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Howard Schwarzman The Impeccable Double shooting double across surfaceVariations Professional Card Magic 148
Frances Marshall About Piet Forton Piet Forton Lecture Notes 2
Piet Forton Piet's Producer Gimmick to contain silks for silk production Piet Forton Lecture Notes 3
Piet Forton Ching Chang Chung, the Never Dieing Chinaman Figurine of Chinese man beheaded when card trick goes wrong - card is changed to correct selection, head is restored Piet Forton Lecture Notes 4
Piet Forton, Alex Elmsley Three Coins and a Glass Routine Three coins produced and travel to silk held in hand. They then vanish and travel to glass Piet Forton Lecture Notes 5
Piet Forton The Popokatepetlpaper Produce dollar bill with flash paper Piet Forton Lecture Notes 7
Piet Forton Dove From Newspaper Piet Forton Lecture Notes 8
Piet Forton Color Change Aces Aces appear one by one in packet of blue backed cards, blue backed cards disappear, then Aces change into red backs Piet Forton Lecture Notes 9
Piet Forton, Remo Inzani, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Four Disappearing Queens Change Visibly To Four Aces Piet Forton Lecture Notes 10
Piet Forton Piet Forton's Visible Ace Popper Move Inspired by Jack Avis and Eddie TaytelbaumInspired by Piet Forton Lecture Notes 12
Piet Forton Lucky Seven Routine Four Sevens produced, vanished and reappear in deck Piet Forton Lecture Notes 14
Piet Forton Mid Air Throw Color Change Color change based on Piet Forton popout moveRelated to Piet Forton Lecture Notes 15
Piet Forton The Longitudinal Tenkai Palm Piet Forton Lecture Notes 17
Harvey Rosenthal, Piet Forton The 5th Jack red Jacks put on table, top card of deck are also red Jack, tabled ones now black, all put on table, top card is another jack, cards on table are now Aces, see also p. 782 for improvementInspired by
  • trick of Piet Forton (see also Gus Southall and Francis Haxton variations in The New Pentagram)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9, No. 2) 692
Piet Forton Ace Popper pop out move Epilogue (Issue 23) 219
Piet Forton Pop Out Move Pabular (Vol. 3, No. 6) 367
Piet Forton Forton Pop-Out The Book of John 4
Piet Forton, Remo Inzani Triple Flip three black cards transform into three red cards Pabular (Vol. 5, No. 2) 639
Piet Forton Can You Do the Gypsy Thread Again? hindu thread repetition Pabular (Vol. 5, No. 10) 740
Piet Forton Piet Forton's Fan Club two cards, sticking out of two card fans Pabular (Vol. 6, No. 6) 865
Daryl Martinez In the Pinch catching selection with 2 quarters while spectator dribbles other halfRelated toVariations Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 80
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 84
James Lewis, Piet Forton, Michael Ammar Inversion here spelled "Jim Louis"
- First Handling (Piet Forton)
- Second Handling (Michael Ammar)
- Third Handling (Michael Ammar)
Also published here Encore II 25
Piet Forton, Phillip Young Pop Out Move only with Aces Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 28
Christian Scherer, Howard Schwarzman, Piet Forton Der Multiple Card Throw 1. Vorgeschichte
2. Der multiple card throw vom Spiel (from the deck, Impeccable double variations)
3. Der multiple card throw aus der Hand (in the hands, four methods)
Inspired byRelated to Card News '82 97
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move Best of Friends 526
Ian Land Proteus vaguely based on Piet Forton's "Chroma-Zone" (Talon #7) Pabular (Vol. 7, No. 7) 1072
Piet Forton, Dave Walker Sure-Shot Pop-Out Move Card Finesse 50
Piet Forton The Pop-Top Catch illogical change The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 2 64
Richard Kaufman, Piet Forton Pinched Again two-deck variationInspired by The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 58
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 3 59
Jeff McBride "Twinkling" Change based on Piet Forton's Pop Out Move Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 8, No. 3) 1039
Piet Forton Piet Forton's Impeccable Variations: Oops!...They Split! double apparently splits, session gag with Impeccable DoubleRelated to Epoptica (Issue 10) 514
Piet Forton Tossed Free Choice Match matching routine with Impeccable Double Epoptica (Issue 10) 514
Piet Forton Tossed Four of a Kind three freely chosen cards turn out to be aces, four cards as one on table via Impeccable Double Epoptica (Issue 10) 515
Piet Forton Pop-Out-Move Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 164
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 52 Lovers 148
William Goldman The In Version Inspired by The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 32) 576
James Lewis, Piet Forton, Michael Ammar Inversion - First Handling (Piet Forton)
- Second Handling (Michael Ammar)
- Third Handling (Michael Ammar)
VariationsAlso published here The Magic of Michael Ammar 263
Piet Forton Snap-Over Change application to make it look like four cards changeRelated to Carneycopia 81
Jack Carpenter The J. C. Pop-Out Related to Modus Operandi 3
Piet Forton Piet Forton Production Swivel top card, flip face up and trap between two packetsRelated to Close-Up & Personal 38
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Piet Forton Ravelli Pop-out Close-Up & Personal 39
Piet Forton, Wolff von Keyserlingk The Light-reft Spread Pass reverse spreading the halves Concertos for Pasteboard 43
Piet Forton The Suckers' Looking Glass two cards are found with the Hofzinser catch, as a sucker effect Concertos for Pasteboard 48
Piet Forton A Lesson in Addition two cards are found which add to the selection, then they transform to the selection Concertos for Pasteboard 48
Don England A Get-ready for Piet Forton's Pop-Out Move Don England's Paradox 43
Piet Forton Another Forton Pop-Out Constant Fooling 2 229