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Asi Wind Magic Evolution Chapter One 1
Asi Wind Somebody Stop Me spectator cuts to card and loses it, then deals the cards, performer stops him at selection, no-touchVariations Chapter One 2
Asi Wind Dishonesty what to do when the spectator lies about his card, Haunted Deck as example Chapter One 7
Asi Wind Red & Black after one riffle shuffle, some cards are dealt and the colors divined by performer Chapter One 9
Asi Wind Out of the Blue (or red) cased deck on table, card named, it's only odd-backed card in the deck, ungaffed deck Chapter One 14
Asi Wind Cased Cover Cut cutting the deck at specific spot during removal from case, displacing single cardRelated to Chapter One 16
Asi Wind Cased Glimpse with deck in case Chapter One 16
Asi Wind The Oxygen of Suspense on suspense in presentation Chapter One 21
Asi Wind A.A.C.A.A.N ungaffed Chapter One 23
Asi Wind Cased Cut cutting the deck at specific spot during removal from case, two handlingsRelated to Chapter One 23
Asi Wind Subliminal on negative suggestions Chapter One 29
Asi Wind Transportation in Three Phases biddle trick, thought-of card vanishes from packet and reappears reversed in deckInspired by
  • "Transcendent" (Elmer Biddler, Genii, April 1947, p. 241)
Chapter One 32
Asi Wind Last Words Chapter One 36
Armando Cheung The Most Impossible Stop Trick Fair stop trickInspired by The Ace Assembly All-Star Lecture Notes 46