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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Paul Swinford The Match Game spectator looses always More Faro Fantasy 40
Karl Fulves Ghost Of A Chance selection disappears from hat, betting theme, two methods Packet Switches (Part Two) 75
Nick Trost Color Match-up Spectator able to colors of ten pairs of cards Subtle Card Magic: Part One 10
Roy Walton It's a Set Up several cards dealt in hands of five, performer is able to guess if cards are red or black from chosen hand That Certain Something... 8
Karl Fulves The Diagonal Relationship after riffle shuffle spectator takes pairs, turns one over and guesses color of other card, performer is always right Color Capture 2
Dai Vernon The Third Color spectator looses, double dealRelated to The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 180
Karl Fulves Red Square guessing color of next card, spectator has chance score, performer all correct Crooked Tales 51
Nick Trost The Penney Paradox sucker betRelated to
  • "Penney-Ante" (Walter Penney, The Journal of Recreational Mathematics, Oct 1969)
  • "On the Paradoxical Situations that Arise from Nontransitive Relations" (Martin Gardner, Scientific American, Oct 1974)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 89
Nick Trost Odd Man Wins! Presentation by Mack PicknickVariations The Card Magic of Nick Trost 93
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher The Omega Bet - Updated Multiple prediction of whether selected cards matched color, last phase uses GilbreathInspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 96
Karl Fulves Crystal Persuasion red-black guessing game with 2 spectators, one gets everything right, the other according to chance Combo 36
Karl Fulves Grudge Match Miraskill type bet with red-red, black-black and mixed pairs done with about half the shuffled deck, winner still known Clockwork 61
Karl Fulves The Greek's Game color of twelve cards named by magician, betting presentation, see also p. 99 for further notes Combo II 13
Karl Fulves A Trick Of Memory red-black even-money swindle Combo II 29
Karl Fulves The Russian Test performer guaranteed to get better than average score in color sorting without seeing any faces at all, see also p. 104 for further notes Combo II 55
Lennart Green Red & Back Card Bet percentage game Hidden Agenda (Issue Nov 15) 328
Roberto Giobbi, Ramón Riobóo Card Roulette analogy between cards and roulette table Hidden Agenda (Issue Dec 2) 345
Pit Hartling Game of Chance color of every third card used in multiple phase gambling gameInspired byRelated to In Order to Amaze 232