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Michael Feldman The Bounds of Logic Transposition between a finger ring and a coin The Opposite of People 8
Michael Feldman End for End Pen and cap vanishes, reproductions, and color changes The Opposite of People 16
Michael Feldman Not Again Repeat card under glass The Opposite of People 26
Michael Feldman Spectacle for the Eyes Three coin vanish and reproduction, production of glasses The Opposite of People 36
Michael Feldman Phorgery Two-card transposition and signature duplication principle The Opposite of People 46
Michael Feldman Sticky Prediction 4-out prediction principle The Opposite of People 52
Michael Feldman Riffle Shuffle Action Palm The Opposite of People 29
Michael Feldman, Theron Schaub To release one card at a time from classic palm The Opposite of People 33
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman Introduction A New Angle 7
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman The Basics Misconceptions about tapered decks, terminology and basic handlings A New Angle 11
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman How to Cut Cards How to cut/shave tapered decks, how to round corners A New Angle 18
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman Stay Stack: An Introduction Describing the basics of Stay Stacks A New Angle 60
Michael Feldman The Complete Faro Control Doing Marlo's Incomplete Faro Control with tapered deck, no need for incomplete faro A New Angle 84
Michael Feldman Cutting High Magician always cuts to high card, spectator always to a low card A New Angle 110
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman Triumph: An Introduction A New Angle 112
Michael Feldman The Law of Conservation of Bullsh*t Packet mixed face up/down transposes with face down packet repeatedly, then later both packets shown to have all backs, then later returned to normal A New Angle 140
Ryan Plunkett, Michael Feldman Epilogue A New Angle 157