Card Fictions
Card Fictions
seven performance pieces with an ordinary deck
written by Pit Hartling
published by unknown publisher
2003 (Hardcover), 94 pages, work of Pit Hartling
(19 entries)
Data entered by Pit Hartling & Denis Behr.
Creators Title Comment Page CARC Categories
Pit Hartling Finger Flicker breather crimp, see also Fulves' The Acrobatic Pack, Darwin Ortiz' Sudden Impact 10
Unknown Breather Crimp 10
Unknown Jogshuffle Placement card placed at number in small range (see also page 71) 12
Pit Hartling Master of the Mess cards shuffled by spectator, using faro, 2 phase routine with location in first part, see the version Messy - The Director's Shuffle 18
Ed Marlo Fingertip Peek Force 21
Pit Hartling Elimination - Faro Ordering removing cards so they can be ordered later with faro shuffles 22
Pit Hartling Method and Style and The Performing Mode 30
Pit Hartling Colour Sense feeling colours through table, packet of 13 cards 36
Lewis Jones Pattern Principle for remembering r-b-colour sequences 36
Pit Hartling & Helge Thun A Force one of 4 packets, magician's choice 38
Pit Hartling High Noon Paul Harris' Reflex with card under watch climax 44
Pit Hartling Cincinnati Pit stacking 4 hands with 2 shuffles, see also R. Paul Wilson's Tupelo Paul 52
Dai Vernon Fan with Step 54
Ed Marlo Two Shuffle (Zarrow) Stack 4 cards, 3 hands 56
Pit Hartling Inducing Challenges 60
Pit Hartling Triple Countdown 3 cards at 3 numbers, smith's myth 68
Martin A. Nash Ghost Switch 68
Rafael Benatar The Crocodile inserting a card in a break 70
Pit Hartling Unforgettable 3 phase memory routine, faro 78