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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Paul LePaul Aces Up! Variations The Card Magic of Le Paul 203
Edward Marlo Rise-Rise-Rise card from center rises to top visible, tabled, two methods (Tenkai and Flat Palm)Variations The Tabled Palm 23
John Benzais Third Effect (For Four Coins) Variations The Best of Benzais 5
John Benzais, Ross Bertram, Shane Cobalt Coins Through The Table Basically Benzais's routine with a Ross Bertram move in itInspired by Chasing Dovetails 13
Shane Cobalt Sleeving for Dummies Sleeving handling in the context of vanishing a coin Chasing Dovetails 18
Edward Marlo, Shane Cobalt Raised! Handling of Rise-Rise-Rise by MarloInspired by Chasing Dovetails 21
Shane Cobalt Tenkai Palm Cleanup Chasing Dovetails 23
Shane Cobalt The Silly Little Rubber Band Trick Rubberband starts dangling from thumb, with a wave becomes intertwined between the fingers, more of a stunt Chasing Dovetails 25
Shane Cobalt Additional Notes Chasing Dovetails 33
Shane Cobalt Introduction Chasing Dovetails 1
Paul LePaul, Shane Cobalt LePaul's Aces four Aces placed on bottom of deck one by one, rise to the topInspired by Chasing Dovetails 2