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Edward Marlo Combining Riffle Shuffles & Faros for stacking cards, examples are ten hands and seven (!) hands The Faro Shuffle 31
Steve Beam Super Stack - The One Second Poker Stack - The Work
- Status Report
- Synopsis of the Cull and Set-Up
- Overhand Shuffle - Four Hand Stack
- The Riffle Shuffle
- Synopsis of the Riffle Shuffles
Inspired byRelated to Super Stack - The One Second Poker Stack 2
Edward Marlo The Roman Shuffle Stack Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 103
Edward Marlo Roman Shuffle Plus Short Cards Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 104
Joseph K. Schmidt Riffle Stacking from the Bottom credit information The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
Benjamin Earl Quick Little Stack two cards, pseudo mates Gambit (Issue 2) 21