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Jas Jakutsch Introduction 3
Jas Jakutsch "Lost & Found" AKA "Six in One" billet routine with four phases, twelve people write down a los object and their initials, spectator finds the right billets, without opening it, divines the content of several and a member of the audience does the same too 5
Jas Jakutsch "CBS" - "The Classic Billet Switch" 12
Jas Jakutsch The "In-Their-Face" Two-Step Billet Switch 13
Jas Jakutsch The Re-Fold Switch 14
Jas Jakutsch The Opening Switch 15
Jas Jakutsch "I.T.O.O" - The "In the Open Opening" secretly opening a billet and reading it 16
Jas Jakutsch The ITOO Refold different methods to refold the billet again 17
Jas Jakutsch Getting a Glimpse eight ways of glimpsing an open billet 18
Harry Houdini, Jas Jakutsch The "Thumbhole Window" Glimpse Related to
  • Leslie & Harry Anderson's "Time Wrap" in "The Complete Magick, Vol. II" p. 186f.
Jas Jakutsch The "Hang-Over Glimpse" while holding a pad 19
Jas Jakutsch The Seriously "Hung-Over Glimpse" 19
Jas Jakutsch The QuinBillet Test" AKA "A Kick to the One-A... Head" five billet routine, picture duplication, ends with Telephone DramaRelated to 20
Jas Jakutsch Intuitive Extrapolations on the QB Test 28
Jas Jakutsch The Marked Cards marked billets 29