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Unknown Black Backed Card Tricks with Cards 152
Unknown The new Watch and Card Target pistol shot on target, where card appears minus corner, then corner as well, watch appears there tooInspired by More Magic 403
Unknown Die neue Eckkarte corner torn off, thrown back and it visibly restoresRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 138
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Die Reise durch den Cylinderhut card penetrates top hatRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 162
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster In fremder Hand verschwindende Karten cards disappear into tray Der moderne Kartenkünstler 181
Unknown Newspaper-Covered Cards back covered with newspaper to hide them on a newspaper New Era Card Tricks 80
Unknown The Improved Torn Corner Card torn corner visibly reappears, can be examinedRelated to New Era Card Tricks 241
Unknown Cards with Cloth Surface black art The Art of Magic 63
Unknown Third Method using cards with cloth-colored backs, black art The Art of Magic 216
Unknown Seventh Method aces put in one envelope, kings in another, they transpose, using two cards with cloth on back The Art of Magic 221
Adolf Blind (Magicus) The Demon Digits three cards with numbers arrange themselves in requested order Later Magic 581
Mr. Gilbert The Acrobatic Cards two card in easels transpose Later Magic 583
Bob Hummer The Four G Men card is divined, name of cards printed on four cards, with newspaper black art (1941) Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 17
Danny Korem Fantasy Torn and Restored Card jumbo signed card, corner torn off and restored, inspired by John Cornelius ("The Reel Works" column, 44/4) The Lost Pages of the Kabbala 88
Thomas Alan Waters Blackard fair single card prediction, in glass in front of the blackboard Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Octasm) 311
Jon Racherbaumer Holy Point of Arrivel I visual Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 70
Don England, Richard Kaufman Holy Point of Arrivel II visual Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 73
Jose Carroll Blackbacked Card invisible through transparent sheet 52 Lovers 123
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Blitz-Kartenverwandlung jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends cleanInspired by Horizons 29
Alexander de Cova, Jan Torell Blitzkarten-Verwandlung jumbo card (or sign, menu, ...) visually transforms into silk, ends cleanInspired by
  • "Riesenkarte zu Tuch" (Jan Torell, Rund um den Zaubertisch)
Ein Profi packt aus... 15
Dondrake Handling BlackArt Cards - Vanishing Card
- Vanishing Jumbo Card
- Diminishing Card
Black Art Breakthroughs 9
Don England Early P.O.D. Holy P.O.D. Versions Don England's Paradox 100
Tom Stone The Forbidden Palm black art Maelstrom 69
Tom Stone Black Art on Close-up Pad credit information Maelstrom 69
Tom Stone Black Art Card construction of card with black back Maelstrom 70