Sleights & Swindles
Sleights & Swindles
written by Jack McMillen
Work of Jack McMillen
15 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
No illustrations
Language: English
(16 entries)
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Creators Title Comments & References Page CARC Categories
Jack McMillen The Barbary Coast Scam two red aces are separated in the deck and end up together, two versions, with a stooge seemingly heckling the performer 1
Jack McMillen Shade Work apparently deck is marked, three cards are named without turning over, then mark is shown to be different colored back 2
S. W. Erdnase & Dr. Jacob Daley Bottom Deal to hide different colored back 2
Jack McMillen The Old Gambler elevator trick with three cards, last card through table 4
Frederick Braue Braue Add-On no credit 4
Jack McMillen & Judson S. Brown From Another Deck with two decks, one packet is cut and turned over, value of card on the face is used to count to a card, performer finds the card in second deck or in a pocket 6
Jack McMillen Witchcraft Updated 7
Jack McMillen The Voodoo Card Rise top card lowers 8
Jack McMillen Quick Silver two copper and two silver coins, silver coin travel in the hand with copper coins one by one, then at once 9
Unknown Click Pass 9
Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien 9
Senor Charles Mardo & Jack McMillen Coin, Ring and Silk coin in handkerchief, secured with ring, penetrates fabric 10
Jack McMillen & Charles Nyquist The San Francisco Shuffle deck is separated by red an black, performer and spectator give the deck a riffle shuffle and colors do not mix, Tamariz "accidental Zarrow Set-up" 11
Charles Nyquist & Jack McMillen The Drop Shuffle spectator pushes messy halves together, rosetta shuffle 11
Jack McMillen "Don't Ever Bet On A Sure Thing" three card monte with a switch 13
Bruce Elliott Elliott's Card Change see also "Tipsy Turvy" (Bruce Elliott, 1951) 15