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Unknown The Mesmerised Watch To Make any Watch a Repeater, watch answers question with bell sound, featuring sound gimmickRelated to Modern Magic 222
Unknown The Magic Portfolio cage with birds and other 3D objects produced from thing portfolioRelated to Modern Magic 468
Unknown The Climbing Coin "A Florin made to climb up the face of a small Wooden Pillar, into a Box at top", mechanicalVariations More Magic 181
Unknown Paper from an Egg paper coilRelated to More Magic 339
Joseph Michael Hartz The Climbing Egg climbs up a wooden stick More Magic 345
Unknown The Wine and Water Trick - Improved Methods wine and water mixed, separate againRelated to More Magic 375
Unknown The Shower of Gold empty glass vase covered on table, coins travel into itVariations More Magic 428
Unknown Coin in Card, Paper in Candle Trick marked coin travels into card, piece of paper into candleRelated to The Modern Conjurer 249
Professor Hoffmann, Joseph Michael Hartz, Professor De Vere The Locked and Corded Boxes nest of boxes
- The Old Method
- The Writer's Own Method
- The Hartz Method
- The De Vere Method
Later Magic 172
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Joseph Michael Hartz The Mystic Glove and Rings four finger rings borrowed, placed in pistol, glove put over glass tube, pistol shot, glove blows up with ring on each finger
- The Old Method
- The Hartz Method
Later Magic 198
Joseph Michael Hartz The False Thumb Later Magic 214
Joseph Michael Hartz A Couple of Handkerchiefs Turned into a Snake fake snake
- Hartz's Method
Later Magic 333
Joseph Michael Hartz The Glass with Mirror Partition appearing candy, silk transformation, removing partition, methods for turning glass around, as servante
- Different Forms of the Glass
- Illustrations of its Uses
Later Magic 42
Joseph Michael Hartz Shower of Gold Addition Inspired by Later Magic 47
Joseph Michael Hartz Fish and Ink Trick Later Magic 48
Joseph Michael Hartz Contrivances for "Passing Off" getting borrowed items behind stage
- The Hartz Bottle
- The Hartz Matchbox
Later Magic 49
Joseph Michael Hartz The Hartz Pistol for getting a borrowed ring behind stage Later Magic 52
Joseph Michael Hartz The Hartz "Hook," for Working Mechanical Pieces hook from ceiling with mechanical piece that can make bells ring, etc.
- The Magic Bell (bell rings by itself)
- The Crystal Cash-box (borrowed coins appear in glass box that hangs from ceiling)
- The Bird-Cage (canary appears in suspended cage)
Later Magic 68
Joseph Michael Hartz The Ribbon-Producing Egg Related to Later Magic 432
Joseph Michael Hartz An Improved "Repeater" watch answers question with bell sound, featuring sound gimmickRelated to Later Magic 149
Joseph Michael Hartz The Dematerialised Glass of Water full glass of water vanishes under handkerchief, performed with spectator on stage, with handling variations Later Magic 672
Joseph Michael Hartz Card, Coin and Candle coin wrapped in paper vanishes, reappears in chosen card, piece of paper into piece of candleRelated to Later Magic 686
Joseph Michael Hartz The Wine and Water Trick wine and water mixed, they separate againRelated to Later Magic 695
Joseph Michael Hartz Bran to Wine Later Magic 699
Joseph Michael Hartz The Witches' Kettle and Magic Punch Bowl - hanging kettle filled with water, changes into ducks or similar
- punch appears in empty bowl
Later Magic 700
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheels Later Magic 703
Joseph Michael Hartz The Portfolio Trick production from portfolioRelated to Later Magic 712
Joseph Michael Hartz The Second-Sight Trick Later Magic 715
Joseph Michael Hartz, Alexander Herrmann, Professor Hoffmann The Pocket-Picking Trick producing chosen cards from shuffled deck in pocket, three handlings Later Magic 719
Joseph Michael Hartz The Aërial Walking-Cane clings to fingers Later Magic 725
Joseph Michael Hartz The Egg and Rings Trick egg produced from borrowed hat, three finger rings put into beaten egg, poured into hat, then flowers with rings on ribbons removed from hat along with bird cage Later Magic 733
Joseph Michael Hartz Deck Switch into profonde and from under vest Later Magic 707
Professor Hoffmann The Crystal Balls (Improved Method) clear glass balls produced and then "molded" into single ball which then changes color, detailed routineRelated to Later Magic 602
Joseph Michael Hartz Hartz Finale for Crystal Balls Related to Later Magic 612
Joseph Michael Hartz A Devil of a Hat hat borrowed, production of handkerchiefs, goblets, a wig, cigar boxes, cage, ..., twenty-two minute act Later Magic 625
Joseph Michael Hartz Rising Skull out of hat Later Magic 640
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inexhaustible Handkerchief production trick, fish bowls and other items Later Magic 648
Joseph Michael Hartz The Improved Money Column coin climbs up on pillar prop, Davenport CabinetInspired by Later Magic 655
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplication of Money coins counted and amount changes, plate, coin holder Later Magic 659
Joseph Michael Hartz The Mysterious Addition crystal bell divines written numbers Later Magic 662
Joseph Michael Hartz The Inverted Glass of Water Later Magic 666
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplying Billiard Ball with shellVariations Later Magic 669
C. O. Williams Multiplying Billiard Ball Variation Inspired by Later Magic 672
Joseph Michael Hartz The Mechanical Pack brief description of solid deck with rubber wheels Greater Magic 403