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Jas Jakutsch Introduction 3
Jas Jakutsch JaJa Center Tear no-steal technique 5
Jas Jakutsch Concerning "Cold Reading" 10
Jas Jakutsch The ATAW (Any Time AnyWhere) Triple Test divination of three thoughts, jotted down on a business cardInspired by
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Telepathy and Clairvoyance" in "Twenty Effects for the Psychic Entertainer"
Jas Jakutsch "Pumping" & Progressive Anagrams 14
Jas Jakutsch The "Nod Technique", Body Language and Speed of Response brief, on fishingRelated to
  • Gary Kurtz' "Leading with Your Head"
Jas Jakutsch "Understandable Mistakes" brief, fishing letters while doing a progressive anagram 14
Jas Jakutsch Negative Cast Statements (NCS) question which can be interpreted in two ways, no + are you? 15
Jas Jakutsch The Progressive Anagram (For the Uninitiated) 15
Ray Grismer, Jas Jakutsch What's My Sign Related to
  • Ray Grismer's "What's My Sign"
Jas Jakutsch The RT (Real-Time) Impression Device I carbon paper, clip board 18
Jas Jakutsch JaJa Quadruple Test multiple billet reading, ends with a design duplication 21
Jas Jakutsch For the Visually Impaired (Or Just to be Safe) when you can not read the center, either because of poor eyesight or bad handwriting 24
Jas Jakutsch "IOU" AKA "The Serpent" spectator jots down any amount and performer divines it by placing the exact amount of money from his wallet and purse on the table, then he shows, that he did not have more money, so he predicted the amount beforehand 25