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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Dondrake Dedication Dedication to Gary Darwin / Acknowledgements Black Art Breakthroughs 2
Gary Darwin Foreword Black Art Breakthroughs 3
Gary Darwin Darwin's Missing Fingers Magician visually pulls off fingers off of gloved hand and places fingers into top hat. Glove removed, fingers pop back onto hand Black Art Breakthroughs 34
Gary Darwin Darwin's Ever Loaded Hat Method to secretly load top hat Black Art Breakthroughs 36
Gary Darwin Darwin's BlackArt Lota Lota vase keeps refilling indefinitely, longer than it should Black Art Breakthroughs 37
Gary Darwin Darwin's Steel Rod Through Body Push steel rod through body Black Art Breakthroughs 38
Gary Darwin Darwin's Exorcist Live! Woman brought on stage begins to get possessed by a demon, head floats around, body levitates etc. Black Art Breakthroughs 39