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Howard Albright Uni-Mentality free choice, but spectator takes out five cards with his selection, one-way backs Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 157
Howard Albright The Drunk Plays Bridge you get all spades, one-way backs Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 164
Howard Albright Tuned Minds word written on playing card is divined Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 347
Howard Albright Uni-Mentality two methods Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 179
Howard Albright Seeing with the Finger Tips - No. 1 Lip Reading Test
- No. 2 Here's Your Card
- No. 3 The Master's Touch
three phases with stacked deck
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 216
Howard Albright Perfect Card Divination free thought of card, stacked, "has one of these the same value?"Variations Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 217
Howard Albright Unique Telephone Test phone number and name of person are divined and respective cards with values found Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 217
Howard Albright Psychological Discernment method for presentation when you know card already Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 218
Howard Albright The Secret Mathematician - Variation Inspired by Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 36
Howard Albright Howard's Simplex Speller Related to Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 51
Howard Albright Duo-Mentality medium in other room divines card, code with pencil Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 293
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Howard Albright Albrights Duplex Spelling Trick Also published here Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 148
Howard Albright Simple Second Deal downjogged top card Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 356
Howard Albright Card Spelling Trick More Greater Magic 1227
Howard Albright Inner-End Crimp bridge Lessons in Card Mastery 62
Dr. Stanley Jaks Duplex Spelling Trick Related toAlso published here The Incredible Dr. Jaks 139
Jim Steinmeyer Just Thinking full deck stack, "do you see a card of the same value here?" (binary divination)Inspired by Devilish Impuzzibilities 1