15 entries in Cards / Sleights / Case Things / Case as Holdout
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Charles T. Jordan Case Addition cards left in case added to center of inserted packet The Four Full Hands (Issue Four Full Hands of Card Tricks) 10
Purvis W. Miller The Miller Card Case extra compartment for adding cards More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 17
Covari Impossible Poker Stack card case as hold out and bottom deal Super Subtle Card Miracles 85
Unknown Cellophane Hold-Out card placed behind cellophane Methods with Cards - Part 3 226
Karl Fulves Sneakers sandwich placed in case, sandwich card vanishes and reappears in case, flap-flap Inner Sanctum 32
Louis Falanga The Cellophane Connection gaffed case to switch, add, subtract, appear and vanish cards Lake Tahoe Card Magic 46
Unknown Under Cellophan Holdout Secrets No. 1 43
Steve Bedwell Case Holdout during Spectator Shuffle Parked Card and Other Manoeuvres 5
Unknown Card behind Cellophane Miracles with Cards 28
Bruce Cervon The Cased Holdout holdout while shuffling Hard-Boiled Mysteries 62
Roberto Giobbi Versatile Jokers - Adding or Subtracting Special Cards
- Starting with Jokers and Special Cards in the Card Case
- Gimmicked Jokers
- Jokers and Simple Setups
Card College - Volume 5 1099
Unknown Cellophane Holdout A Clockwork Apple 16
Benjamin Earl Case as Holdout spectator shuffles, then deck put in case Gambit (Issue 1) 9
Jason Ladanye Case as Holdout do add a card to deck, see also page 118 Confident Deceptions 111
So Sato Card Case Load on top in offbeat The Secrets of So Sato 87