Wessel Tips on the Second Deal movement of the hands while dealing 8
Jerry K. Hartman Pop Out Production 9
Jack Carpenter Blind Lemon Aces aces lost in deck and produced from right hand ("not this hand, the other hand")Related toAlso published here 10
Steve Mayhew Blackjack Bluff four blackjacks are produced 11
Unknown Slip Cut on the table 11
Victor Meo Stand-Up Hole Flight stage version with a newspaperInspired by
  • Harvey Rosenthal's "Hole Flight" 1982
Steve Mayhew The Ceiling story 14