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Prof. Robert Hellis To "Change" a Card - Fifth Method "To change a card without the aid of the Pack"
in context of effect in which wrong card changes into selection
Modern Magic 32
Unknown To Change a Card - Third Method: The Vertical Change snap-over change, see page 132 for another way to get into it Tricks with Cards 22
Prof. Robert Hellis Hellis' Change, No. 1 "To change a card without the aid of the Pack"
in context of effect in which wrong card changes into selection
Tricks with Cards 23
Victor Farelli Second Variation Using fingers to keep double square "Lend Me Your Pack" 49
Unknown Showing Two Cards as One crude Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 76
Francis Carlyle The "Carlyle" Snap Double Lift exploiting crimp/bend More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 8
Unknown The Double Lift Turnover two methods Expert Card Technique 8
Unknown Saliva Double A Devilish Miracle 2
Frederick Braue Inserting a Double into the Deck Show Stoppers with Cards 3
Paul LePaul Snap Over snapping off the second finger The Card Magic of Le Paul 73
Dai Vernon Snapping Two Cards as One Stars of Magic (Vol. 5, No. 3) 83
Tenkai Ishida One-Hand Turnover and Fan small packet, with one double Six Tricks by Tenkai 16
Edward Marlo Two Card Toss from deck into right hand Miracle Card Changes 11
Unknown Tweezer Double Lift Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic - Part I 12
Bruce Elliott A. P. also as double lift handlingAlso published here The Best in Magic 136
James Steranko Lateral Turnover Change lateral palmed card added to tabled single card and double turned over Steranko on Cards 32
Unknown Double Card Snap-Over Professional Card Magic 137
Charlie Miller Double Lift Management The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 66
Unknown Snap Over Double end for end Professional Card Magic 153
Nate Leipzig Ambitious Card Quickie double deal turnover, from center and top Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 162
Al Leech Top to Bottom Change Super Card Man Stuff 19
Edward Marlo Effect 2 card jumps off top of deck, twice, double jumps from deck On the Acrobatic Cards 26
Wilfrid Jonson Free Fall Double flips over onto table, here credited to Jonson Expert Card Mysteries 41
Karl Fulves Sliding Seconds taking two cards from top of deck, one is a double with push-off technique The Book of Numbers 19
Frank Garcia Ambitious Card - 2. spinning double on top of convex deck Million Dollar Card Secrets 48
George Zacharellis Zacharellis' Double card spring off from thumb between first two fingersRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7, No. 4) 487
Frank Garcia Pirouette Double Lift Super Subtle Card Miracles 157
Jimmy Grippo Double Lift Teaser saliva Super Subtle Card Miracles 160
Frank Garcia Flippy Double turnover in air Super Subtle Card Miracles 162
Unknown Forceps Double Turnover Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2, No. 7) 53
Larry Jennings Double Snap Over Epilogue (Issue Special No 3 (Part 1)) 268
Karl Fulves Double Double Lift displaying the top two cards by forming a spread with 2 double cards Kannibal Kards 5
Ken Krenzel Forceps/Pincher Double Kabbala - Volume 3 (Vol. 3, No. 8) 103
Gene Maze One Hand Single Turnover with variation Packet Switches (Part Four) 266
Martin A. Nash Sixth Replacement - The Swing turnover at corner Any Second Now 148
Karl Fulves Slip Lifts using KM move to switch the back card of a double Transpo Trix 23
Karl Fulves Bottom Double Drop Related to Transpo Trix 31
Karl Fulves The Double-Double Lift displaying the top two cards by forming a spread with 2 double cards Transpo Trix 13
Paul Harris Special Handling #3 - The Snap Las Vegas Close-Up 31
Richard Kaufman Multiple Card Spin Around Fingers flourishy handling CardMagic 144
Edward Marlo Double Flip Down onto tabled packet Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 35
Andrew Galloway Double Lift Management putting a card down, with actus interruptus / in-transit action Diverting Card Magic 15
Unknown Double Flip-Over John: Verse Two 12
Bill Steinacker Platform "Snap" Double Lift double lift for the stage Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4, No. 9) 539
Gene Varré Flip-Over three cards are flipped over as two Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4, No. 10) 543
Cliff Green An Unpublished Handling of Cliff Green one-handed snap and turn-over (without deck) Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2, No. 11) 84
James Steranko The Steranko Move bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertips The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 30
Ken Krenzel Through The Fist Double Best of Friends 333
Tony Kardyro Turnover Below Top Card turning all cards openly underneath top card, "Bottom Double Drop" Hocus Poker 8
Bobby Bernard A Double Lift The Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard 76
Unknown Pushing Double through Hand Bertram on Sleight of Hand 151
Paul Harris Double held by spectator A Close-Up Kinda Guy 29
Paul Harris Finger Snap double snapped to fingertips, one-handed A Close-Up Kinda Guy 49
Larry West Double Card Handling Finesse similar to a in the hands Pad Spread Magic from the Parade #1 16
Russell T. Barnhart Adding Card in Master Palm to Single Best of Friends - Volume II 204
Edward Marlo After Rhod, Continued four ace switch using double card handling from small packet 4 times Best of Friends - Volume II 389
Francis Carlyle Snap Double Lift dribbling until two cards remain in hand, then flip-over The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 27
Bert Allerton Pop Over The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 145
Larry Jennings Bounce Double as card is flipped on tabled pile The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 144
Ken Simmons Simmons's Pivot Turnover same as Stuart Gordon Turnover Riffling the Pasteboards 8
Bruce Cervon The Cervon Loose-Pivot Lift The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 52
Dai Vernon The Loose Stud-style Display The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 51
Dai Vernon The Loose-lift Display The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 48
Dai Vernon Turnover Display second finger underneath leverage thing The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1 152
David Regal Double Card Pop-Out for double Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 94
Art Altman The Altman Trap Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 111
James Steranko The Steranko Move bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertips Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 153
Unknown Spin Flourish on top of deck, works with double 52 Lovers 143
Gabriel Moreno Thumb Flip right thumb flips top card in air, works with double 52 Lovers 144
Stuart Gordon Gordon Double Lift The Cardwright 114
Unknown Double Card Snap-Over The Cervon File 44
Unknown Double Spin spinning double card between fingers Lecture 1988 5
Gene Maze Tri Double removing apparently two cards from deck, one is a double, also splitting three cards into a double and a single, brief transposition application The Chronicles (Issue 32) 1384
Brother John Hamman The Bottom Double Drop turning double over on deck from bottom of right hand packetRelated to The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 32
Karl Fulves Double on Deck Laydown deck set on table one-handed with double angled to side Prototype 26
Dai Vernon Double Show double is in dealing position, turned over with second finger underneath The Black & White Trick 140
Arturo de Ascanio The Ascanio Addition to the Tamariz Turnover Sonata 61
Juan Tamariz VI. Showing the Three Cards showing three cards alike with two jokers as tweezers Sonata 201
Dai Vernon Double Card Handling turning a double over with one hand Ultra Cervon 24
Unknown The Propeller turning double card between fingers 52 Lovers - Volume II 20
Jose Carroll Handling with Help, or Handy Handlings double card handlings with extra card 52 Lovers - Volume II 37
Unknown Double Snap-Over Carneycopia 72
Ken Simmons Simmons's Pivot Turnover same as Stuart Gordon Lift Banded Deck Effects 26
Edward Marlo In-A-Jiffy Duplex Double multiple double versionInspired by Card Finesse II 62
Edward Marlo Double Flip Down onto tabled packet The Olram Aces - The Impossible Travellers 12
Ernest Earick Clap Spin-Out Revelation for single or double cards By Forces Unseen 12
Stuart Gordon Gordon Double Cardshark 105
Gary Kurtz Pivot Double Lift Cardshark 24
Unknown Twirl Double Lift flourishy Notes from The Summit 17
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift, Part 2 Introduction Card College - Volume 2 330
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card V also for double turnover Card College - Volume 2 396
Unknown Double Card Brush brushing two cards together, one of them a double The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 140
Unknown One-Handed Double Card Snap The Art of Astonishment - Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 233
Michael Close The Last Card Push handling the last block in an undercount Workers Number 5 67
Unknown Tweezer Double The Warpsmith Returns 43
Dominique Duvivier Somersaulting Double Make double card spin and somersault back onto the deck (flourish double)Related to Magie Duvivier 12
Unknown Snap Turnover between fingers Miracles with Cards 95
Jeff Busby Snap Finesse double snaps off fingers Miracles with Cards 121
Stuart Gordon Gordon Double Jennings '67 187
Larry Jennings Bounce Double as card is flipped on tabled pile Jennings '67 191
Larry Jennings Deck Double placing a double on the tabled deck Jennings '67 210
Larry Jennings Free Fall Double Jennings '67 249
Cliff Green Double Card Pick-up from deck The Expert's Portfolio No. 1 34
Unknown Double Spin spinning double card between fingers The Ancient Empty Street 10
Unknown A Double Lift Finesse double lift with a snap Card College - Volume 3 584
Lee Asher Diving Board Double Non-acrobatic Lé Asher 9
David Regal The Down-under Double see page 171 for applicationsAlso published here Close-Up & Personal 169
Paul Cummins Tabled Hinge flipping a double on a tabled deck FASDIU II 47
David Ben Book Turnover on Table or Bilis?! Tricks 58
Roberto Giobbi Biddle to Pinch Grip Card College - Volume 5 1167
Unknown Tweezer Double Dear Mr. Fantasy 39
Wesley James, James Steranko The Steranko Move Handling bringing a double from dealing position at the fingertipsRelated to
  • "The Steranko Move" (Steranko, Genii, Vol. 27 No. 3, Nov. 1962, p. 127)
Enchantments 35
Wesley James, Stuart Gordon A Stuart Gordon Turnover Variation credit information Enchantments 164
Cliff Green Cliff Green Double Pasteboard Palette 20
Denis Behr Double Lift Management Handcrafted Card Magic 15
Tyler Wilson Double Standard free-handed Double Turnover handling Movers & Shakers 26
Jack Parker The Ballerina Double Flashy & twirly double lift 52 Memories 45
Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon Double Turnover Smooth Operations 8
Unknown Double Card Snap snapping double off finger Relaxed Impossibilities 129
Doug Conn Double Play pop-out for double card Reinventing the Real 100
Jack Parker Ballerina Double Above the Fold 8
David Ben, Bernard Bilis Tabled Spread Turnover Maelstrom 74
Unknown Tweezer Double Maelstrom 168
Stuart Gordon Gordon Turnover Reflections 53
Ryan Schlutz Schlouble inserting double safely into deck Making the Cut 133
Jörg Alexander Weber Spreading with Double on Top spreading deck on table while leaving the top two cards as double ZauberKunstStücke - Band 3 30
Arturo de Ascanio, Alex Hansford Ascanio Spread Ideas Sprezzatura 46
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift and Double Turnover for stand-up use
- Showing a Double Card
Standup Card Magic 87
Edward Marlo Count 2 buckle count, last card snaps off fingers Facsimile (Issue 6) 17