6 entries in Bird Cage / Appearance
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown The Birdcages from the Hat birdcages that fold up Modern Magic 311
Unknown The Magic Portfolio cage with birds and other 3D objects produced from thing portfolioRelated to Modern Magic 468
David Devant The Bag of Mystery egg appears in spectator's hand covered with paper bag, expanding bird cage produced from bag, borrowed ring put in beaten egg, vanishes, reappears in nest of envelopes Later Magic 544
Joseph Michael Hartz A Devil of a Hat hat borrowed, production of handkerchiefs, goblets, a wig, cigar boxes, cage, ..., twenty-two minute act Later Magic 625
Joseph Michael Hartz The Egg and Rings Trick egg produced from borrowed hat, three finger rings put into beaten egg, poured into hat, then flowers with rings on ribbons removed from hat along with bird cage Later Magic 733
Tommy Martin Bird Cage Load from table with live doves, very brief Korem without Limits 78