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Carmen D'Amico Pick-Up Vanish similar to Tent Vanish Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 5 88
Dai Vernon Face Up Tent Vanish Stars of Magic (Vol. 6, No. 2) 94
Dai Vernon Face-Up Tent Vanish Epilogue (Issue 4) 27
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Expert Card Mysteries 42
Arthur Finley Ace Vanish face-up with palmed cover card, also as color changeVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7, No. 2) 472
Robert Parrish Round Trip card vanishes (tent vanish), reappears next to selectionInspired by The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10, No. 8) 976
Dai Vernon, Arthur Finley Face-Up Finley Tent Vanish The First California Lecture 14
Unknown Tent Vanish brief Paul Harris Reveals Some Of His Most Intimate Secrets 33
A. Berkeley Davis Palm Spoof card vanishes an reappears with palm presentation, ten vanish Card Cavalcade Four 90
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Here's My Card 32
Paul Harris Special Handling #1 - The Tent Vanish Las Vegas Close-Up 28
Unknown Tent Vanish brief The Book of John 38
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish CardMagic 77
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish French Pasteboards 26
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Cardworks 124
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Four Professional Card Tricks 29
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Best of Friends 416
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 7) 1066
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6, No. 9) 825
Paul Harris Tent Vanish Handling A Close-Up Kinda Guy 47
Mirko Ferrantini Face-Up Tent Vanish Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7, No. 10) 979
Paul Harris Tent Vanish Variation The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 4 36
Edward Marlo BoxCard Tent Vanish performed on the Card Case Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 81
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 52
Bruce Cervon Face Up Tent Vanish The Cervon File 36
Unknown Face Up Tent Vanish The Cardwright 26
Paul Harris, Arthur Finley The Venezuela Vanish finessed Tent Vanish Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2, No. 9-12 Paul Harris: The Act) 28
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 123
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Cartas Certificadas 47
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Carneycopia 38
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Totally Out Of Control 41
Edward Marlo Tent Vanish Routine Facsimile (Issue 3 (Marlophile 1)) 13
Paul Harris Paul's Venezuela Vanish Tent Vanish Variation The Art of Astonishment - Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 232
Larry Jennings The Tent Palm Jennings '67 164
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Jennings '67 160
David Regal Finley Tent Vanish Handling Close-Up & Personal 12
Arthur Finley, Don England Tent Vanish Don England's Paradox 47
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Tricks 57
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Tricks 157
Tyler Wilson Pitching A Tent Vanish face upAlso published here Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 16
Tyler Wilson Pitching a Tent Vanish face upAlso published here Dominatricks 18
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Best of Friends - Volume III 316
Jack Parker Thumbs Down Tent Vanish Tent Vanish with left thumb behind card 52 Memories 50
Ken Krenzel Striking the Tent face-up, see also Anthony Owen's "Caravan Move" (Genii 59/10) Relaxed Impossibilities 103
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish One Degree 49
Roberto Giobbi Tent Vanish Subtlety making use of duplicate card/joker Secret Agenda (Issue Mar 25) 94
Unknown Palm Drop Vanish palmed card on face up card Al Schneider Magic 223
Tyler Wilson Taint Vanishes - Wigwam (extra convincers)
- Impo Tent (vanish two cards in succession with Tent Vanish)
Bich Circa '99 15
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish Remix 48