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Unknown Impromptu Poker Deal Variations Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 373
John Scarne The Four Royal Flushes No. 8, Performer removes high cards (Ten, J, Q, K, A) from shuffled deck, deals out four hands of Royal Flushes (Interlocking Chain Principle)Variations Scarne on Card Tricks 20
Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-upRelated toVariationsAlso published here Card College - Volume 1 149
Jerry Sadowitz Culling From the Top Third of the Pack using Zarrow Shuffle, with the sections:
- Culling One Card
- Culling Any Card in the Top Third, Culling Any Two/Three/Four Cards in the Top Third
- Staggering For Two
- Zeros
Variations Thanks To Zarrow 1
Derek DelGaudio Double George card removed by spectator, poker hands dealt and missing card completes straight flush, two handlingsRelated to Derek DelGaudio 12
Michael Weber Red Black lots of shuffling by spectator throughoutVariations Red Black 2
Benjamin Earl Henry in Isolation VariationsAlso published here Less is More 2 1
Joseph Barry Thoughts on the Psychological Spread Force spectator thinks of cards while performer fans them with faces towards spectator Reverie 18
Joseph Barry Don't Stop Thinking stop trick at thought-of card, think stop, then spectator stops at performers card Reverie 20
Joseph Barry A Narrowed Thought card thought of and after small dealing procedure it is named, hands-offInspired by
  • "Mind Reader's Lucid Dream" (Justin Higham, Clairvoyant, Mental Topper and The Mind-Reader's Dream, 2011)
Reverie 22
Joseph Barry A Memory at the Card Table card chosen, deck apparently memorized, blackjack and poker hands apparently riffle stacked, rest recited and last card is selected one Reverie 24
Joseph Barry On-the-fly Stacking culling, arranging, pile-cutting, ... Reverie 24
Joseph Barry Introduction Reverie 3
Joseph Barry Dream Poker three-handed game, hands and draws are predicted Reverie 4
Joseph Barry Undoing Riffle Shuffle removing demo cards Reverie 4
Joseph Barry A Two Card Location card cut to and card thought of small pile, one's position named and other card produced from pocket Reverie 6
Joseph Barry A Ruse for Magicians... fine strip out Reverie 8
Joseph Barry Beginner's Luck spectator first gets a flush in hearts, then a straight flush in spadesInspired by Reverie 9
Joseph Barry A Blackjack Production four blackjack hands produced Reverie 10
Joseph Barry, John Benzais Double Benzais Spinout two cards Reverie 10
Joseph Barry E-CAN fairly peeked-at card, at position named by spectator Reverie 11
Joseph Barry A Multiple Card Location four cards Reverie 12
Joseph Barry Losing Procedure four cards placed in different position while dealing through deck Reverie 12
Joseph Barry Reverie (almost) any card thought of, divined immediately Reverie 14
Joseph Barry Number Card Limitation verbal ploy Reverie 14
Joseph Barry Another Ruse for Magicians... spectator shuffles, card is on top or at least under control Reverie 17
Joseph Barry A Prediction spectator deals deck randomly into two piles and counts down a chosen number in one of them, card is predictedVariations Blackpool 2015 Inscrutable Notes 2
Joseph Barry Alternate Handling - Open Prediction Inspired by Blackpool 2015 Inscrutable Notes 3
Joseph Barry Freedom Stacking Drop Stack Blackpool 2015 Inscrutable Notes 4
Joseph Barry STOCAN V2 card lost, number chosen by removing pile of cards and counting itInspired by
  • "Simple Card at Number" (Joseph Barry)
Blackpool 2015 Inscrutable Notes 6
Joseph Barry 10 Cards for Lavante two-handed game with spectator and performer, both draw, performer gets Royal FlushInspired by Blackpool 2015 Inscrutable Notes 7
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome Operandi (Issue 1) 3
Joseph Barry Echoed three progressively fairer locations of a cardInspired by Operandi (Issue 1) 5
Joseph Barry Charlier Shuffle Key Placement Operandi (Issue 1) 5
Joseph Barry Impromptu Bug constructing bug/table-holdout for a card from card case Operandi (Issue 1) 8
Joseph Barry Another Stop Trick.. Really? spectator stops at card, its value is used to count down to selection, no set-up Operandi (Issue 1) 9
Joseph Barry Red/Black Location using chunks of one color in shuffled deck Operandi (Issue 1) 9
Joseph Barry Justin Higham Operandi (Issue 1) 10
Joseph Barry No Thanks to Zarrow riffle cull without Zarrow or blocking offInspired by Operandi (Issue 1) 13
Joseph Barry The Stacking Drill Operandi (Issue 1) 14
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Year One in Photos photos of Joseph Barry and John Cottle on conventions and magic meetings Operandi (Issue 1) 16
Joseph Barry Casual Strip-Out Shuffle shuffle in hands, strip-out on table Operandi (Issue 1) 18
Michael Weber, Joseph Barry A conversation with Michael Weber interview on persona, exposure, Charlie Miller, Ricky Jay Operandi (Issue 1) 20
Joseph Barry The Modus Guide to Cards "What do your cards say about you?" Operandi (Issue 1) 25
Joseph Barry Seal of Approval color of USPCC seal gives place of production Operandi (Issue 1) 25
Joseph Barry Swivelosis cards apparently upjogged from various places, stripped out and given to spectator, actually order retainedInspired by
  • "Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle" (Justin Higham)
Operandi (Issue 1) 26
Joseph Barry OOMW - Out of My World Related to
  • "Splitting the Difference" (Gordon Bean, Genii, May 2005)
  • "Red/Black" (John Kennedy, Genii, Vol. 52 No. 9, 1989)
Charlotte's Notes 3
Joseph Barry Preparing your own deck scratch marks Charlotte's Notes 4
Joseph Barry Preparing a borrowed deck bridging one color Charlotte's Notes 4
Joseph Barry STOCAN V2 card lost, number chosen by removing pile of cards and counting itInspired by
  • "Simple Card at Number" (Joseph Barry)
Charlotte's Notes 10
Joseph Barry Thanks to Vernon aces lost and foundInspired by Charlotte's Notes 12
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome Operandi (Issue 2) 3
Joseph Barry Flying with Balloons magician or spectator cuts to the acesInspired by
  • Marlo's methods in New Tops
Operandi (Issue 2) 17
Joseph Barry Fake Removal card apparently transferred from tabled packet and placed in left hand Operandi (Issue 2) 17
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 2 Way Out two outs for lost selection Operandi (Issue 2) 18
Joseph Barry Stuart's Strip Poker spectator thinks of card, shuffles and removes it, cards dealt and missing card completes straightInspired byRelated to Operandi (Issue 2) 20
Luke Jermay, Joseph Barry Luke Jermay on creativity, NLP, card magic vs. mentalism, boredom, ethics & disclaimers Operandi (Issue 2) 22