The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1
The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1
written by Richard Kaufman
published by Invisible Man Productions
1982 (Hardcover), 96 pages, work of Various
(34 entries)
Publication typed in by Denis Behr.
Creators Title Comment Page Categories
Paul Harris Torn and Restored Mentalist flap of card case with prediction is torn off and restored 15
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move 16
Paul Harris Three-Fourths quarter (torn off) transposes with rest 19
Michael Ammar Squeeze Play deck becomes crooked 23
Michael Ammar Kointakey coin to key 25
David Roth Funnel coins shrink when thrown in funnel 29
David Roth Chinese Coin Surprise jumbo coin production as climax, table edge 32
Daryl Martinez OverwhELMSLEY Aces three aces are lost in deck instead of vanished in packets 35
Daryl Martinez Strip-Out Addition variation of Vernon's 35
Daryl Martinez Passing a Sandwich card in hand transposes with sandwiched card in the deck, visual, see also Racherbaumer's Trapped Transposition 37
Daryl Martinez One-Card Middle Pass 37
Daryl Martinez Daryl Martinez Change card changes as it is pushed into deck and extracted again, see also Peter Duffie's variation 39
Fantasio Silk Through Glass ungaffed 41
Fantasio Fantastic Chip Turnover double sided display 43
Derek Dingle Cornered Bill in Cigarette 45
Derek Dingle The Card For Head Trick 49
Derek Dingle Bluff Pass Control 49
John Cornelius Spring Set 53
John Cornelius Armed and Ready elbow catch stunt 55
Levent Instant Continuous Fan Production 59
Larry Becker Delayed Reverse employing Henry Christ cut deeper force 61
Slydini The Slydini Second Deal card is pushed off to left 65
Ken Krenzel Krenzel's Natural Grip Method variation on The Slydini Second Deal 68
Richard Kaufman Hofzinser Ace Tunnel 71
Richard Kaufman Generally - More Specifically 74
Tom Mullica Schizophrenia crazy cigarette - match - potpourri 75
Ed Marlo A Fitting Climax all four coins vanish 78
Ed Marlo In-View Card in Envelope signed card to envelope 81
Jon Racherbaumer Vanishing Oil and Water 4&4, all cards become blank, gaffed 86
Gene Maze Kelly Reverse 89
Russell T. Barnhart Anytime Ultra-Mental 91
Russell T. Barnhart Spread reverse behind the spread 91
Roy Walton Sign of Four mathematical, faro, free cut principle 95
Roy Walton Bottom Card Reversal buckling bottom card and turning over everything above 95