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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown The Prediction Deck No. 60, number of face-down cards after face-up/face-down shuffle predicted More Self-Working Card Tricks 89
Philip T. Goldstein The Schizoid Rosary two piles created from deck, number of red card in one and court card in other pile predicted Doth 1
Harry Lorayne, Simon Aronson The Equalizer slight variation on Aronson's "ShuffleBored" Trend Setters 171
John Bannon, Simon Aronson Wait Until Dark Shufflebored combined with Ortiz' Human Blindfold idea Dear Mr. Fantasy 168
Benjamin Earl The Cards of Leon in-the-hands version without tableInspired by
  • "Shuffle-Bored" (Simon Aronson)
Gambit (Issue 2) 4
Darwin Ortiz Limitless kind of impromptu shuffle-bored Lessons in Card Mastery 171
Darwin Ortiz Billion Dollar Brain number of face-down cards in mess named, then actual order Lessons in Card Mastery 189
Michael Weber Simply Bored 2.0 Different handling for Shufflebored Old Dog 11
Michael Weber On The False Track Alternative presentation for Shufflebored Old Dog 12
Christoph Borer Shuffle-Borerd last prediction is sum of added numbers on cards 21 239
Simon Aronson, Andy (The Jerx) Meta-bored Shuffle-bored presentation The Jerx 265