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Ross Bertram TeBe Color Change Variations Bertram on Sleight of Hand 150
Juan Tamariz Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC) to bottomVariations The Magic Way 52
Lennart Green Float Pass Variations Drawing Room Deceptions 122
Nathan Colwell Pseudo Riffle Stacking Pseudo riffle stacking demo, with deck separated into red/black as kicker A New Angle 53
Nathan Colwell Rotator Shifts how to secretly turn a card/packet end for end for use in a tapered deck routine

- Method One
- Method Two (based on Nathan's "Long-Fingered Half Pass")
- Method Three
Inspired by A New Angle 93
Nathan Colwell Hofzinser's Suit Selection Spectator selects card from a packet of random cards, all the cards change to match the suit of the selection, Ace to King A New Angle 100