7 entries in Bottle / Chinese Prayer Vase
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Don White The Chinese Prayer Vase vase on rope Greater Magic 847
Louis Tannen Yankee Vase rope and vase, without cork The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 52) 213
Vivian St. John Letter to Bruce Elliot rope and vase variation The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 72) 295
R. M. Jamison Chinese Prayer Vase with transparent bottle Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2, No. 2) 58
Tom Fitzgerald The Hindu Prayer Vase Up to Date tip for vase and rope The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 84) 341
Bob Logan Imp impromptu Chinese Prayer Vase The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4, No. 12) 290
Michael Close Renaldo the Great routine for the vase and string trick, Chinese Prayer Vase Workers Number 5 70