23 entries in Coin / Effect Themes / Traveling / Coins from Hand to under Card
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Derek Dingle Coin Assembly four copper coins vanish one by one in hand to reappear with silver coin under card Dingle's Deceptions 7
Al Schneider Crossed Cards I three coins under two crossed cards one by one Al Schneider On Coins 33
Al Schneider, Carroll Hovland Crossed Cards II with three different coins, gaffed Al Schneider On Coins 36
David Stahl The World's Most Expensive Okito Box Routine different coins from box with hole to under crossed cards The Book of John 121
Mike Giles, Patrick Snowden, Dana Betz, Paul Harris Deja Vu four coins vanish from left hand at once and reappear under four cards Close-up Seductions 69
Martin Lewis Coin Assembly Four coins assemble under a card Martin's Miracles 119
Larry Jennings Ten-Cent Quickie gaffed, three coins travel Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! 41
Chris Kenner Four in Hand Surprise coins travel under one card, then vanish and reappear in hand again Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2, No. 2) 16
Tom Gagnon The Slider coin travels to other coin, two cards, slider move The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 23) 397
Karl Fulves Launch Site copper coin under tabled spread, silver on top, silver vanishes and reappears under isolated card Quick Card Tricks 5
Gary Kurtz Trio in Three from 1981, three different coins travel under two cards, from hand to hand and back under the cards, Haden gaffInspired by Coin Magic 19
Chris Kenner Aftershock four coins from hand to under single card with backfire, shell Totally Out Of Control 51
Alex Elmsley The Astral Coin Rides Again coin and two cards, coin appears, travels and penetrates table, coin threaded to card The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 273
Paul Gertner The Imaginary Coin coin appears and disappears, appears under card case, ...Inspired by Steel and Silver 42
Milton Kort The Nomad Coins Three different coins fly from hand to hand, pocket to hand, hand to under card (first published in Magic & Spells Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 4, 1972)Inspired by Kort 183
Milton Kort Nomads in the Dunes Three different coins under handkerchief, vanish and appear under card in stages (first published in New Pentagram, vol. 10, no. 11, Jan 1979)Inspired byVariations Kort 197
Chad Long Scatter four coins from hand to 4 tabled cards at once Some Other Stuff... 9
Reed McClintock Three with CSB three different coins travel under tabled cross of two cards, then transpose in hand and travel back to under cards and purseInspired by Knuckle Busters Vol. 2 1
Reed McClintock International Fantasy Coins from different countries vanish and reappear under card; card becomes selection. Knuckle Busters Vol. 3 1
Reed McClintock The International Dissolve Coins from different countries vanish and reappear under card.Inspired by
  • "The $1.50 Vanish" (Earl Nelson, Variations, 1978)
Knuckle Busters Vol. 3 7
Al Schneider Junior Cross Cards coin travels twice under two cards, shell Al Schneider Magic 368
Al Schneider Classic Cross Cards three coins under two crossed cards one by one Al Schneider Magic 387
Al Schneider Flick Cross Cards three coins under two crossed cards one by one Al Schneider Magic 408