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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Incredible Close-Up Magic by Meir Yedid (written by Gary Ouellet) Epoptica (Issue 2) 100
Gary Ouellet New Karate Coin design of hole Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 108
Gary Ouellet One-Card Triumph Revelation bold Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 1) 1307
Gary Ouellet Three-Second Wonder crossing hands when turning over top cardsRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 4) 1335
Gary Ouellet Boomering ring vanishes from rope and reappears on finger Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 8) 1387
Gary Ouellet Sponge Ball Sleight Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 9) 1402
Gary Ouellet There & Back Coin Change using the lap Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11, No. 5) 1495
Gary Ouellet Touch Force Close-up Impact! 130
Eric Mead Boy Meets Girl Related to Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 3, No. 1-5 Aspen Bar Magic) 73
Gary Ouellet The Infidel Change lapping Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13, No. 1) 1729
Gary Ouellet The "Tray" Force Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 15, No. 2) 2037
Gary Ouellet Special Forces similar to a riffle force The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 45) 812
Gary Ouellet, Harry Lorayne Off-Handed actually both hands are used Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16, No. 2) 2182
Gary Ouellet, Patrick Raymond Lethal Prediction Related to The Minotaur (Vol. 6, No. 3) 8
Gary Ouellet, Patrick Raymond, Bernard Bilis Empty Deal with deceptive sound illusion The Minotaur (Vol. 6, No. 3) 8
Nick Trost, Stewart Judah Eighteen-Card Poker Uses concept of a morphing Jonah card that changes every phase (presentation by Stewart Judah)Related to
  • "Psych-Out" (Bruce Bernstein, 1985)
  • "The Cincinnati Kid Poker Game" (Tony Binarelli, Gary Ouellet's The Magic of Tony Binarelli, 1991)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 111
Gary Ouellet The Touch Fource Concertos for Pasteboard 187
Gary Ouellet, John Bannon Out Of Touch Force Ouellet's "Touch Force" as multiple out Dear Mr. Fantasy 109
Davide Costi, Jacques Tandeau No Force Prediction Related to Close-Up Elegance by Davide Costi 97
Gary Ouellet The Touch Force Related to Random Acts of Magic 157
Gary Ouellet The Crossover Lap Related to
  • "The Crossover Lap" (Gary Ouellet, The Silver Passage, 1980)
ZauberKunstSt├╝cke - Band 3 41
Gary Ouellet The Touch Force Making the Cut 84
Giancarlo Scalia Ace Cutting Sequence Related to Semplici Immagini 1