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Karl Fulves No Fidget Add handling of the Vernon Strip-Out Addition Crooked Tales 22
Karl Fulves Bug Holdout Load bug holdout below table Crooked Tales 23
Karl Fulves X's Are Aces four random cards are openly stacked for 2 and then become aces when dealt Crooked Tales 24
Karl Fulves Blue Moon blackjacks chosen despite random cuts and then counting to 26th card, spectator's blackjack changes back color Crooked Tales 25
Karl Fulves Double Time riffle shuffle control, shuffled and two piles formed and top cards named Crooked Tales 28
Karl Fulves Sandbagged blue- and red-backed deck sprung in paper bag and shaken, performer then reaches in an produces one color until all are separatedInspired byRelated to Crooked Tales 31
Karl Fulves Psychic Self Crooked Tales 33
Karl Fulves Psychic Triumph weird procedure, 2-step revelation, first all face-down, then selection Crooked Tales 34
Karl Fulves Casino Cheating anecdote Setting Up Exercises 49
Karl Fulves Thumb Tips Setting Up Exercises 51
Karl Fulves Drop Offs chapter 6 intro Setting Up Exercises 52
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #4 exercise with card case, tape recorder suggestion for sound control Setting Up Exercises 52
Karl Fulves Quick Release drop off exercise, with additional "Conditions" Setting Up Exercises 54
Karl Fulves Larger Blocks drop off exercise Setting Up Exercises 57
Karl Fulves Blackjack For Three riffle stacking Setting Up Exercises 59
Karl Fulves The Poker Cheat three card stacking with short-cutInspired by Setting Up Exercises 61
Karl Fulves It Won't Work on the nature of riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 62
Karl Fulves Two Card Stud riffle shuffle handling of Bruce Elliott overhand shuffle effect Setting Up Exercises 63
Karl Fulves Running Up Three with note by Judson Cameron from "Cheating At Bridge" (1933) Setting Up Exercises 64
Karl Fulves, Jack Merlin Running Up Four "The first appearance in the magical literature of a four-card run-up was Jack Merlin's"Related to Setting Up Exercises 65
Purvis W. Miller, Karl Fulves Miller Lite running up two poker hands, "See also The Downs-McGuire Letters."Inspired by Setting Up Exercises 67
Karl Fulves Pre-Established Breaks chapter 7 intro Setting Up Exercises 69
Karl Fulves Pick Ups - Inside Pick-Up
- Center Pick Up
- Outside Pick Up
- Technical Points
- Double Pick Up
- 3- and 4-Card Pick-Ups
- Mastering Pick-Ups
Setting Up Exercises 69
Karl Fulves Pick-Up Poker stacking with pick-up technique Setting Up Exercises 72
Karl Fulves Multiple Breaks - The Triple Break
- Mastering Triple Breaks
- Large Blocks
Setting Up Exercises 73
Karl Fulves Rock 'n Riffle riffling with fingers and transferring break to thumb Setting Up Exercises 76
Karl Fulves Double Break actually page 76A Setting Up Exercises 76
Karl Fulves Heavyset holding back large blocks Setting Up Exercises 77
Karl Fulves Center Breaks Setting Up Exercises 78
Karl Fulves Three?Four?Five? "quick one-shuffle run-up that can be used for any number of hands" Setting Up Exercises 79
Karl Fulves Bottom Breaks Setting Up Exercises 80
Karl Fulves Break Offs hit double lift applied to riffle shuffle break techniqueInspired by Setting Up Exercises 81
Karl Fulves Practicing Break Offs without a table Setting Up Exercises 82
Karl Fulves Speed Stacking Inspired by Setting Up Exercises 83
Karl Fulves More Shuffle Controls chapter 8 intro Setting Up Exercises 85
Karl Fulves Re-Riffle "easy way to correct an error" Setting Up Exercises 85
Darwin Ortiz Bottom Deal Load loading card under walletRelated to Cardshark 72
Karl Fulves Stripper Controls Related to Setting Up Exercises 86
Karl Fulves Equal Riffle on the timing of riffling both packets Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Crimp Work short comment Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Cheat Shuffle simplification Setting Up Exercises 87
Karl Fulves Putting Up Threes with slick aces, illustrated Maskelyne's textInspired by
  • "Sharps and Flats" (1894)
Setting Up Exercises 89
Karl Fulves Double Duke In One Setting Up Exercises 91
Karl Fulves Faro Riffle Shuffle Setting Up Exercises 92
Karl Fulves Under Tension Setting Up Exercises 94
Karl Fulves Perfect Riffle Shuffle actual riffle shuffle, includes banded deck exercise Setting Up Exercises 96
Karl Fulves Zarrow Faro Shuffle partial faro under cover blocksInspired by Setting Up Exercises 100
Karl Fulves Non Fiction chapter 9 intro Setting Up Exercises 102
Karl Fulves Securing Threes cull-stack combination
- The Underlying System
- Adjustments
Setting Up Exercises 102
Karl Fulves Prelude music analogy Setting Up Exercises 107
Karl Fulves Much Into Little exercise for one-shuffle riffle stack Setting Up Exercises 109
Karl Fulves Red-Blue Timing player joins game, restacking problem, with exercise with odd-backed cards Setting Up Exercises 110
Darwin Ortiz From the Cellar bottom deal demonstration with sucker elementRelated to Cardshark 175
Karl Fulves Prediction Deal New Card Control Systems 80
Karl Fulves Addition to Blockbuster No. 1 New Card Control Systems 63
Karl Fulves Additions to "Last Word" Technique New Card Control Systems 68
Karl Fulves Another Word on "Last Word" overhand New Card Control Systems 60
Karl Fulves The Three - Er, Four King Deal stacking two hands, overhand New Card Control Systems 62
Karl Fulves Added Notes added to revised addition (ca. 1995?) Shuffle Off 17
Karl Fulves Before The Shuffle chapter 1 intro, on Fulves' background in riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 1
Karl Fulves Practice Is Perfect on practicing Setting Up Exercises 2
Karl Fulves What This Is Not pseudo/fake vs. real methods, brief explanation of stacking with transfer cuts Setting Up Exercises 2
Karl Fulves Tells All tells in riffle shuffle work Setting Up Exercises 3
Karl Fulves In Conclusion Setting Up Exercises 4
Karl Fulves Terms of Engagement chapter 2 intro, on practicing riffle shuffle work, surface, consistency, ... Setting Up Exercises 5
Karl Fulves The standard grip Setting Up Exercises 7
Karl Fulves Refinements Setting Up Exercises 8
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #1 exercise Setting Up Exercises 10
Karl Fulves Stretch Test exercise with rubber band Setting Up Exercises 11
Karl Fulves Not By The Book chapter 3 intro Setting Up Exercises 12
Karl Fulves Fake Poker three Aces on top, 4th Ace randomly placed in second hand and dropped on top, one riffle shuffle, performer gets four aces when dealt for two Setting Up Exercises 13
Karl Fulves 5 As 5 Count as Stacking Related to Setting Up Exercises 13
Darwin Ortiz Against all Odds spectator puts card in correct position in new pack orderRelated to Cardshark 20
Karl Fulves Four In One four-of-a-kind on top, one riffle shuffle to stack for 4 players, with false dealing Setting Up Exercises 15
Karl Fulves Paradox Poker performer stacks 4 royal flush cards for 4 players, spectator distributes hole cards and completes royal flush, fake stacking Setting Up Exercises 16
Karl Fulves Hold Backs chapter 4 intro Setting Up Exercises 19
Karl Fulves Hold One exercise Setting Up Exercises 19
Karl Fulves Holding Back Two exercise Setting Up Exercises 20
Karl Fulves Conditions application for tabled double lift with further exercisesRelated to Setting Up Exercises 21
Darwin Ortiz Blockbuster Related to Cardshark 49
Karl Fulves Holding Back Three exercise Setting Up Exercises 22
Karl Fulves Mix Up exercise Setting Up Exercises 22
Karl Fulves Holding Back Four exercise Setting Up Exercises 23
Karl Fulves Don't Let The Left Hand... exercise Setting Up Exercises 24
Karl Fulves Hands Together exercise Setting Up Exercises 24
Karl Fulves Same But Different exercise Setting Up Exercises 24
Karl Fulves Flat Stax exercise with hold-backs and slip cuts Setting Up Exercises 24
Karl Fulves Accelerated Aces exercise with hold-backs and second deal Setting Up Exercises 26
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #2 exercise with card case and deck Setting Up Exercises 27
Karl Fulves ReStackJack jacks stacked for four-handed game, restacking for three players Setting Up Exercises 28
Karl Fulves A Glassic Test exercise, stacking with halves on top of glasses Setting Up Exercises 29
Karl Fulves Clipped Blocks stacking exercise for thick block hold-backs using paper clips Setting Up Exercises 31
Karl Fulves Bottom Hold stacking from the bottom Setting Up Exercises 32
Karl Fulves The Even Riffle chapter 5 intro, on riffle faro (real riffling) stacking, center stacking Setting Up Exercises 33
Karl Fulves Primitive Trap shuffling a card between sandwich cards Setting Up Exercises 35
Karl Fulves Not So Primitive even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 35
Karl Fulves Faro Fallacy cutting in half easier than cutting at 26 Setting Up Exercises 36
Karl Fulves Even Riffling even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 36
Karl Fulves Unbalanced Packets even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 37
Karl Fulves Lift Off even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 39
Karl Fulves Triple Trap even riffle exercise for interlacing top three cards Setting Up Exercises 39
Karl Fulves Evenly Uneven comments on even riffle shuffling Setting Up Exercises 40
Karl Fulves Same Time... even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 41
Karl Fulves ...Same Place even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 41
Karl Fulves At The Top even riffle exercise Setting Up Exercises 42
Karl Fulves Riffle Stab stabbing a card in deck while riffling it on table with other hand, real estimation, see page 97 for more commentsInspired by Setting Up Exercises 43
Karl Fulves Why It Doesn't Work commentary on even riffle shuffling Setting Up Exercises 44
Karl Fulves Cardboard Shuffle #3 cardboard gimmick to practice low lift shuffles Setting Up Exercises 45
Karl Fulves Timed Release partial table faro at top Setting Up Exercises 47
Karl Fulves 3 Aces 4 Hands 1 Shuffle Setting Up Exercises 49
Karl Fulves Card Rise Notes credit information on rise with first finger on top while pinky secretly pushes card upRelated to New Card Rises 50
Ariel Frailich Resolution two methods for Aviator Aces problem, named ace rises out of boxInspired by New Card Rises 51
Karl Fulves Open Ended open prediction vs. stop trick 13 Prophets 60
Ariel Frailich Information on Pinky Rise seen done by Ger Copper around 1977-79Related to New Card Rises 53
Karl Fulves Thot Lock signed card from red deck pops out of rubber-banded blue deck, Impromptu Haunted Deck New Card Rises 54
Karl Fulves Interceptor card jumps out of red deck into center of blue deck between two signed cards, Impromptu Haunted Deck New Card Rises 57
Karl Fulves Subternatural New Card Rises 59
Karl Fulves Rise as Addition New Card Rises 61
Karl Fulves Notes on "An Impromptu Rising Card Effect" Inspired by New Card Rises 62
Paul Harris Improv Nightshades glasses drawn on bill moveRelated to The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue New Stuff) 31
Karl Fulves Omega Count The Minotaur (Vol. 8, No. 2) 8
Karl Fulves Scarne's Secret intro about Scarne's riffle culling and on the nature of riffle shuffle work with analogies Blocking Off 1
Karl Fulves Stop & Think comments on psychological forces in which cards are riffled before spectator's eyesRelated to Blocking Off 6
Karl Fulves Remotely Possible spectator thinks of odd-backed card, ungaffed, psychological forceInspired by Blocking Off 10
Karl Fulves Psychological Riffle Force Handling injogged card as short card Blocking Off 11
Karl Fulves Thoughts Of Others card written down by a spectator is though of during riffling by other spectator, O'Connor's Instanto PackRelated to Blocking Off 11
Karl Fulves Notes on psychological riffle forceRelated to Blocking Off 13
Karl Fulves Riffle Glimpse chapter intro Blocking Off 14
Karl Fulves Reflex Action reading exercise Blocking Off 15
Karl Fulves Color Fast glimpsing odd-colored card in packet, riffle glimpse exercise Blocking Off 15
Karl Fulves Color Double riffle glimpse exercise, Telltale Color with two cards
- Conditions (additional exercises)
Inspired by Blocking Off 16
Karl Fulves Two Handed Glimpse riffle glimpse exercise with either hand Blocking Off 18
Karl Fulves How Fast? discussion of speed of riffling with analogies from movies Blocking Off 19
Karl Fulves Random Stop glimpsing selection next to key card during riffle shuffle Blocking Off 22
Karl Fulves Stop Order riffle glimpse exercise Blocking Off 23
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes on riffle glimpse Blocking Off 24
Karl Fulves Sizing Up Breaks chapter intro Blocking Off 25
Karl Fulves Tossing Quarters corner torn off and tossed next to selection (with missing corner) in deck Blocking Off 25
Karl Fulves Lifting at Corner Short without riffling Blocking Off 27
Karl Fulves How Small A Break? exercises Blocking Off 27
Karl Fulves Royal Reunion index corner from a J, Q and K torn off, performer tosses each corner in deck next to its counterpart Blocking Off 30
Karl Fulves Side Effects gaffed deck with various shortened cards, cutting to any card of tabled deckRelated to Blocking Off 32
Karl Fulves Fourthcoming with named four-of-a-kind, using Side Effects Deck Blocking Off 36
Karl Fulves Named Stranger Triumph named card has different back, using Side Effects DeckRelated to Blocking Off 38
Karl Fulves The Shallow Cut solutions if the named card is near the top or bottom and it should be brought to top with tabled riffle shuffle, using Side Effects Deck Blocking Off 41
Karl Fulves Simple Stebbins using Side Effects Deck with Si Stebbins set-upRelated to Blocking Off 44
Karl Fulves Cheat Deck card thought (one person suit, another value), stacked and five cards corner shorted Blocking Off 47
Karl Fulves, John Scarne Blocking Off "This principle, invented by John Scarne, is called blocking off."
- Blocking Off Defined
- Blocking Off
- Parallel Offset
- Conditions
- Right Side Glimpse
Blocking Off 50
Karl Fulves Stop Sign cards turned up until previously named card is reached, its value counted down to find spectator's selection Blocking Off 57
Michael Close, Allan Ackerman The Invisible Deck ungaffed, memorized deckRelated toVariations Workers Number 5 138
Karl Fulves More Blocking Controls chapter intro Blocking Off 59
Karl Fulves Angled Square-Up Blocking Off 60
Karl Fulves Reverse Step Blocking Off 61
Karl Fulves Two Step blocking off two cards in one shuffle Blocking Off 61
Karl Fulves Two By Four shuffled deck, performer shuffles and cuts three piles, then names bottom cards, then new bottom cards are aces Blocking Off 62
Karl Fulves Advanced Placement Blocking Off 64
Karl Fulves Blocking The Aces exercise for riffle culling Blocking Off 65
Karl Fulves Mastering The Riffle Stop exercises for riffle culling Blocking Off 67
Karl Fulves Blocking Out X Blocking Off 69
Karl Fulves Not Here what to do when wanted card was not glimpsed in riffle culling Blocking Off 71
Karl Fulves Open Handed Blocking Off 72
Karl Fulves Royalist royal flush stacking plot, posed as problem Blocking Off 75
Karl Fulves In-Line Breaks Blocking Off 76
Karl Fulves Peripherals riffle cull exercise with odd-backed card Blocking Off 77
Karl Fulves Applications chapter intro Blocking Off 78
Karl Fulves No Contact Location spectator cuts and remembers face card, dealt into four pilesRelated to Blocking Off 79
Karl Fulves Stand-Up Maneuvers comment Blocking Off 80
Karl Fulves Your Card Mine spectator choses card for performer and vice versa, they then divine each other's card Blocking Off 81
Karl Fulves End Tap Blocking Off 82
Karl Fulves Beginners Only card chosen via cut/deal procedure and shuffled back is located by stabbing card next to it Blocking Off 83
Karl Fulves Across the Table Glimpse during riffle shuffle, shallow angle Blocking Off 83
Karl Fulves Self-Force spectator forces card on himself Blocking Off 84
Karl Fulves M & M "manipulative & mathematical", one spectator thinks of card in eight-card group, faros Blocking Off 86
Karl Fulves The Value of X spectator stops at another spectator's selection during deal Blocking Off 89
Karl Fulves Multitudinous spectator cuts to three 9s and shows them to different spectators, they all see the 9 of Spades which is then removed from wallet Blocking Off 90
Karl Fulves Tabled Multiple Lift set up via blocking off Blocking Off 90
Karl Fulves Lost, Found performer cuts to 2 fairly chosen and lost cards Blocking Off 92
Karl Fulves Gemini Twins Key Placement out of hands Blocking Off 92
Karl Fulves Ten Tricks chapter intro Blocking Off 94
Karl Fulves Pat Hand Pete performer cuts at a pair in shuffled deck to complete a full house Blocking Off 94
Karl Fulves Krypto card in shuffled deck above a card with marked back is named by performer via x-ray Blocking Off 95
Karl Fulves Trifecta after cutting and dealing 3 jacks are on top of three piles, re-dealing Blocking Off 96
Karl Fulves Well Spelt impromptu speller, performer cuts off a packet and spells a card, it's the last card Blocking Off 98
Karl Fulves Spell Re-Tell two cards spelled to from shuffled deck Blocking Off 99
Karl Fulves The Block Trap card named, it appears between two red aces on deck and has odd back Blocking Off 100
Karl Fulves Interzone any card named, packet cut off by performer and named card is left after under/down procedure, riffle shuffle placement Blocking Off 102
Karl Fulves A Note On Timing releasing cards during riffle shuffle, exercise Blocking Off 104
Karl Fulves Fork Lift stabbing with fork into deck Blocking Off 105
Karl Fulves Return To Base aces lost, then shown together at bottom Blocking Off 106
Karl Fulves Center To Center stacking challenge, posed as problemRelated to Blocking Off 109
Karl Fulves No Breaks chapter intro Blocking Off 110
Karl Fulves Shuffle Crimp riffle cull with crimpRelated to Blocking Off 110
Karl Fulves On Crimp Work general comments Blocking Off 113
Karl Fulves The Dome con game in which Aces are dealt and if first two are of different color, player wins Blocking Off 114
Karl Fulves Thickset four cards glued together Blocking Off 116
Karl Fulves Short End short card as key Blocking Off 118
Karl Fulves No-Break Cull using thick or short card Blocking Off 119
Karl Fulves Topped Gaff gaff in which short card is glued inside thick card Blocking Off 121
Karl Fulves Cull-Stock Notes chapter intro Blocking Off 122
Karl Fulves Color Cull exercise, culling 5 red cards to bottom Blocking Off 123
Karl Fulves Cull To The Top Blocking Off 124
Karl Fulves Royal Cull two pair or better riffle culled Blocking Off 125
Karl Fulves A Quick Pair riffle culling a pair, including "Tips On The Handling" Blocking Off 126
Karl Fulves Four Of A Kind problems with riffle culling four-of-a-kind Blocking Off 131
Karl Fulves The Edge edge marked cards and riffle culling Blocking Off 132
Karl Fulves Cool Hand Duke cull stack
- No Kings In Packet
- One King In Packet
- Two Kings In Packet
- Three Kings In Packet
- The Routine
Blocking Off 134
Karl Fulves Retaining Full Deck Order - Push Thru Method riffle culling a card while retaining order of rest Blocking Off 137
Karl Fulves Zarrow Shuffle Method riffle culling a card while retaining order of rest Blocking Off 138
Karl Fulves Improv Aces four kings lost in deck reversed one by one, spread on table, kings are next to the matching aces, with stack handling Blocking Off 139
Karl Fulves Negativism on the future of magic Blocking Off 142
Karl Fulves Sign-Steal-Deliver free selection is signed, 4 riffle shuffles, spectator gets flush with his selection, performer a royal flush, first flush cull-stacked on the fly Blocking Off 143
Karl Fulves No Looking chapter intro, about glimpsing for card during riffle culling with shiner type things Blocking Off 146
Karl Fulves Nail Glimpse clear nail polish Blocking Off 147
Karl Fulves Named-Card Stab shiny blade Blocking Off 148
Karl Fulves Stationary Shiner attached to table edge, swing out shiner Blocking Off 148
Karl Fulves Stationary Shiner for Shuffle Work Blocking Off 149
Karl Fulves Glimpse via Scarne shiner glimpse with Scarne's blocking off method (p. 129) Blocking Off 150
Burling Hull, Karl Fulves Electra-Trance Card mirror on back of joker Blocking Off 151
James Swain The Swain Simplicity Control setting up for a double liftRelated to Miracles with Cards 45
Karl Fulves Concluding Notes shiners and impromptu shiners Blocking Off 151
Karl Fulves Cut Controls chapter intro, cuts in context of riffle shuffle work Blocking Off 153
Karl Fulves Block Cut tabled transfer cut, spectator finds other spectator's selection in 5-card poker hand because other four cards are the aces Blocking Off 154
Karl Fulves 3-Way Cut Inspired by
  • "A False Cut" (Joe Berg, The Berg Book, 1983)
Blocking Off 157
Karl Fulves Transfer Cut bottom stock to topInspired by Blocking Off 160
Karl Fulves Delayed Response pull-down move anecdote Blocking Off 162
Karl Fulves, Sammy Green Con Man's Cut marking off where to cut Blocking Off 163
Karl Fulves Blackjack Cut moving slug of high cards to bottom after shuffle and cut by shill Blocking Off 165
Karl Fulves Bait & Switch using 6 decks for blackjack game Blocking Off 167
Karl Fulves Option Cut bringing a glimpsed card to either top or bottom after it's blocked off Blocking Off 170
Karl Fulves The Agent's Cut Blocking Off 171
Karl Fulves Intro on coming up with methods 13 Prophets 2
Karl Fulves Gambler's Den chapter intro, on gambling demonstrations Blocking Off 174
Karl Fulves The Conditions detailed commentary on Stewart James's conditions 13 Prophets 3
Karl Fulves, John Scarne Cut For High Card Blocking Off 175
Karl Fulves Leverage how knowledge of bottom card helps Blocking Off 176
Karl Fulves Reparation cull-stacking a pair Blocking Off 179
Karl Fulves New Conditions including a method 13 Prophets 7
Karl Fulves Retaining Top Stock two shuffles and straight cut, 2 procedures Blocking Off 181
Karl Fulves Simplex Open meets "51 Faces North" conditions 13 Prophets 10
Karl Fulves Shuffle Functions Blocking Off 183
Karl Fulves Bottom Stock Stays blocking off technique used Blocking Off 184
Karl Fulves Full Disclosure performer deals, Mirage deck 13 Prophets 11
Karl Fulves Bottom Stock To Top Blocking Off 185
Karl Fulves Red Handed using only red cards and prediction is "red", looks like a joke but is only red-backed card 13 Prophets 12
Karl Fulves Stock Transfer bottom stock control despite obviously losing it Blocking Off 186
Karl Fulves Midnight Hour only red card in black packet 13 Prophets 15
Karl Fulves Two Edged spectator and performer remember any card they see during riffle shuffle, performer cuts to both cards, blocking off twice Blocking Off 187
Karl Fulves Edge Wise first location trick (cut deeper force procedure), then open prediction 13 Prophets 16
Karl Fulves Subconscious Secret royal flush on second dealInspired by
  • "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher)
Related to
Blocking Off 190
Karl Fulves Securing Break after blocking off Blocking Off 192
Karl Fulves, Alek Akalaitis All Angle Square Up fine work Blocking Off 198
Karl Fulves Center Stacking Blocking Off 201
Karl Fulves Shuffle Manuscripts list of Fulves's publications on riffle shuffle work Blocking Off 205
Karl Fulves 20 Faces Twice repeat phase 13 Prophets 18
Karl Fulves Open Season with repeat phase 13 Prophets 19
Karl Fulves Silent Partner with stooge, but not the dealing spectator 13 Prophets 21
Karl Fulves Marks The Spot two phase routine, first spectator and performer select same card from ten-card-packet, then open prediction 13 Prophets 22
Karl Fulves Fail Safe card case with "Ultra Mental Deck" sticker 13 Prophets 24
Karl Fulves Benefactor with two cards that turn out to be mates, Riffle Shuffle Control 13 Prophets 25
Karl Fulves Pact Man Penelope's Principle, with KlondikeRelated to 13 Prophets 27
Karl Fulves His Card His Number packet cut off and counted, another spectator loses card, card at this number, Penelope's Principle 13 Prophets 28
Karl Fulves Open Invitation comedy, case with "Trick Deck" on it, rainbow deck with all jokers, AS selected 13 Prophets 29
Karl Fulves First Place first spectator cuts near center and remembers card, divined, then open prediction 13 Prophets 30
Karl Fulves Second Site two phases 13 Prophets 31
Karl Fulves The Smaller Open packet thoughts for Open Prediction theme, Anti-Open Prediction 13 Prophets 33
Karl Fulves Undoing The Future card placed in envelope as prediction, open prediction procedure, chosen card is actual card from envelope (involving empty pen to apparently write prediction on card)Related to 13 Prophets 34
Karl Fulves Pharoh spectator removes a royal flush and puts one of its card back in deck, found again via open prediction procedure, faro placement 13 Prophets 36
Karl Fulves Universal Stranger known odd-backed card placed in deck, open prediction procedure, other card found, odd-backed changed into this one, faro placement 13 Prophets 37
Karl Fulves Open Draw 5-card version, posed as problem 13 Prophets 39
Karl Fulves Trade Off spectator can change his mind after dealing a card face-down and some more face-up 13 Prophets 40
Karl Fulves Department of Corrections red-backed card in blue-backed deck, spectator deals face-up and turns one card face-dwon, it's blue, rest changes to redInspired by
  • "Remote Control" (Annemann)
13 Prophets 42
Karl Fulves Seers Roebuck small packet version 13 Prophets 44
Philip T. Goldstein Zenvelopes ten ESP cards in envelopes are sorted in pairs by spectatorInspired by Desert Seminar Notes 6
Karl Fulves Diminishing Open presentation idea, procedure in steps 13 Prophets 45
Tommy Wonder, Karl Fulves Center Control Production similar to Cervon's Pivot Production without table The Books of Wonder - Volume 1 79
Karl Fulves Introduction New Card Rises 2
Karl Fulves Named Open with named card 13 Prophets 46
Karl Fulves Note by Karl Fulves thought card risesInspired by New Card Rises 9
Karl Fulves Naming The Stranger Inspired by 13 Prophets 47
Mike Schwartz Pop Over one half placed on top of other half with top card slightly side-jogged, flips over with delay, with notes and credit information by Karl Fulves New Card Rises 13
Conrad C. Bush Impromptu Card Rise with new deck order version by Karl Fulves New Card Rises 16
Karl Fulves Motion Mate eight card packet, card selected, mate rises out of packet in card case New Card Rises 19
Karl Fulves A Game of Hazard increasing suspense during deal, surprise ending 13 Prophets 48
Sid Lorraine A Novel Card Discovery miniature card jumps out of deck when riffled, reprinted from Linking Ring, March 1928Related to New Card Rises 20
Karl Fulves Open Minded two cards dealt face-down in Ace-Ten of diamonds, those two are exchanged, posed as problem 13 Prophets 49
Karl Fulves Kicker card jumps out halfway when riffled, second selection jumps out as miniature card New Card Rises 25
Karl Fulves Jagged Edge prediction in case, selection made, it jumps out of deck halfway when riffled and is "torn off", second half is in case, with second "No Duplicate Method" New Card Rises 27
Karl Fulves Henceforth Map two phases, open prediction with selection, then 51 Faces North variation 13 Prophets 50
Karl Fulves De Kolta Katch deck fountains out of bag, chosen one is caught out of shower, ungaffed New Card Rises 31
Karl Fulves O. Henry Predicts joker in pocket, new pack order, open prediction deal done, card e.g. between 7H and 9H is face-down and now the joker and 8H in pocketRelated to 13 Prophets 52
Karl Fulves Shrink Fit wrong card rises, it shrinks to half size and changes into selection New Card Rises 32
Karl Fulves Under the Table performer and spectator chose cards under table, they're next to each otherInspired by 13 Prophets 52
Karl Fulves Tall Tale chosen card rises out of deck and becomes long card New Card Rises 34
Karl Fulves K Kards works four times out of five 13 Prophets 54
Karl Fulves Snibbets 13 Prophets 55
Joseph K. Schmidt Houdini's Getaway card jumps & pivots out of banded deck, presentation for "Impromptu Haunted Deck"Inspired byRelated to New Card Rises 38
Karl Fulves 13th Prophet 203rd Force 13 Prophets 57
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves Reverse deck cut and top half placed reversed under deck, repeat with second half New Card Rises 43
Karl Fulves Watch Bess two card transposition with Houdini/Bess presentation and a rubber banded deck, Impromptu Haunted Deck New Card Rises 44
Karl Fulves Rising Issues "asides and unsolved problems related to rising card effects"
- Rise To The Right
- Mixed Motion
New Card Rises 45
Karl Fulves Naming The Stranger spectator cuts behind his back and turns pile over, first card is odd-backed and named one 13 Prophets 58
Karl Fulves Trap Shoot banded deck, visual propelled sandwich, Impromptu Haunted DeckRelated to New Card Rises 49
Karl Fulves Further Reading 13 Prophets 60
Karl Fulves While You Sleep four queens in case, jack added, it vanishes, "HELL"-paper-fold, story presentation, "For a long time, at parties, this was a requested effect." The Vampire Chronicles 77
Karl Fulves Dracula's Secrets "sampling of vampire lore" The Vampire Chronicles 83
Karl Fulves Vampire Humor lines The Vampire Chronicles 84
Karl Fulves Blue Blood no-force version of "House No. 5", using two-compartment wallet or envelopeRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 85
Karl Fulves Silent Knight four queens, one placed in case, suit named, other three queens shown and named one is missing, in case are only the four Jacks, version of "House No. 5"Related to The Vampire Chronicles 88
Karl Fulves Hocus Poker Handling Related to The Vampire Chronicles 89
Karl Fulves 4-Card Brainwave Handling The Vampire Chronicles 90
Karl Fulves Two-Story Castle named queen, which is never seen, changes into a jack, two card cases used in presentation, using Quartet gimmick The Vampire Chronicles 90
Karl Fulves Stapled 3-Card Catch sandwich is stapled together after Müller's "Three-Card Catch", posed as problem The Vampire Chronicles 91
Karl Fulves Undead Ends suggestions of non-card vampire themed effects, e.g. Drinking Bird (physics toy) The Vampire Chronicles 92
Karl Fulves Introduction mostly gaffed stuff The Vampire Papers 93
Karl Fulves Parallel Time two decks, red-backed JS on face of blue-backed deck, spectator inserts JS in center behind her back but it's back on face, repeated with other deck, repeated but it now jumps back to other deck, "ambitions card done with the deck in the spectator's hands" The Vampire Papers 94
Karl Fulves Optikal Illusion three-card fan, in mirror only two cards are seen but simultaneously three from back The Vampire Papers 97
Karl Fulves Matter Thru Matter suggestion for vampire themed effect, see referenceRelated to The Vampire Papers 98
Karl Fulves Mirror Box card box with mirrors on all sides, JS inside, Joker outside, suddenly JS outside and previous selection inside The Vampire Papers 99
Karl Fulves Transposition using Airdrop The Vampire Papers 101
Karl Fulves Two Jacks and a Joker two jacks below, joker on top of case, then jack on top and bottom and joker inside The Vampire Papers 101
Karl Fulves Think of a Vampire spectator think of either a jack or king (his choice), in four-card-packet his card is the only reversed one, the other three are Sixes, quartet type gimmick The Vampire Papers 102
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher, Michael F. Zens Zens-Gilbreath Poker Deal Any poker hand called forInspired by
  • "The Zens Quadruple Poker Trick" (M. F. Zens, 1931)
  • "Super-Duper Poker Deal" (Al Thatcher, Jerry Mentzer's Card File, 1993)
Related to
  • "Any Hand Called For" (Karl Fulves, More Self-Working Card Tricks, 1984)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 232
Karl Fulves Skeleton Crew four kings in one case, four jacks in another, king thought of, performer transfers one in jacks case, it's thought-of one and gets a big hole in the middle The Vampire Papers 105
Karl Fulves A. K. A. four Fives, one suit named, reflection of this Five changes to a queen when seen in mirror The Vampire Papers 107
Karl Fulves Unlimited Access three cards placed on card case, one vanishes and is found under cellophane under case or in case The Vampire Papers 110
Karl Fulves Flat Count The Vampire Papers 112
Karl Fulves Reversal Count named jack reverses after displaying all The Vampire Papers 113
Karl Fulves Stake Out sandwich stapled but only center card is stapled The Vampire Papers 114
Karl Fulves The Count Plays Cards named card of four-card-packet turns over, optional odd back The Vampire Papers 115
Karl Fulves Looks Like named jack changes into previous selection The Vampire Papers 116
Karl Fulves Automated Teller AS, 2S, 3S, one of them changes into previously selected jack The Vampire Papers 117
Karl Fulves The Brooklyn Card Trick "tree of hearts" The Vampire Papers 118
Karl Fulves Night Hunter four Jacks and two Aces, chosen jack vanishes, four double facers The Vampire Papers 119
Karl Fulves Front Loading Osborn's Unlimited Count handling The Vampire Papers 120
Karl Fulves Plan 9 four blue-backed jokers, red-backed jack placed in packet, face changes to joker The Vampire Papers 121
Karl Fulves Line Up named black ace turns over in ace packet and changes into jack of same suit The Vampire Papers 123
Karl Fulves Himber Envelopes two compartments, two versions The Vampire Papers 125
Karl Fulves Nameless a jack transforms into any named card in packet of aces The Vampire Papers 127
Karl Fulves Vegas Vampire ten cards dealt into two hands, a selection changes into indifferent card and is then in other packet, jacks show up as finale The Vampire Papers 130
Karl Fulves Dealing Force to place card at thought-of number in five-card packet The Vampire Papers 131
Karl Fulves Vampire Poker card at thought-of position in five-card packet predicted The Vampire Papers 133
Karl Fulves Flight Deck four jacks and three sixes, one jack vanishes, it is found stuck to ceiling The Vampire Papers 135
Karl Fulves The Apparatus listing of gaffs that came with deluxe edition The Vampire Papers 137
Karl Fulves Card Vanish from Packet packet mixed face-up/face-down with one double facer The Vampire Papers 138
Nick Trost Red or Black - Which? small packetInspired byRelated toVariations The Card Magic of Nick Trost 28
Ken Krenzel, Karl Fulves The Other Shoe force from card case, ungaffedInspired by Ingenuities 33
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher The Omega Bet - Updated Multiple prediction of whether selected cards matched color, last phase uses GilbreathInspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 96
Nick Trost, Al Thatcher, Tom Hubbard Automatic Poker - A Different Handling Uses packet of eleven cards masquerading as tenInspired by
  • "Automatic Poker" (Karl Fulves, Self Working Card Tricks, 1976)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 106
Nick Trost Calling the Hands Inspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 115
Karl Fulves Introduction The Chronicles ()
Marty Kane, Karl Fulves, Peter Duffie Marty's Miracle Card found via elimination procedure, eliminate every odd card in packetInspired by Effortless Card Magic 125
Karl Fulves Introduction Day For Any Date 1
Karl Fulves Portable Calendar for practicing the system, seven cards, the one that falls on day of chosen date is predicted Day For Any Date 8
Karl Fulves Cast A Card Day For Any Date 10
Karl Fulves Date Deck cards with week days, months, days, week day found for given date Day For Any Date 28
Karl Fulves Notes On The Date Deck - The Last Ten Years
- Short Cuts
- Open Dates
Day For Any Date 30
Karl Fulves The Optioned Future seven piles formed, spectator thinks of one in the pile that matches the week day he is born in, divined and predictedRelated to
  • "Psychorama" (Grant & Schwartz, More Self Working Card Tricks)
Day For Any Date 31
Karl Fulves Mystique woman choses week day, man month and day, they match, variation with chosen card Day For Any Date 33
Karl Fulves Fishing Day For Any Date 37
Karl Fulves Betting The Furure card chosen via date, predicted Day For Any Date 37
Karl Fulves The Tomorrow Card Day For Any Date 39
Peter Duffie Return to St. Nicholas Red Aces appear between two Jokers, Jokers then change into black Aces (first published as Harlequinesque in Imagine)Inspired byRelated toVariations Effortless Card Magic 23
Karl Fulves Introduction presentations based on vampire theme, material dated 1970-1975 The Vampire Chronicles 2
Karl Fulves Night Life unknown face-down card placed in new pack order, when spread the card at that position is missing, repeated with other position, unknown card is this second missing cardRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 4
Karl Fulves Buried Alive four card packet, bottom card rises to top The Vampire Chronicles 8
Karl Fulves Transfigured card put among 3 jacks and left in sight changes into fourth jack The Vampire Chronicles 11
Karl Fulves Lady Is A Vamp "Nigh Life" spin-off where unknown card changes into queen when put with other queensRelated to The Vampire Chronicles 14