Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks
Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks
...and Some for Those Who Do!
Work of Philip T. Goldstein
9 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Philip T. Goldstein
Language: English
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Philip T. Goldstein "Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks ...and Some for Those Who Do!" on (un)importance of method vs effect, sleight-of-hand vs gimmick, four basic elements of method:
1. Natural Law Disguised
2. Secret Activity
3. Secretly Prepared Materials
4. Psychology
Philip T. Goldstein Controls 2
Philip T. Goldstein On Pick-a-Card Tricks 2
Philip T. Goldstein On the Corner Short advantages, finding it, controlling a selection with it 2
Theodore Annemann Snapped Corner corner broken but attached 3
Philip T. Goldstein Half Deck Crimp to control selection 3
Philip T. Goldstein Spot'n'Scoop Control sighting card in face-up ribbon spread and moving it to top by cut afterwards 3
Philip T. Goldstein Ancient Las Vegas Pulse-Reading removed card is divined by pulse reading four times 4
Philip T. Goldstein & Ken Miller Alternate Route red-backed named card transposes with blue-backed duplicate, both sandwiched by jokers inspired by "Queens in Flight" (Ken Miller, Abra #530, 1956) 4
Philip T. Goldstein Vested Power card selected by number and position, number and card found with spelling 5
Philip T. Goldstein secA ruoF three phases, two times standard ace assembly, then aces transform into kings in leader pile and aces are reversed in deck 6
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch 6
Philip T. Goldstein Goldstein's F.T.L. 6
Philip T. Goldstein Jordan Count of Five Cards As Five From a Biddle Grip hiding bottom card 6
Philip T. Goldstein & Stewart James Ice Dice chosen values lie at chosen numbers, imaginary dice see also "Pure Mathematics" (Dai Vernon, 1967),
"Change X Change" (Karl Fulves, 1992)
Philip T. Goldstein Social Mobility two chosen cards, red kings sandwich one in deck, black kings the same and first one changed into second one inspired by "A Change of Filling" (Milton Kort, 1969),
see also Marlo, New Tops, Nov. 1973
Unknown Standard Sandwich Load 8
Philip T. Goldstein Sandwich Switch in spread 8
Unknown Ovette Master Move 8
Philip T. Goldstein Satisfaction four-ace production 8
Unknown Riffle Force brief, break 8
Unknown Pop-Up Card 9
Philip T. Goldstein GPCF Card-to-Wallet card marked by spectator behind back with dummy pen, travels into wallet see also "Great Psychic Card Feat" (1937) 9