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Rafael Benatar Creating Injog in Center as top half is replaced Sonata 125
Edward Marlo Transposed Ace Assembly Aces change places with three Fives, leaving 2-3-4-5, of the same suit, in place of the Aces of the same suitRelated to That's It 48
Rafael Benatar Countdown nice presentationRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15, No. 3) 2047
Rafael Benatar 69 Color Change Presentation, including version with double change Double-Card Technique 31
Rafael Benatar Hot Transposition longer combination Double-Card Technique 16
Rafael Benatar As a False Count featuring the Pivoting Double Double-Card Technique 9
Rafael Benatar The Clark Kent Card Change apparently free-handed, also secret switch Double-Card Technique 26
Rafael Benatar The Blow-Away Card Change apparently free-handed, see Clark Kent Change Double-Card Technique 27
Rafael Benatar Karate six spot is split in two 3s, repeat Double-Card Technique 13
Rafael Benatar Marmalade Poker several changesInspired by Three Professional Card Routines 20
Rafael Benatar Countdown thorough description, nice presentation Three Professional Card Routines 1
Rafael Benatar Neither and Also only one card, effect variation Double-Card Technique 28
Rafael Benatar The Slippery Drop several variations Double-Card Technique 3
Rafael Benatar The Pivoting Laydown Double-Card Technique 10
Rafael Benatar The Pivoting Double with 180 Degree Turn Variation Double-Card Technique 9
Rafael Benatar The Invisible Card longer Routine Three Professional Card Routines 9
Rafael Benatar Slippery Double Turnover additional method using Vernon's Double Push-Off Double-Card Technique 1
Rafael Benatar The Crocodile apparantly random insertion of card from front into greek break Three Professional Card Routines 10
Rafael Benatar, Juan Tamariz Three Minus One unloading one card from a triple, two methods Double-Card Technique 7
Rafael Benatar Karate Cards Six is chopped into two Threes and an Eight into Fours The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 56) 1063
Philip T. Goldstein Psi-Con Ruse double ended cards are placed in book (instead of apparatus)
- Deutsch (translated by Rudolf Braunmüller)
- Francais (translated by Philippe Warren)
- Español (translated by Rafael Benatar)
FISM '97 1
Rafael Benatar Inserting a Card into the Break from front Card College - Volume 3 533
Rudolph Herzog, Ray Kosby, Joseph K. Schmidt, Rafael Benatar Our Readers Respond The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
Rafael Benatar The Crocodile inserting a card in a break Card Fictions 70
Pit Hartling Method and Style and The Performing Mode Inspired by
  • "The Performing Mode" (Rafael Benatar, MAGIC, January 2001)
Card Fictions 30
Allan Ackerman, Rafael Benatar A Cull for R. B. spectator pushes performer's favorite card in deck between two previously named cards The Cardjurer 53