13 entries in Cards / Sleights / Palming / Classic Palm / Left Hand / One-Handed
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
W. J. Collins To Palm the Top Card with One Hand only actually bottom palm, deck is simply turned over Tricks with Cards 17
Mike Tannen Off the Bottom one handed bottom palm The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 64) 261
Dr. Jacob Daley Left One-Hand Bottom Palm small packet handling Stars of Magic (Vol. 7, No. 1) 105
Edward Marlo Full Buckle Palm one-handed bottom palm of a single card The Tabled Palm 28
Bob Nelson Full Buckle Palm - Toss Cover one-handed bottom palm of a single card The Tabled Palm 29
Frederick Braue One Hand Bottom Palm (1941) The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 10
Larry Jennings One-Hand Bottom Palm Related toVariations The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 234
Larry Jennings Covers for the One-Handed Bottom Palm two covers, with description of technique itselfRelated to The Cardwright 129
Henry Hatton, Adrian Plate One-Hand Bottom Palm Secrets Draun from Underground 115
Ernest Earick Bottom Palm, one-handed independent of Curry's palmRelated to By Forces Unseen 85
Larry Jennings One-Hand Bottom Palm Workers Number 5 113
Allan Ackerman The One-Handed AB Bottom Palm Overhand Shuffle Cover (Ackerman - Barnhart), two-handed set-upRelated to I Can't Believe it's Not All Cards 21
Paul Curry Bottom Palm first published in "Something Borrowed, Something New", 1941Related to Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 26