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Unknown To Name all the Cards in the Pack in Succession full stack, Eight Kings explained Modern Magic 50
Unknown To Name all the Cards of the Pack in Succession full stack, 32-version and Eight Kings explained Tricks with Cards 76
Unknown Four-of-a-kinds deck is dealt in thirteen piles, value named, one pile is removed that consists of all those cards Tricks with Cards 78
Unknown The Prearranged Pack Eight Kings stack New Era Card Tricks 41
S. W. Erdnase Tricks with the Prearranged Deck Eight Kings - set up explained with methods to calculate cards and their positions (applicable for any cyclic stack)Related to The Expert at the Card Table 179
Theodore Annemann An Original Set-Up Discovery way to easily set-up the eight kings stack The Book Without A Name 11
Theodore Annemann The Solitaire King winning canfield solitaire with Eight Kings stackRelated to The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 12) 59
Theodore Annemann One in Fourteen selection from cyclic set-up (Eight Kings, Si Stebbins, ...) Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 204
Unknown Prearrangement of Packs Eight Kings Greater Magic 283
Audley Walsh The Magician's Dream My Best 119
Gerald Lynton Kaufman The Canfield Set-Up set-up to win solitaire or canfield My Best 141
Theodore Annemann Improvement 8,000 Annemann's Buried Treasures 14
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Mind Your Future! two decks, selection is divined and predicted The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 261) 1044
Tony Corinda (1) The Stacked Deck eight kings, simple card divination Mnemonics and Mental Systems 73
Tony Corinda Some More Tricks Using the Eight Kings Stack (a) Blackjack (Pontoon), winning deal for two people
(b) behind back top card is reversed in the deck, card divined
(c) three cards in pocket one is selected, fishing
Variations Mnemonics and Mental Systems 75
Paul Curry Think Of Twenty-Five mindreading presentation, magician matches the put down cards with the mates. Paul Curry Presents 62
Paul Curry The Missing Thought spectator sits on a card, looks at all the other cards, magician checks all the cards he receives on a pad, except the chosen one Paul Curry Presents 71
Stephen Minch Traveling the Ethers ten cut to cards are divined, the a reading with selcted cards, eight kings stach with Minor Arcana The Book of Thoth 16
Unknown Eight Kings & Furry Kitten two cyclical mnemonics The Chronicles (Issue 8) 1137
Al Smith, Peter Kane Seconds Out mates of selected card are at the same position in three packets, based on Peter Kane's "Son Of Tetradism" Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 2) 803
George B. Anderson The Pendulum and a Deck spectator pockets unknown card, pendulum finds card which indicate suit and value The Magic Pendulum 20
George B. Anderson The Pendulum and a Magic Shop Deck two cards are reversed in the deck and found with pendulum, first by performer, second by spectator The Magic Pendulum 21
Frederick Braue Prearranged Deck on stacked deck work, historical comments
- Eight Kings
- Si Stebbins
- Nikola
- Braue Memorized Stack (?)
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 1