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Unknown To Let all the Cards fall, save the One Chosen long card or stripper deck Modern Magic 62
Unknown The Jumping Cards "Two or three Cards having been drawn, returned, and shuffled, to make them jump out of the Pack"
using prop box
Modern Magic 130
Unknown Jumping Cards "To Make Selected Cards Jump out of the Pack"
king of mechanical houlette
Tricks with Cards 168
Unknown The Magic Mirror deck laid on mirror, name appears on mirror (breathing glass), mirror turned, only selection sticks to mirror Tricks with Cards 179
Unknown The Charmed Bullet and the Black Cloth Target nine shuffled cards stuck to board covered with black cloth, performer shoots on board and hits selection Tricks with Cards 182
Unknown The China Plate and Flying Cards deck laid on plate, selections fly out horizontally Tricks with Cards 185
Bland The Card-Catching Plate four cards appear attached to rim of plate when deck is thrown at it Tricks with Cards 187
Unknown The Black Cloth Target. Another Magic Pistol nine shuffled cards stuck to board covered with black cloth, performer shoots on board and hits selection More Magic 111
Unknown The Magnetic Wand and Walking Card selection lifted out of deck which rests in spectator's pocket More Magic 124
Bland The Enchanted Hand-Mirror deck on hand-held mirror, mirror turned over, only selection sticks, magnetism More Magic 128
Unknown The Acrobatic Cards four cards jump out of borrowed hatRelated to New Era Card Tricks 180
Unknown Catching Two Cards at Fingertips "Favorite Sleights for Terminating Tricks" The Expert at the Card Table 169
L. Graham Lewis Novel Discovery of a Chosen Card table with deck on top tilted, only selection remains on table, thread with wax The Modern Conjurer 71
Unknown Card Discovered by Sense of Touch touched card appears face-up on deck after shuffle The Art of Magic 98
Stanley Collins Will! fifteen cards stick to the hand, all fall except three selections, gaffed card and ring Original Magical Creations 36
Jack Merlin A Routine of Sleights at the Card Table - cards in spectator's pocket, card fished out very fast
- second and bottom dealing expose
Merlin at the Card Table 2
Nate Leipzig A Novel Reverse Discovery Leipzig Opener Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 96
Orville Wayne Meyer The Ribbon That Made Good ribbon attached to wrong card, when pulled out is right card, sticky card The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1935) 43
Unknown The Shipwreck selection remains in hat, application of Spring Palm Card Manipulations (Issue 5) 133
Unknown The Five Card Fan five cards pushed through deck until one remains Card Manipulations (Issue 5) 157
Milton Sleight of Foot deck is kicked with foot and splits at selection, salt Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 39
Unknown The Mene Tekel Deck - 2. basic application, air pressure turnover Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 257
Unknown The Turned Card air pressure turnover, stripper deck Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 264
Unknown The Blown Card card is apparently blown out of deck, stripper deck Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 266
Nate Leipzig The Flying Card when doing waterfall flourish, only selection drops to floor Greater Magic 231
Unknown The Salt Trick deck divides at selected card Greater Magic 237
Paul Rosini Two Card Location two cards are caught on fingertips (friction toss) Greater Magic 256
Cardini Method No. 8. The Cardini Rise card jumps out of hat Greater Magic 397
Unknown New Finishes for Card Tricks: 2. Adaption of the "Spring" Flourish cards are sprung in air singly, card at certain position caught Greater Magic 224
Blois Houghton Sensitive Soul deck separates at selection when kicked on floor, crimp instead of salt The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 44) 299
Josef Bauer Ostracism when balloon is popped, all cards drop except selection, apparatus The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 40) 264
Unknown, Dr. Jacob Daley Snap!! "A Quick Trick", card appears outjogged from fan, with "take any card" gag by Daley More Card Manipulations (Issue 1) 11
Unknown Springing the Trap set-up in which deck is held by one card in a configuration on glasses, when card is removed, all cards except selection drop down More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 27
Jim Wheeler Lost and Found deck in glass, spectator removes deck but selection remains inside, narrow card The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 107) 640
G. W. Hunter Backhanded reprinted from The Magic Wand, card sticks to back of hand, key card location The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 110) 660
Al Baker The Knife Dial to find a card in the spread The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 166
Al Baker The Knife Dial earlier version The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 270
Shaman Ode to the Sun deck put in threaded paper bag, bag put on fire, only selection remains on thread The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 138) 783
Joseph Cottone The Jumping Joker selection flys out of deck More Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 43
Unknown Snap It selection jumps out of hat when kicked from below Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 1 275
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Dial Divination knife spun on table points to selection, 9 duplicates Prepared Cards and Accessories 20
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue The Card Target spectator throws cards at target, selection sticks there Prepared Cards and Accessories 25
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue A Salted Card deck cuts itself at selection when thrown on table Prepared Cards and Accessories 29
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue A Quick Discovery card shoots out of deck in open step configuration Tricks and Sleights 10
Bill Nord Card Trick from Sphinx deck put on the wall held by flash paper, when ignited all cards fall down except selection The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 55) 227
Edward Marlo Jab It! knife is stabbed in back of cards, some cards are pierced, bottom one is selection Early Marlo (Issue Oddity & Other Miracles) 85
Frank Dobrina "Allez Oop" "A Striking Card Discovery"
deck thrown on surface so it spreads, selection
Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3, No. 5) 158
Audley Walsh The Jump-Up Card card jumps straight up from deck in hat Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 4 124
Dr. Kolma, Harlan Tarbell "Snooty Snake" signed or marked card appears at end of spring snake in can Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 4 113
Joe Berg Flip-Up Card half card is used to shoot (half) card out of deck or halfway out of pack like a pop-out Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 4 122
Unknown Here I Is Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries) 49
Unknown Out of the Hat deck placed in hat, bottom flicked, four selections jump out of hat Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries) 53
Neal Elias Card From Center At the Table Tricks 7
Russell T. Barnhart, Edward Marlo Clipped card is paper-clipped, clip finds selection Marlo In Spades 39
Unknown Leapfrog leaps into view The Royal Road to Card Magic 126
Unknown Kangaroo Card jumpes out of hatRelated to The Royal Road to Card Magic 159
John Hamilton POP card jumps from top of the pack up in the air The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 193) 771
Gerald Kosky The Boomerang Card card is apparently thrown and caught in the pack Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949) 15
Harry Lorayne Quinella two cards revealed via air pressure turnoverAlso published here The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 219) 874
A. Deleport Pocket It reprint from Grant's "The Trixter" from 1933, spectator puts deck in his pocket and picks out his selection The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 207) 826
The Great Maurice The Cards and the Handkerchief three selections fall out of the deck when covered with handkerchief The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 213) 852
George Schindler Sealed Penetration deck is sealed and put in spectator's pocket, performer fishes card out very fastRelated to The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 237) 949
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener Stars of Magic (Vol. 10, No. 1) 142
Bill Simon The Finger-Stab cards are thrown into the air and selection is plucked out Effective Card Magic 121
Bill Simon A Trick with a New Twist cards are given a spin on the table, selection flies out Effective Card Magic 123
Harry Lorayne Saltless deck divides at chosen card when thrown, crimp, see p. 997 for credit detailsAlso published here The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 247) 989
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic selection is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl CutAlso published here The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 277) 1106
Bruce Elliott A Lesson in Magic selection is produced with variation of Leipzigs twirl CutAlso published here The Best in Magic 125
Al Leech Case Card cards are cased with a block sticking out, all cards slide down except selectionVariationsAlso published here The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 335) 148
Jose Diaz, Vynn Boyar, Edward Marlo Case Card Again Inspired by The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 339) 168
Al Leech Case Card cards are cased with a block sticking out, all cards slide down except selectionAlso published here A Last Look at Leech 37
Jim Walker The Mechanical Magician card revelation with Slinky The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 348) 218
Dai Vernon, Al Baker The Walking and Jumping Card Card "walks" out of a hat and jumps out of it Inner Secrets of Card Magic 33
Edward Marlo From Out of Nowhere D'Amico's one-handed second deal as a production Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 67
James Steranko The Jumping Card card jumps from table back to deck Steranko on Cards 53
Karrell Fox The Constant Jumper cards jump out of deck Comedy a la Card 22
Edward Marlo Spin Cut Stunner deck cuts itself at fingertip peeked at card Estimation 53
Harry Lorayne Salt-less deck divides at chosen card when thrown, crimpRelated toAlso published here Close-up Card Magic 31
Harry Lorayne Quinella! two cards revealed via air pressure turnoverAlso published here Close-up Card Magic 71
Max Malini Card Revelation ploy for finding an apparently forgotten card,step handling Malini and His Magic 68
Nate Leipzig Palm Up card sticks to palm Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 188
Nate Leipzig Spring Card Location while cards are sprung from hand to hand, card jumps out Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 189
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Opener card comes to the bottom of the deck several times, then penetrates performer's handVariations Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 156
Edward Marlo Spin Out Marlo Short Card spins out of deck when shaken The Patented Shuffle (Issue 5 I Shuffled the Cards) 12
Don Tanner Airborne Card single card is grabbed from deck, cards balanced on table and fingertips The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 389) 385
Don Tanner Flop Revelation deck is balanced on table and when it falls top card is selection The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 389) 385
Karl Fulves Lock-It lock and cards are dropped in a bag, selection found on lock, see p. 428 for idea by Lu Brent The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 399) 424
Harry Lorayne Trampoline flourish flip over on tabled deckRelated toVariations Deck-Sterity 138
John Benzais Bewilderment four-of-a-kind shoots out of deck one by one The Best of Benzais 38
Peter Kane Exploding Revelation black jacks placed on tabled deck, they pivot over sideways and reveal selection A Card Session with Peter Kane 4
Robert Parrish Magician vs Pickpocket signed card in deck, deck rubber banded, wrapped in newspaper and put in spectator's pocket, performer reaches in and removes signed card, see p. 874 for vague Charles Jordan creditRelated to
  • p. 116 for correction
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2, No. 8) 101
Peter Kane Single Shot card shoots out of incomplete faro deck, card gunVariations A Card Session with Peter Kane 12
Edward Marlo As a Disclosure face-up ace appears while cutting Expert Card Conjuring 5
Jon Racherbaumer Flambeau-Flam deck in flash paper, burnt, selection pops out on top On the Acrobatic Cards 57
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Flambeau-Flam - String Version deck tied with flash string, burnt, selection pops out on top On the Acrobatic Cards 58
George Zacharellis The Hunter and the Hunted deck dropped in case, selection projects from cased deck, two handlings The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 26
Karl Fulves Center Control Variations Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Riffle Shuffle Controls) 40
Karl Fulves Double Control deck riffle shuffled, not squared, halves separated again and one selection is protruding from both halves, see also Freeman Display versionsRelated toAlso published here Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Riffle Shuffle Controls) 42
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal as a production in which deck cuts itself at selection when dropped on table Epilogue (Issue 10) 75
Fred Lowe Card in Glass glass is put on deck, handkerchief over it, glass lifted and selection is in glass Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 7 64
Herb Zarrow "Trapeze" one-handed flourish production Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 7 371
Ken Krenzel, Peter Kane The Bullet Trick Super Subtle Card Miracles 132
Carl Newton Inspiration from the French two cards selected from ten-card packet, cards in row on card stand and a piece of tissue in front of each, tissue touched with cigarette, bright flashes at selectionsRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8, No. 5) 603
John Carney The Backfiring Gun follow up for the magic bullet trick Revolutionary Close Up - Part One 9
Karl Fulves Something Bright "Problems", green light bulb in handkerchief lights and turns red when held over selected card, posed as problem, see p. 874 for credit information The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10, No. 1) 820
Martin A. Nash The Fastest Location in the West very quick Ever So Sleightly 86
Karl Fulves The Acrobatic Pack pack is divided at chosen card with a flick, using riffle shuffle jog settingRelated to Riffle Shuffle Technique - Part One 32
John F. Mendoza Simple Shotgun breakless handlingInspired by Card Cavalcade 3 172
Harry Lorayne Goin' Fishin' pop-out production using HaLo CutVariations Afterthoughts 40
Larry Jennings Side Rise card is shaken out of incomplete faro deckRelated toVariations Epilogue (Issue 23) 214
Karl Fulves Right-Angle Location flourish location in which card ends up perpendicular in deck Methods with Cards - Part 3 234
Karl Fulves Silent Thought Transmission two origami crows on table, circle of cards around them, they move to two selections The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10, No. 7) 960
Peter Kane, Ken Krenzel, Francis Carlyle The Gun card shoots out of incomplete faro deck, card gun, presentation and patterInspired by The Magic of Francis Carlyle 5
Bruce Cervon Now Find My Card! selection is found along with aces Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 41
Mark Weston The Spinners two selected cards are found by spinning a third one in the air Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 11) 286
Paul Harris Open Revelation aces or selection appear one by one between two one-handed fansVariations The Magic of Paul Harris 26
David Berglas Caught Card cards spread on table, when spread is turned over selection shoots in other hand The David Berglas File No. 1 39
Unknown Jumping Joker No. 61, Joker (with missing corner) jumps out when riffled, next to selection Self-Working Card Tricks 92
A. Berkeley Davis Double Barrelled Shotgun 2-selection handlingInspired by Card Cavalcade Four 21
Ken Krenzel Caught Red-Handed "Magic Bullet" with color changing back kicker The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 82
Ken Krenzel Rip-Off Fan See Trick The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 146
Ken Krenzel The Magic Bullet shooting card out of IF positionVariations The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 79
Erhard Liebenow The Card In the Center Liebenow's card peelingRelated to Liebenow On Cards 7
Unknown Die Karte aus dem Hut deck placed in hat, hat is flicked and card jumps out Einfach Wunderbar - Wunderbar Einfach 54
Tony Binarelli The Card Remaining in the String deck is banded with rope and drops out except selection Card Cavalcade Finale 72
Harry Lorayne Rip Away incomplete faro condition is ripped apard, selection is sticking out one half Quantum Leaps 129
Harry Lorayne Rug Beater deck cuts itself when tossed on table, bridgeRelated to Quantum Leaps 144
Karl Fulves Center Fold joker placed into deck behind back, then two selections made, half the joker (which is suddenly torn) found besides each card The Chronicles (Issue 17) 1234
Slydini Self-Cutting Deck tabled deck covered with handkerchief, when removed it has cut into two halves at selection The Chronicles (Issue 21) 1265
Daryl Martinez The Chicago Conspiracy Variation One of "Bommeranging Card", non-throwing method Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 29
Daryl Martinez Quick Silver Variation Two of "Boomeranging Card", half dollar is thrown between two selections Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 31
Larry Jennings Shake and Find cards is shaken out from Incomplete Faro Condition Exclusive Card Secrets 36
Roger Smith "Tip of the Iceberg" selection pivots out of deck in Incomplete Faro Condition Exclusive Card Secrets 34
Sonny Day Fastest Trick In the World Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 3) 814
Piet Forton Piet Forton's Fan Club two cards, sticking out of two card fans Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 6) 865
Phil Willmarth Biddle-Kardyro Cased mixture between biddle trick and "Card Case"Inspired by Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 8) 894
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal plus applications
- Variation In Handling
Related to Side Steal 9
Karl Fulves Pass Key named card is produced with a keyInspired by Milennium Aces 47
Paul Harris The Bill Collector card is found with dollar bill and (more or less) rises out of pack when bill is pulledVariations Close-up Fantasies Finalé 129
J. Gordon O'Genski "Wind Tunnel" card flys out of the deck in IF ConditionVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5, No. 5) 627
Meir Yedid Thirteen Less One all cards of same suit as selection turn over in order, selection is missing and comes from pocket "or what have you"Related to Best of Friends 247
Karl Fulves Sidereal Jump deck is tapped on the table and selection pops out Wireless II 17
Karl Fulves Fast Buck selection jumps from the deck, with a bill Wireless II 47
Karl Fulves Rerun twenty cards, incomplete faro, two cards are selected and a third card is put into the back of the deck and flicked, first card flies out then the same on the table with the second card Wireless II 7
Karl Fulves Slide Out card is slid out, no break methodInspired by Wireless II 20
René Lavand Spanish Card Rise shown by Howard Wurst, card ribbon spread on the table, when levered over selection protrudes from the center, with one hand, shown by "south american magician" (Lavand not mentioned) Wireless II 30
Karl Fulves Lock Up cards in incomplete faro condition are sprung, springing stops at selected card T.V. Card Rise 15
Christian Scherer Ist es ein Trick? selection is extracted from center of the deck, cards spread on tableVariations Card News '82 144
Jeff McBride Shooting Card e.g. selection lands on spectator's hand Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6, No. 5) 775
Tom Craven "Drop-Count" Revelation using faroVariations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6, No. 12) 858
John Carney Crystal Flash crystal inside handkerchief lights up over selection Carney Knowledge 52
Ross Bertram With a Silencer card produced by drop-out during tabled running cut Bertram on Sleight of Hand 109
Al Mann Card Location No. 15, selection is found by holding it over a flame and little fireworks is seen 101 Psychic Tests 6
Jerry Sadowitz The Persuaders kings appear one by one between sandwich cards, then a selection Cards Hit 2
Walt Maddison Eenie Meenie, Mienie, Mo Best of Friends - Volume II 347
Michael Louis Goin' Fishin' - With Friends revelation of selection, then the 3 matesInspired by Best of Friends - Volume II 212
Danny Korem, Jon Racherbaumer Without a Net! peeked card jumps out of deck in other hand Korem without Limits 76
Frederick Braue The Educated Thumb selection is found by riffling down one-handed and pulling out selection with thumb The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 5) 1
Francis Carlyle The Houdini Card deck is wrapped with a rubber band in both directions, selection is pulled out Francis Carlyle Lecture Notes 7
Jay Sankey Only In Self Defense card is thrown into deck and shoots out selection, lands between 2 other selections Sankey Panky 57
Ben Harris Twin Inspiration Flashy production of two chosen cards Killer Klose-Up 60
Ken Simmons Vanish and Discovery card vanishes face-up from top of deck and reappears next to selection Riffling the Pasteboards 16
David Britland Fallen Angel card shoots from banded deckRelated toVariations Angel Card Rise Plus 26
David Regal Catch of the Day using Forton-Pop-Out, color changing back kicker Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 160
John C. Wagner Bandorama selection spins from banded deckVariations The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 6
Karl Fulves Powered Flip-Out as tabled spread is flipped over, a packet with selection on face jumps in other hand Covenant 11
Karl Fulves Iron Curtain joker at right angles in deck, stapler brought down on deck, selection now stapled to joker, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 50) 230
Karl Fulves The Parting tabled spread, both hands on the ends, they move apart and spread parts in center to reveal face-up selection, Aces or Royal Flush kicker, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 47) 192
David Britland Angel Aces four Aces leap out of deck one by one, elastic thread loopVariations Card Kinetics 28
Shiv Duggal Angel Aces with Selection selection shoots out of deck, elastic thread loopInspired by Card Kinetics 31
Doug Edwards Flash in the Pad appears face up in tables mess Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 12, No. 11) 1711
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Corner in the Glass champagne glass, larger corner The Experience of Magic 49
Jerry Sadowitz Fetch! Ace of Spades runs around edge of fanned deck to find selection Cards on the Table 3
Jerry Sadowitz, Dr. Jacob Daley Side Slip and Turnover two cards peeked at, one appears face up on top, other from pocket Cards on the Table 5
Karl Fulves Staple Condition odd-backed card pushed halfway into deck, stapler moved over deck, card stapled to selectionRelated to Kaleidoscope 35
Karl Fulves Run Around one-handed cutting sequence used to find selection with sandwich cards Quick Card Tricks 36
Karl Fulves Jackhammer Finish alternate finish to "Run Around", deck with two Jacks sticking out hammered on card case, selection eventually sandwiched in between them Quick Card Tricks 40
Ken Krenzel Witch's Spit one of five cards selected, it moves forward by itselfInspired by Close-up Impact! 118
John Carney Slick Pip a 2 transforms into a 3 in reverse "picking off the pip" style Carneycopia 194
Henry Pettit All Keyed Up hotel key card ends up attached to selection, deck as hotel with 52 rooms The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 39) 714
Jack Birnman Guardians red queens put in center and appear again The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 40) 728
David Neighbors, Ken Simmons As Applied to "Bandorama" selection spins from banded deckInspired by Banded Deck Effects 39
Tom Frame Rubber Wrangler rubberband finds card Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15, No. 9) 2113
Richard Kaufman Paul's Bill Comes Due folded bill placed in deck finds selectionInspired by The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xxvii
Van Abernathy Chute deck encircled with rubber band, signed selection floats down attached to small parachuteRelated to The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 46) 834
Ernest Earick Claptrap three cards jump out of deck By Forces Unseen 3
Ernest Earick Alone in a Crowd centre portion of deck with selection is turned face up, all except selection turn down againInspired by By Forces Unseen 111
Unknown The Kick-Back Card Discovery flourish shoot-back cut Tarbell Course in Magic - Volume 8 87
Edward Marlo Muriel's Choice selection is blown out of deck The Olram File (Issue 15) 1
Shigeo Futagawa The Toaster deck pushed in case, selection sticks out The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 49) 882
Unknown フラリッシュエスケープ (Flourish Escape) Card selected and lost in deck, deck placed back in card case, card is pulled out of box (penetration effect) Larry Jennings's Card Technique 39
Hiroyuki Sakai Facing the Aces four aces end up face up in the deck, deck is thrown in other hand The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 49) 885
Tom Craven The Cascade self-working handling of "Drop-Count" RevelationInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 92
Karl Fulves Strip Search paper strip folded and cut into deck and used to locate selection when pulledRelated to Crooked Tales 15
Robert L. Brooks The Less-than-one-second Card Trick using handkerchief Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18, No. 2) 2465
Darwin Ortiz Harry in Your Pocket cased deck is in pocket, card fished out very fastRelated to Cardshark 113
Bruce Cervon, Ian Baxter, Bob Veeser Royal Flush Finale four ace production plus cutting to a Royal Flush Card College - Volume 1 114
Chad Long Mat Slap card produced with folded close-up pad The Lost Cheesy Notebooks - Volume Two 9
Chad Long Nervous Condition all cards fly out via Gymnastic Aces except selectionInspired by The Lost Cheesy Notebooks - Volume Two 3
Sveroni Hoppla! flashy location of a card, four cards are sprung on table, selection remains, with variation of Christian Scherer Typisch Sveroni 9
Sveroni Magic Ara balloon bird finds selection, deck in case Typisch Sveroni 13
El Duco Perplexing Pen No. 6, pen used to find card with its clip Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 10
Srechko Howard How to Pop a Floating Deck first top half floats above bottom half, then selection pops outRelated to The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Close-up Fantasies 1 & 2) 247
Paul Harris The Bill Collector card is found with dollar bill and (more or less) rises out of pack when bill is pulled The Art of Astonishment - Book 3 (Issue Close-up Fantasies Finale) 87
Mike Schwartz Pop Over one half placed on top of other half with top card slightly side-jogged, flips over with delay, with notes and credit information by Karl Fulves New Card Rises 13
Karl Fulves Interceptor card jumps out of red deck into center of blue deck between two signed cards, Impromptu Haunted Deck New Card Rises 57
James Swain Fortune Telling Cards three "fortune telling" cards change into one selection, blendo Miracles with Cards 90
Unknown The Flying Card cards sprung into other hand or hat and selection flies out, it starts side-jogged The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 8) 2
Karl Fulves Blue Trap deck covered with handkerchief, movement takes place, selection now inside handkerchief folds, see also p. 138 in "The Vampire Papers" for additional credits The Vampire Chronicles 43
Joe Rindfleisch Trampoline deck dropped on a a rubber band stretched on other hand, deck encircled except selection The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 63) 1231
Christian Scherer Ganz einfach deck under handkerchief held by spectator, performer reaches under silk and produces selectionInspired by Karten à la carte 24
Christian Scherer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery wayVariations Karten à la carte 194
Karl Fulves The Fulves Aces deck riffle shuffled, not squared, halves separated again and one selection is protruding from both halves, see also Freeman Display versionsAlso published here Mind Your Poker 19
Peter Kane The Card Gun Card College - Volume 3 695
Joshua Jay Cascading Queens Selection lost in deck. Four Queens produced, cards cascade down and selection is left in magician's handInspired by
  • "Andrus Card Cascade" (Jerry Andrus, Kurious Kards, 1973)
Magic Atlas 78
Eugene Burger The Burned Card burned in pentagram appears in selected card Mastering the Art of Magic 39
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Corner in the Glass Mastering the Art of Magic 109
Karl Fulves Night Flight cardboard piece rides along as spread is flipped over on table, in center selection rises out sideways, for credit information see p. 139BRelated to Lost Vampire Secrets 194
Piet Forton The Suckers' Looking Glass two cards are found with the Hofzinser catch, as a sucker effect Concertos for Pasteboard 48
Karl Fulves Ettevo first selection pops out, second selection travels to wallet The Magic Thrust 36
Karl Fulves, Mike Rogers Silver Trap No. 1, fiction toss with coin on top and bottom to end up with selection between coin New Self-Working Card Tricks 1
David Regal Caught In The Act card found by mouse trap Constant Fooling 2 4
Darwin Ortiz The Quick & The Dead performer produces mate of selection from pocket (where the deck is) Scams & Fantasies with Cards 120
Darwin Ortiz Fastest Gun Alive performer locates selection while deck is in pocket Scams & Fantasies with Cards 124
John Carney, Nate Leipzig, Michael Skinner Leipzig-Skinner Surprise selection appears on face of deck, penetrates hand, appears face-up on deckInspired by The Book of Secrets 206
Jim Patton, David Britland A Double Shot two selections shoot out of deck as it is dribbled onto table, secret thin rubber bandInspired by Penumbra (Issue 5) 2
Gordon Bruce, Jim Patton Face-Up Double Shot selections shoot out face upRelated to Penumbra (Issue 5) 6
Nicholas Einhorn Sherlock's Discovery card spins out of deck and is caught next to selection World Tour Lecture Notes - Set 1 13
Karl Fulves 'Tween Twist rubber band hidden, used to pop out card Under Tension 64
Sveroni Notlösung flashy production of selection, card apparently shot from center of the deck into other hand Variationen 36
Christian Scherer, Christoph Borer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery wayInspired byAlso published here Compilation 70
Tyler Wilson B52 Shooter deck shuffled face-up into face-down, all face-up cards shoot out during one-handed shuffle except selection Dominatricks 68
Simon Lovell Polaroid card slides out of deck as a photo out of a polaroid camera Best of Friends - Volume III 118
Nick Pudar Split Boomerang card represents two selections, then splits and becomes those selections Best of Friends - Volume III 115
Joe Rindfleisch Heart's Delight all hearts appear face up with selection in betweenInspired by Best of Friends - Volume III 474
Vanni Bossi The Surfing Card Stab card placed on ribbon spread stabs card Lecture Notes Las Vegas 2007 3
Christoph Borer, Christian Scherer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery wayInspired byAlso published here Seminarnotitzen 2007 8
Kevin Ho Collectors: Redux Flourishy location of three selections, and at the same time producing the four Queens (inspired by Daniel Madison's The Mayhem Theory) Smooth Operations 34
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker Location Don't Xerox Lecture Notes 26
Roberto Giobbi Old Props Related to Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 17) 246
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker Location Related to Reflections 89
Unknown Fan Pop-Out card pops out of fanRelated to Making the Cut 74
Eric Evans The Pro Kangaroo more convincing handlingInspired by 53 Friends 11
Roberto Giobbi The One-handed Switch deck cased, deck thrown away and selection appears at fingertips The Art of Switching Decks 107
Freddie Fah Sinking Card cards thrown in pool, only selection sinks The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 190
Vanni Bossi The Case of Mistaken Identity two selections, deck cased, one selection appears on palm, it changes into second selectionInspired by The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 84
Vanni Bossi The Surfing Card Stab deck spread on table, joker placed on spread, spread turned over and joker rides along and slides into spread next to selection The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 93
Vanni Bossi, Tony Binarelli The Deep End signed selection in deck, deck wrapped in paper and thrown into swimming pool, one card rises to top, the selection The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 190