The Trapdoor - Volume One
The Trapdoor - Volume One
No. 1 - 25
written by Steve Beam
Work of Various
510 pages (Hardcover), published by Trapdoor Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Steve Beam
Language: English
(380 entries)
Data entered by Lorenz Schär.
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Steve Beam Introduction introduction to the bound volume 2011 i
Steve Beam Upside Down Chinese compass effect with the words "up" and "down", square plaque, several moves, see also p. 51 for additional ideas and remarks by Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett and Sid Lorraine, more ideas on p. 990 by Lee Fred see also based on Bev Bergeron's handling of Milbourne Christopher's "Traffic Sign",
"Ups and Downs" (John Riggs, 1988),
"The Trapdoor Issue #1" (Steve Beam, 2011),
varied by "Downer" (Steve Beam, 1991),
"Sign of the Times" (John Swomley, 1998),
"The Upside Down Card Trick" (Joe Anderson, 2012)
1 1983 1
Steve Beam Style on practicing a new routine quickly 1 1983 4
Steve Beam The Maeb-y Count right hand buckle as cards are counted from right to left see also "The Beamsley Count" (Steve Beam, 2011) 1 1983 5
Steve Beam Back to Aces all backs with four cards, one by one they change into aces 1 1983 6
Steve Beam Flushtration Count Variation as all back display, taking cards from each side 1 1983 7
Steve Beam Olram Subtlety more a variation of a Flushtration Count 1 1983 7
Steve Beam Card Problems humorous article 1 1983 9
Steve Beam Lock & Key producing a lock, to add humor to a prediction, wordplay 1 1983 9
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Copperfield, Daryl, Darwin Ortiz, Mendoza, Harry Blackstone jr. 1 1983 10
Dawn Beam 25 Years Ago in the Trapdoor 1 1983 11
Steve Beam Cut and Restored Belt 1 1983 12
Steve Beam & Wayne Kyzer Mail Box fake biography of a certain Plooster family 1 1983 13
Steve Beam Math comedy prediction, unsolvable math question, in envelope 1 1983 14
Steve Beam Forethought 1 1983 16
Steve Beam Name-Calling toy license plates, performer tries to divine spectator's name, holds up wrong plate and puts it in an envelope, name on plate transforms into name of spectator, comedy routine 2 1983 17
Steve Beam Style constructing a practice mirror, three mirrors, different angles 2 1983 19
Wayne Kyzer Caught comedy routine with a bear trap, activating a jump trap without being harmed see also "Parlour Yoga" (Stuart P. Cramer, 1949),
"The Trap Mystery" (Ormond McGill, 1951),
"Rat Trap" (Wayne Kyzer, 1984)
2 1983 20
Steve Beam Reward huge check in envelope as an insurance, when turned over it matches the selection 2 1983 21
Steve Beam Letter to Steve Beam fake letter to author, apparently by Malcolm No-Heart from the South Carolina Electric Co. 2 1983 22
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Letter from the Power Company 2 1983 22
Steve Beam Stop! say stop gag, when card should be selected by shuffling 2 1983 23
Steve Beam The Five Kings Card Trick 2 1983 24
Steve Beam Biographical Rope humorous routine with a rope, several knots and fitting patter, see also p. 543 and p. 860 2 1983 27
Steve Beam Joke 2 1983 29
Kevin Justice No Tie Knot false knot 2 1983 30
Don Morris Two Faced coin changed into two-faced and two tailed coin, then back to normal, impromptu inspired by "Two Faced" (Don Morris, 1981) 2 1983 31
Unknown Paddle Move with Coins 2 1983 31
Unknown Paddle Move Display tossing coin from hand to hand also published as "Morris' False Toss" (Don Morris, 2017) 2 1983 31
Steve Beam Rollover Kings four kings production, last two kings with Elliott's Brrrrtttt! inspired by "Pop Up" (1946),
see also "Brrrrtttt!" (Bruce Elliott, 1951),
varied by "Rollover Revisited" (John Riggs, 1985),
"Rollover Kings" (John Riggs, 1995)
2 1983 32
Steve Beam Coins in Bottle 57 cents produced from a Heinz 57 Sauce bottle, see Addendum for additional ideas see also "The Trapdoor Issue #2" (Steve Beam, 2011) 2 1983 34
Steve Beam Top Stock gag, cards are openly added after spectator shuffled the deck 2 1983 35
Steve Beam Leftovers on Playboy revealing secrets and National Magic Day (second Sunday in may) 2 1983 36
Steve Beam Convincer for Rubber Ringer inspired by "Rubber Ringer" (Bill Kalush, 1983) 2 1983 36
Steve Beam Early Riser ambitious card sequence, card rises once visibly, plunger 3 1984 37
Steve Beam Downs' Upper variation on the Downs change, without table, as an ambitious card sequence 3 1984 39
Steve Beam Pip Picker picking off the pip, convincer and diamond produced as a climax, see also p. 67 inspired by ""Picking off the Pip"" (Dai Vernon, 1959) 3 1984 40
Wayne Kyzer Wilmot comedy bit, rubber chicken starts to laugh and is eventually shot by performer 3 1984 40
Steve Beam The Final Months? fictitious talk between Harry Lorayne and Richard Kaufman 3 1984 41
Steve Beam All Backs Addition two moves for all back routines, a display of all cards and a transformation (one handed top palm) 3 1984 41
John Riggs 5 Coin Star in a circle formation, predated by Alex Elmsley 1952 see also "Five Coin Star" (Dai Vernon, 1957),
"The Rosette" (Alex Elmsley, 1994)
3 1984 42
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Letter from Inetta Staley from Inetta R. Staley to Steve Beam, thank you letter for a performance 3 1984 46
Steve Beam Paper Gaber gag, performer doesn't look, so he reads newspaper, two holes in it 3 1984 46
Steve Beam All Keyed Up car key transformation, humorous presentation, see also p. 67 for more ideas 3 1984 47
Steve Beam The Human Printing Press printing of a business card, also business card gag, variation of paddle move inspired by "Carlyle's Card" (Francis Carlyle, 1943),
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #3" (Steve Beam, 2011)
3 1984 47
Dexter Cleveland Computer Cards with computer presentation, wizard card trick 3 1984 50
Steve Beam Advertisement Heckler-Splat 3 1984 50
Steve Beam Leftovers on The Winter Carnival of Magic in Gatlingburg, Houdini, Randi, John Riggs, Harvey Rosenthal, Dexter Cleveland 3 1984 52
Steve Beam (reviewer) Card Sharp On Duty - Please Wait To Be Cheated by Allan Hayden 3 1984 52
Steve Beam The Human Eraser message on paper becomes name of selection when wiping over it or when spectator tries to erase it, rubber cement see also "Before your Eyes" (Norman Ashworth, 1937),
"The Trapdoor Issue #4" (Steve Beam, 2011)
4 1984 53
Steve Beam Pieces of 8 cards with numbers, selection does not match prediction, prediction changes to correct number, rubber cement 4 1984 54
Steve Beam Floor Fan when spectator tries to select a card, also as a bold card force 4 1984 55
Steve Beam Pen Vanish first pen then cap vanish, entire pen is eventually produced from pocket 4 1984 56
Steve Beam Pen Reverse pen is pushed through hand and reverses in doing so, cap on other side 4 1984 57
Steve Beam Jumping Flower inspired by "The Jumping Flower" (Bert Allerton, 1958) 4 1984 58
Steve Beam False Faro diagonal pressure and swivel cut see also "The Trapdoor Issue #4" (Steve Beam, 2011) 4 1984 59
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Extra Issue for Contribution 4 1984 60
Steve Beam Transpo-1 one card sticks out of middle of the packet 4 1984 61
Steve Beam Variation on Vernon's Push Through Flourish as a color change 4 1984 61
Steve Beam The New Sleight that Resembles a Second Deal card sticking in the middle is apparently removed, when in fact the second card is taken 4 1984 61
Steve Beam Transpo-2 card sticking in the middle, second transforms in the hand 4 1984 62
Steve Beam The Shrink humorous patter for diminishing cards inspired by "Enlarging and Diminishing Cards" (1948),
see also "The Shrink II" (Steve Beam & Phillip Young, 1986)
4 1984 63
Steve Beam Hot Dog! repeated hot dog production, put in bag and all vanish, like sponge banana production, see p. 104 for additional idea by Kevin Justice 4 1984 64
Steve Beam The Effect of Alcohol on Performing Magic 4 1984 67
Steve Beam Leftovers two jokes by Michael Beam, one with a tooth and one with baseball mitts, on R.C. Buff, Henry Pettit, Harold Taylor, not using the restroom before the show, Jim Culver 4 1984 68
Steve Beam Creating Magic hot to invent tricks
- Creating Magic
- Warning!!
- Getting into the Mood
- Tools
- Background
- Second Guessing Authors
- Other Magicians
- Magic Catalogs
- Laymen
- Lying
- Problems
- Brainstorming
- Name Dropping
- Existing Tricks
- Routines
- The Trick Brain
- Living with an Idea
- Step by Step
- Conclusion
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #5" (Steve Beam, 2011) 5 1984 69
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Calculating your Sales Tax 5 1984 78
Steve Beam ""Touch" Retouched" Rehashed inspired by ""Touch" Retouched" (Bill Simon, 1952) 5 1984 84
Steve Beam Ideas with a Rubberbanded Deck 5 1984 84
Steve Beam Ring Through Spectator's Hand inspired by a move by Jeff White in "Visual Inspirations, Vol. 2" 5 1984 87
Steve Beam Leftovers on The Equinox, an All Backs Joke by John Riggs, John Murray, Kevin Justice's birthday card idea, Walter Gibson, Harry Blackstone Sr., Lloyd Jones, James Bazemore, birth of Casey Lauren Beam 5 1984 88
Jeff White The White Stuff three selection, first found and split in other two selections, cards are lost and found again 6 1984 89
Steve Beam Key Bender old car keys, borrowed, bent and unbent 6 1984 91
John Riggs Cold Fold card fold into quarters, bottom of the deck, finesse on Scarne's card fold inspired by "Mercury's Card" (1940),
see also "Cold Case" (John Riggs, 1988),
"Cool Change" (John Riggs, 1988),
"The Trapdoor Issue #6" (Steve Beam, 2011),
also published as "The Cold Fold" (John Riggs, 1995)
6 1984 92
Wayne Kyzer Rat Trap comedy routine with a bear trap and a fake mouse see also "Caught" (Wayne Kyzer, 1983) 6 1984 93
Steve Beam Compu-Card computer reveals wrong card, selection is changed to match prediction, then computer cursor is moved magically, code to program it on the computer see also "The Trapdoor Issue #6" (Steve Beam, 2011) 6 1984 94
Steve Beam Teleforce computer program reveals selection, with code see also "The Trapdoor Issue #6" (Steve Beam, 2011) 6 1984 95
Steve Beam Style acupressure to reduce stage fright 6 1984 97
Steve Beam GIGO joke, code to unable people opening files see also "The Trapdoor Issue #6" (Steve Beam, 2011) 6 1984 98
Steve Beam Puzzler two indicator cards inspired by "Numerical Discovery" (Warren Wiersbe, 1944) 6 1984 99
Harvey Rosenthal Table Top Transpo 6 1984 100
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change 6 1984 101
Harvey Rosenthal Card Switch turning face down card over, lapping card 6 1984 101
Harvey Rosenthal Two Ideas with the Rosenthal Card Switch - joker transform into selection, second card stays the same
- card on table face up is turned over
6 1984 102
Steve Beam Subscriptions - The Trapdoor and The Economy 6 1984 103
Steve Beam Leftovers a joke by Wayne Kyzer for the Guillotine act, Henry Pettit 6 1984 104
Steve Beam Calculator Trick sum prediction, with calculator, automatic shut-off recall see also "The Trapdoor Issue #6" (Steve Beam, 2011) 6 1984 104
Steve Beam Impact! several spectators cut a small packet and remember a card, all cards are found, deck can be riffle shuffled once, chains, see also p. 987 for additional idea by Geoff Williams see also "Blank Impact" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"The Trapdoor Issue #7" (Steve Beam, 2011)
7 1985 105
Steve Beam Ping Pong Force ping pong ball is thrown to audience, way to arrive at a stooge, see p. 436 for additional ideas 7 1985 107
Chris Ball Quick Kings four ace production 7 1985 109
Unknown Slip Cut from hindu shuffle position 7 1985 109
Steve Beam Fish Tricks wordplay joke, impression of a fish 7 1985 110
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Subscription Drive 7 1985 110
Steve Beam The Great Divide two selections, card with total of values is removed and split into selection, card with value total appears sandwiched between selections see also "The Trapdoor Issue #7" (Steve Beam, 2011) 7 1985 111
Steve Beam Siamese Stab double facer handed out for examination, see addendum for presentation patter, see also p. 543 for additional ideas see also "Splitz" (Mark Weston, 1977),
"The Trapdoor Issue #7" (Steve Beam, 2011)
7 1985 114
Steve Beam Making Faces fusion and split of two cards 7 1985 115
Steve Beam & Wayne Kyzer Raisin' Rabbits joke, apparently rabbit appears and disappears, handful of raisins as proof, see p. 351 for credit information also published as "Raisin' Rabbits" by Rick Johnsson in "Practical Impossibilities" 1976 7 1985 117
Jerry Huckaby Fountain Top Mountain Dew used to have a card printed in the bottle cap, selection is reveald 7 1985 117
Steve Beam Leftovers on an idea for finding a check with muscle reading, a very risky idea to find a selected card over the phone, John Riggs 7 1985 120
Glenn Strange The Time Bomb joke, alarm clock / bomb is given to spectator to hold, see p. 436 for additional ideas by Meir Yedid see also "The Trapdoor Issue #8" (Steve Beam, 2011) 8 1985 121
Phillip Young Anti Aces black and red aces change places 8 1985 123
Unknown Pressure Spread 8 1985 124
Dale Rabon Radio Wizard radio interview, interviewer choses a song from the top 100 list, medium is called who divines title 8 1985 125
Steve Beam Middle-Guage Spread card spread on the table two cards turned over and value is used to count in the spread, both end on same card which turns out to be selection see also "Divining Deck" (1937),
"The Trapdoor Issue #8" (Steve Beam, 2011)
8 1985 126
John Riggs Sandwich Spread jokers placed on spread, spread is flipped over and jokers caught with right hand, selection is found sandwiched in between see also Jean-Pierre Vallarino's "Jumping Sandwich" in "Genii", November 1993, p. 44,
"Surfer Sandwich" (Jon Racherbaumer, 1985)
8 1985 128
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Find the Names Puzzle 8 1985 130
Dexter Cleveland Tax Tipps humorous article on how to get tax reduction 8 1985 131
Steve Beam Ask the Accountant made up questions by magicians to a tax accountant 8 1985 131
Steve Beam Double Prophecy two cards stabbed in the deck, value is used two find two selections, see p. 160 for corrections see also "The Trapdoor Issue #8" (Steve Beam, 2011) 8 1985 132
Don Morris Card Control to x-position, double cut 8 1985 132
Steve Beam Double Prophecy Move with two cards 8 1985 133
Steve Beam Electric Chair card rises from deck, in case held by spectator, electric chair presentation, two methods see also "The Trapdoor Issue #8" (Steve Beam, 2011) 8 1985 134
Steve Beam Blank Impact gag idea for Impact, blank card see also "Impact!" (Steve Beam, 1985) 8 1985 136
Dexter Cleveland Card Thru Ceiling 52 cards built in ceiling of house 8 1985 136
Steve Beam Dead Spread table spread turnover gag, spectator fails to turnover cards, spread breaks halfway 8 1985 137
Steve Beam Leftovers a computer gag, Henry Pettit, Dan Garrett, Phil Young, Wayn Kyzer's bear handed production gag, , a coin gag by Dexter Cleveland, Don Morris, a probability impossible trick for magician's by Steve Beam 8 1985 140
Steve Beam Shakedown first face up and face down shuffled deck and then red and black cards visually separate, faro condition, cards drop see also "The Trapdoor Issue #9" (Steve Beam, 2011) 9 1985 141
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Handling Fee 9 1985 145
Woody Landers Finger Flinger Reversal spread cover, card from center reversed on the bottom see also "Center-To-Bottom Reverse" (Woody Landers, 1987),
"The Trapdoor Issue #9" (Steve Beam, 2011)
9 1985 146
Steve Beam Rollout deck is dropped, turns 360 degrees and lands on the table, one card jumps out 9 1985 148
Steve Beam The Color Changing Card Case 9 1985 149
Steve Beam Card Compression four aces compressed into two twos, into a four, then card vanishes see also "The Trapdoor Issue #9" (Steve Beam, 2011),
also published as "Card Compression" (Steve Beam, 1982)
9 1985 151
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 9 1985 151
John Berry Bow Tie Mat close up mat as giant tie, gag 9 1985 153
Steve Beam Welcome Mat message on back of close up mat, gag 9 1985 155
Steve Beam Camera Tricks FISM Flash gag 9 1985 155
John Riggs Thumb Print 9 1985 156
Steve Beam Leftovers on Dexter Cleveland, Harry Anderson, Doug Henning, The Jinx, optical illusions, a gag for introducing a handkerchief to a modern audience 9 1985 160
Steve Beam Charged Cards several phases, apparently cards are charged with electric energy
1. single card rises from deck
2. half of a card stands on table on the long end
3. half of a card stands on table on the short end
4. four quarters of a card cling to the fingers
5. card spread is picked up (Jerry Andrus)
see also p. 243 for additional idea by Jim Surprise
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #10" (Steve Beam, 2011) 10 1985 161
Jerry Andrus Picking Up Card Spread also published as "Some Ideas With Ribbon Spreads" in Jerry Andrus' "Kurios Kards" 1973, p. 32 10 1985 167
Steve Beam More? card case sticks to wall 10 1985 168
Dexter Cleveland Upside Dexter patter ideas for the Chinese Compass 10 1985 168
Steve Beam The Beam Guide to Attending Magic Conventions see also "The Trapdoor Issue #10" (Steve Beam, 2011) 10 1985 169
Steve Beam Arise rising card with false finger 10 1985 174
Steve Beam The Finger gags and ideas with a false finger
1. Misnomer
2. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
3. Sticky Fingers
4.. Item #4
10 1985 175
Steve Beam Leftovers 10 1985 176
Greg Eanes Silicard silicon on card 11 1985 178
Greg Eanes Forced Vanish force and card vanish with the Silicard 11 1985 178
Greg Eanes Siliwave spectator turns one card over behind back and places it in the center of the deck, it's the only red backed card 11 1985 179
Greg Eanes Silicase signed card to card case 11 1985 179
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Don't Renew 11 1985 180
Wayne Kyzer The Trick that Cannot Be Printed gag prediction 11 1985 181
Steve Beam The VCR 11 1985 181
Wayne Kyzer & Steve Beam The Dusty Drink glass fills up several times, funny patter inspired by "An Amusing Interlude" (Vynn Boyar, 1945) 11 1985 182
Phillip Young Autograph Hound gag on autograph collecting, additional idea by Dexter Cleveland 11 1985 183
Steve Beam Expanded Autograph Hound black card with full of signatures, a magician is named and all autographs are erased except the one from the named magician see also "The Trapdoor Issue #11" (Steve Beam, 2011) 11 1985 184
Unknown Dunbury Switch tip over switch 11 1985 184
James Swoger The Throw Up Move move to get in cut and restored rope / string see also "The Trapdoor Issue #11" (Steve Beam, 2011) 11 1985 185
Bill Ryder The Ryder Stack four cards from top are distributed to top, bottom and two in the center with a break, in one shuffle, lift 11 1985 186
Aldo Colombini Clubbed in one half selection turns over, in other half all cards from the same suit are found reversed 11 1985 187
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 11 1985 187
Wayne Kyzer Ooze gags for razor blade swallowing, second one by Steve Beam, see also p. 228 for additional ideas 11 1985 188
Steve Beam Leftovers on duct tape, Dan Fleshman, Wayne Kyzer, George Wallace, James Swoger, Phil Thomas, Paul Wolman, Jerry Andrus, video editing, John Riggs 11 1985 192
John Riggs The Thing small puppet hand in coin purse, throws coin out, more ideas on "Mr. Jimmy" by Steve Beam see also "The Thing Returns Again" (Bud Whitford, 1986),
"Jimmy Revisited" (John Riggs, 1986),
"The Thing - The Sequel" (John Harwood, 1987),
"Glass Houses" (John Riggs, 1991),
"The Trapdoor Issue #12" (Steve Beam, 2011),
also published as "Mr. Jimmy" (John Riggs, 1995)
12 1985 193
Steve Beam Flash Finale flames from coin purse, as a finale to The Thing, gag 12 1985 196
John Riggs The Dip Switch bold coin switch, in pocket 12 1985 197
John Riggs One Handed Gellerism spoon bending, slow bend until it breaks 12 1985 198
John Riggs Airspread card spread in hands, one hand lets go, spread suspends in air, ungaffed 12 1985 199
Steve Beam Airspread II gimmick version 12 1985 200
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Renew Now 12 1985 201
John Riggs Uncle John's Guide to Magic! in comic form 12 1985 202
John Riggs Bent Over Double see also "Key Shocker" (John Riggs, 1995) 12 1985 204
Steve Beam The Epidimus gag interview with "The Pimp", including The Pimp's Delight 12 1985 205
John Riggs John Riggs 12 1985 208
John Riggs Rollover Revisited cards shuffled face up / face down, four of a kind is produced and cards all turn into same direction again inspired by "Rollover Kings" (Steve Beam, 1983),
also published as "Rollover Kings" (John Riggs, 1995)
12 1985 208
Edward Marlo & John Riggs Perfect False Riffle Shuffle variation 12 1985 210
John Riggs The Centerfold Deal false center deal demonstration, two players, four kings, four aces as a climax also published as "The Centerfold Deal" (John Riggs, 1995) 12 1985 210
John Riggs Loading Cards Between a Four of a Kind with the pack, several breaks 12 1985 211
John Riggs Double Lift from Bottom hiding a face up card 12 1985 211
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Riggs and Henry Looper 12 1985 212
Steve Beam Jinxed with five piles, with indicator card inspired by "Les Cartes par Hasard" (Stuart P. Cramer, 1937),
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #13" (Steve Beam, 2011),
varied by "Jinxed Variation" (Doug Canning, 1994)
13 1986 213
John Riggs Jimmy Revisited more ideas on The Thing and puppet hand finds card, Mr. Jimmy see also "The Thing" (John Riggs, 1985),
"And Again" (Bud Whitford, 1986),
"The Thing Returns Again" (Bud Whitford, 1986)
13 1986 216
John Riggs Purse Snatcher puppet hands and feet appear between performer's hand, joke, Mr. Jimmy also published as "Mr. Jimmy Exposed" (John Riggs, 1995) 13 1986 217
John Riggs Backwards Card to Wallet wallet changes into giant card also published as "Wallet to Card" (John Riggs, 1991) 13 1986 218
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Trapdoor Price Patrol 13 1986 219
Wayne Kyzer Reserved Seating three gags with a bedpan see also "The Trapdoor Issue #13" (Steve Beam, 2011) 13 1986 220
J. C. Doty Doty's Ticker gag, instead of pocket watch an hour glass is attached to the chain 13 1986 221
Steve Beam 6801 Prediction comedy prediction with a twist, 1089 force see also Martin Gardner's "Mathematics, Magic & Mystery", 1956 p. 164,
"Oops 9: Look out for a number" (Chan Canasta, 1966),
"The Trapdoor Issue #13" (Steve Beam, 2011)
13 1986 222
Steve Beam Happy Food gag for banquet performances 13 1986 223
Steve Beam Magic Animals spraying a squirrel white, because performer could not afford a rabbit 13 1986 224
Steve Beam Leftovers on Harry Blackstone, Jr., John Riggs, Wayne Kyzer, Don Morris 13 1986 228
Corbett Thigpen Building Clips building card and coin clips 13 1986 228
Steve Beam CashPack bills change into deck of cards see also "The Trapdoor Issue #14" (Steve Beam, 2011) 14 1986 229
Greg Atkinson The One Armed Assistant gag, assistant is introduced, big jar with arm sticking out 14 1986 232
John Davit Triple Waterfall deck is shuffled once, three waterfalls 14 1986 233
John Davit The Falling Faro faro flourish, method to square cards by dropping the incomplete faro to other hand 14 1986 236
John Davit Rollover faro flourish 14 1986 238
Bud Whitford The Thing Returns Again more ideas on "The Thing", Mr. Jimmy, baby between hands urinates see also "The Thing" (John Riggs, 1985),
"And Again" (Bud Whitford, 1986),
"Jimmy Revisited" (John Riggs, 1986)
14 1986 238
Bud Whitford And Again more ideas on "The Thing", Mr. Jimmy, baby between hands see also "Jimmy Revisited" (John Riggs, 1986),
"The Thing Returns Again" (Bud Whitford, 1986)
14 1986 238
John Riggs Count on Me gag, counting fingers, rubber hand 14 1986 239
Wayne Kyzer Night Writer prediction, blank card, writing is seen with flashlight, see also p. 264 for additional ideas by Phillip Young 14 1986 240
Steve Beam Subscriptions - WIMPS to RUMPS 14 1986 241
Steve Beam Leftovers on W.I.M.P.S, Wayne Kyzer, Henry Pettit, Phillip Young 14 1986 244
Steve Beam The Good, the Bad & the Layman comments and thoughts on magic
1. Magician or Actor?
2. Why aren't Magicians Tougher on Each Other?
3. Are Magicians too Tough on Each Other?
4. The "Commercial" Trick
5. Good Versus Bad Tricks
6. The Commercial Magicians
7. The Attitude
8. Conclusion
Followed by comments of Don Morris, John Riggs, Leroy Blackstone, Phillip Young, Dexter Cleveland, Wayne Kyzer
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #15" (Steve Beam, 2011) 15 1986 245
Phillip Young Deck on a Rope practicing card tricks in the shower, gag 15 1986 252
Steve Beam & Phillip Young The Shrink II patter and routine, gaffed see also "The Shrink" (Steve Beam, 1984) 15 1986 253
Tom Craven The Match miniature card of selection is found in matchbox 15 1986 254
Tim Harkelroad Bottlefed gag with balloon and Nielsen bottle 15 1986 255
Wayne Kyzer Thumbs Down comedy routine, performer's finger vanishes from hand and appears on selection 15 1986 256
Steve Beam Well Shaken deck removed from the deck is in order, then shaken and cards are mixed, see also p. 294 for additional ideas see also "The Trapdoor Issue #14" (Steve Beam, 2011) 15 1986 257
John Riggs Aces for Airheads off-beat cutting the aces, four random cards on top, when position of packets are changed, aces appear on top of the packets 15 1986 258
Steve Beam Subscriptions - The Art of Filling a Page 15 1986 261
Steve Beam A Computer Card Trick no title given, card found by computer program, code 15 1986 262
Steve Beam Leftovers on the birth of Michelle Allison Beam, Phillip Young, Kevin Justice, Jim Culver, Jim Swoger, Dexter Cleveland 15 1986 264
Tim Harkelroad Coon 1 spring raccoon routine, impressions 16 1987 266
John Riggs Coon 2 spring raccoon routine, impressions and selected card is found
1. The Attack
2. The Signed Cod
3. The Finale
4. The Screaming Assault
5. The Follow Up
6. The Wiggler
7. Leftover Line
16 1987 267
Wayne Kyzer Coon 3 spring raccoon routine, raccoon pees 16 1987 270
Steve Beam Coon 4 spring raccoon routine, intestine leads to a rope trick 16 1987 271
Steve Beam Forced Add-On without disturbing the top and bottom cards inspired by "A Fechter Force" (Eddie Fechter, 1972) 16 1987 272
Steve Beam The King Thing mates of selection are produced, while performer cuts deck to the table spectator says stop and finds one card the others are on top and on bottom of deck fourth card is produced in sandwich 16 1987 273
Reinhard Müller 3-Card Catch 16 1987 274
Steve Beam Gagged gag about ordinary deck of playing cards 16 1987 275
Steve Beam Big Deal card not hidden behind jumbo card inspired by "Jumbo Surprise" (Dai Vernon, 1959) 16 1987 276
Unknown Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vanish 16 1987 276
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Subscription for a Friend 16 1987 279
Steve Beam Leftovers on writing a periodical, Yogi's Magic Mart, mistakes in books (Cliff Green's Prefessional Card Magic, David Roth's Expert Coin Magic, Karrell Fox's Abrakafox), Jack Armstrong, Dean Carter, Al D'Alfonso 16 1987 280
Steve Beam Exploding Kings flashy production of four of a kind 17 1987 281
Steve Beam Overhand Shuffle Stacking four cards from top are distributed to top, bottom and two in the center with a break, in two shuffles 17 1987 282
Steve Beam Street Magic gag opener for a show, orange and white highway marker on stage see also "The Trapdoor Issue #17" (Steve Beam, 2011) 17 1987 283
Wayne Kyzer Over Lightly gag, anti-smoking, lighter transforms into small sign 17 1987 285
Steve Beam Floating Trash levitation of a trash can see also "The Trapdoor Issue #17" (Steve Beam, 2011),
also published as Steve Beam's "Levitation of a Trash Can" in Melton Francis' "Magic for the Complete Idiot"
17 1987 285
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Other Magazines 17 1987 285
Steve Beam Chameleon Kings kings transform into four aces 17 1987 286
Steve Beam The Count Olram Count variation 17 1987 287
Tim Harkelroad Milked gag, milking a thumb of a spectator, adding milk to coffee see also "The Trapdoor Issue #17" (Steve Beam, 2011) 17 1987 291
Steve Beam No Jacket Required book test, gag, upside-down book 17 1987 292
Steve Beam Style egg bag jokes 17 1987 295
Steve Beam Leftovers on Abbott's, Greg Bordner, Wayne Kyzer, Kaymar The Magician, patter for The Shrinking Glove, computer tricks 17 1987 296
Steve Beam Time Pieces watch destroyed in plain view, watch switch, a lot of presentational ideas and gags 18 1987 297
Paul Diamond The Diamonds Double fancy move, also with table placement 18 1987 300
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Endorsing Other Magazines 18 1987 302
Steve Beam Special Animal Insert 18 1987 303
John Riggs Lucinda ring vanishes from box and appears in performer's mouth, invisible bird presentation, comedy routine 18 1987 303
Jim Hyams & Paul Sorrentino & Gary Plants & Evert Chapman & Steve Beam A Trick with a Borrowed Dog gag, dog starts barking at correct card 18 1987 304
Jim Hyams A-Maze-Ing five cards put on five exits from a small maze, mouse finds exit with selection, see Guilty for credit corrections see also "Guilty" (Steve Beam, 1987) 18 1987 305
Jim Hyams The Roach Trick dead roach appears from two playing cards 18 1987 306
Steve Beam The Vanishing Earthworm living worm disappears from tube, gag 18 1987 306
Steve Beam Utility Vanish joke, living worm disappears from a book 18 1987 307
John Riggs Flea Market joke, apparently performer eats flies, additional ideas 18 1987 307
John Harwood The Thing - The Sequel more ideas with miniature hands, Mr. Jimmy / The Thing
- The Fly
- Sponge Balls
- Applause
see also "The Thing" (John Riggs, 1985) 18 1987 309
Steve Beam Rollover Aces inspired by "Rollover Aces" (Derek Dingle, 1982) 18 1987 310
Steve Beam Cardtrik computer screen as slate, program code, see p. 351 for code correction inspired by "Before your Eyes" (Norman Ashworth, 1937),
see also "The Trapdoor Issue #18" (Steve Beam, 2011)
18 1987 311
Steve Beam Leftovers on Gary Plants, Uri Geller 18 1987 316
Steve Beam Business Cards torn and restored business card from spectator, lot of gags and presentational ideas 19 1987 317
Steve Beam Update answering machine joke 19 1987 320
Steve Beam Computer Cards add for all of Beam's computer card tricks, already programmed and sold on floppy disks 19 1987 321
Brad Reeder Breather gag, lysol sprayed in performer's mouth 19 1987 322
Gary Hipp Scorcher match burns and apparently performer forgets it, it burns without burning the fingers 19 1987 323
Steve Beam The Floating Lady 19 1987 324
Chris Ball Blender see also "The Trapdoor Issue #19" (Steve Beam, 2011) 19 1987 325
Steve Beam Guilty credit correction see also "A-Maze-Ing" (Jim Hyams, 1987),
"The Trapdoor Issue #19" (Steve Beam, 2011)
19 1987 328
Steve Beam Day Job humorous article on enhancing the quality of the day job with magic and gags 19 1987 328
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Last Request on Death Row 19 1987 331
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Riggs, Doug Henning, Danny Smith, Genii 19 1987 332
Steve Beam The Bald Issue on hair and toupees 20 1987 333
Steve Beam Head Lines jokes about being bald / losing hair 20 1987 334
Paul Sorrentino Blowout gag with a balloon dog and a toupee 20 1987 335
Steve Beam College Days joke with a toupee 20 1987 335
Steve Beam Bearded beard / toupee joke 20 1987 336
Paul Sorrentino Cheek to Cheek joke, mooning a heckler with a painted bald head 20 1987 336
Wayne Kyzer & Steve Beam Slicker toupee put in card case, cards transform into toupee and in case selection is found 20 1987 336
Steve Beam Hair Rising hair is stretched and cut from head 20 1987 338
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Coupon for Free Issue 20 1987 338
Phillip Young The Pits joke, on the beach, performer first rips hair from armpit then produces rabbit from other armpit 20 1987 339
Wayne Kyzer & Steve Beam Blindfold joke, toupee comes off in a blindfold act 20 1987 339
Wayne Kyzer Hair Production toupee is produced from handkerchiefs 20 1987 339
Dexter Cleveland Historical Note fake article on Harry Houdini 20 1987 339
Jim Hyams Up and Up gag, toupee rises on head 20 1987 340
Rhett Bryson & John Riggs Zombie gag, bald head zombie 20 1987 340
Steve Beam Combed humorous comb production 20 1987 340
Wayne Kyzer & Steve Beam Grow comb grows 20 1987 341
Steve Beam Comfort joke, jacket is removed and along with it goes performer's hair (toupee) 20 1987 342
Jim Hyams Splitting Hair gag, performer's toupee is split in two and given to spectator 20 1987 342
Bev Bergeron Letter to the Trapdoor jokes on being bald 20 1987 343
Jim Hyams The Traveling Toupee toupee vanishes from head and appears in clear plastic box, Crystal Casket 20 1987 344
Wayne Kyzer Sweat Silk while doing the card silk, performer accidentally removes his toupee 20 1987 344
Gary Plants Headboard ashes on bald head 20 1987 345
Steve Beam & Wayne Kyzer Fallout gag, toupee jumps from one hand to the other 20 1987 346
Steve Beam Shampoo gag, more ideas with a toupee and a reel 20 1987 346
Frank Herman Fearless Fido Charlie Miller's Royal Rising Pencil with a hot dog weener inspired by "The Rising Pencil - Charlie Miller" (Charlie Miller, 1975) 20 1987 347
John Riggs Cranium Vanish gag, coin is thrown in the air and lands on performer's head, he then removes the coin and it vanishes, for bald people only, tattoo 20 1987 349
Steve Beam Leftovers on Wayne Kyzer, John Riggs, Phillip Young, TV show "The Search for Houdini", James Randi, The Pendragons 20 1987 352
Steve Beam How to Practice the Classic Pass by Yourself actually classic force, continues on p. 367 21 1988 353
Steve Beam Mirror Change with a small packet, rotated in the hands see also "The Trapdoor Issue #21" (Steve Beam, 2011) 21 1988 355
Steve Beam Turnabout four nines turn into four sixes see also "The Trapdoor Issue #21" (Steve Beam, 2011) 21 1988 357
Edward Marlo ATFUS 21 1988 357
Steve Beam Christmas Special lights on christmas tree reveal chosen card, signed card is then found in present under the tree see also "The Trapdoor Issue #21" (Steve Beam, 2011) 21 1988 360
Steve Beam & Rhett Bryson Over the Top gags for card cascade 21 1988 361
Steve Beam Terminal Tricks cards on screen, spectator stops at a card, that card is removed from the computer / pulled from the screen, program code see also "The Trapdoor Issue #21" (Steve Beam, 2011) 21 1988 362
Steve Beam Subscriptions 21 1988 366
John Riggs Ups and Downs jokes for Upside Down see also "Upside Down" (Steve Beam, 1983) 21 1988 367
Steve Beam Leftovers on John Miller, publishing a magazine 21 1988 368
Steve Beam Upwardly Mobile 1 card sticking out at the front slowly and visibly rises to the top see also "The Trapdoor Issue #22" (Steve Beam, 2011) 22 1988 370
Steve Beam Upwardly Mobile 2 card sticking out at the back slowly and visibly rises to the top see also Ben Harris' "Wafting Upward" in John Racherbaumer's "Flashpoints", 1992. P. 57.,
"The Trapdoor Issue #22" (Steve Beam, 2011),
varied by "Ordered" (Wayne Kyzer, 1989)
22 1988 372
Steve Beam Card Cleavage four split in two deuces, deuces split into aces see also "The Trapdoor Issue #22" (Steve Beam, 2011) 22 1988 373
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Two Card Catch 22 1988 375
Steve Beam The Snapper using the snap change for splitting a four into two deuces 22 1988 377
Steve Beam The Jogger gag revelation of selection, see p. 422 for correction see also "The Trapdoor Issue #22" (Steve Beam, 2011) 22 1988 379
Steve Beam Tenkai Charlie ambitious card move see also "The Trapdoor Issue #22" (Steve Beam, 2011),
also published as "Tenkai Charlie" (Steve Beam, 1994)
22 1988 381
Steve Beam Subscriptions 22 1988 382
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr., Stephen Minch 22 1988 384
Steve Beam Tom Gagnon 23 1988 385
Tom Gagnon Pop Top coin vanish and appearance, thumb tip and folding coin 23 1988 386
Tom Gagnon The Tipsy Vanish 23 1988 387
Tom Gagnon The Tipsy Production half dollar production 23 1988 388
Tom Gagnon Cutting Up false cut, shifts bottom card to the top, tabled inspired by "II. To Retain the Complete Stock" (S. W. Erdnase, 1902) 23 1988 389
Tom Gagnon The Dunbury Switch drop switch variation from the Dunbury Delusion inspired by "The Dunbury Delusion" (Charlie Miller, 1940) 23 1988 390
Tom Gagnon The Blink Shrink with miniature card inspired by "The Future Spread" (Tom Mullica, 1982) 23 1988 391
Tom Gagnon Stranger Exchanger 23 1988 393
Edward Marlo & Tom Gagnon The Miracle Spread variation 23 1988 393
Tom Gagnon The Scoop 23 1988 394
Tom Gagnon The Shelter Change coin change with card 23 1988 396
Tom Gagnon The Slider coin travels to other coin, two cards, slider move 23 1988 397
Tom Gagnon You Have My Sympathy with close up map inspired by "The Sympathetic Coins" (Yank Hoe, 1909) 23 1988 399
Steve Beam Subscriptions deck warmer 23 1988 403
Steve Beam Leftovers on Tom Gagnon, Dick Dale 23 1988 404
Steve Beam Upwardly Mobile 3 card sticking out face up at the back slowly and visibly rises to the top 23 1988 404
Mark Lefler Topless topless performer with a coat, shirt appears see also "The Trapdoor Issue #24" (Steve Beam, 2011) 24 1988 405
John Riggs Cool Change color change using Riggs' "Cold Fold" see also "Cold Fold" (John Riggs, 1984) 24 1988 407
John Riggs Cold Case using John Riggs' "Cold Fold" see also "Cold Fold" (John Riggs, 1984),
also published as "Color Change Case with the Cold Fold" (John Riggs, 1995)
24 1988 408
Scott Robinson Down Shift Circle Shift as a half pass inspired by "Circle Shift" (Larry Jennings, 1984) 24 1988 409
Gary Plants Remember and Forget 24 1988 410
Unknown Bubble Peek 24 1988 411
Paul Sorrentino Cased Coins deck removed from case, then coins appear from case, see p. 421 for additional information 24 1988 412
Steve Beam Subscriptions 24 1988 414
Steve Beam The Drop Change card dropped on pile changes into selection also published as "The Drop Change" in Steve Beam's "Card Tricks from Mount Olympus", 1979 24 1988 414
Steve Beam Shattered four splits into a three and an ace, then three splits into other three aces 24 1988 415
Edward Marlo & Steve Beam Visual Retention Change for splitting cards, with finesse that cards split when landing on the table 24 1988 416
Steve Beam Drop In on the pack, with the drop change 24 1988 417
Phillip Young Upwardly Mobile IV 24 1988 418
Steve Beam Bird Brain joke, dove poops as many times as thought of number, see p. 421 for comment an alternative effect see also "The Trapdoor Issue #24" (Steve Beam, 2011),
varied by "The Dunninger Dove" (Richard Bartram, 1989)
24 1988 419
Steve Beam Leftovers on William Poundstone's Bigger Secrets,David Copperfield, Jim Hyams,Paul Sorrentino. Gary Plants,Evert Chapman 24 1988 424
Steve Beam Winding Up on changing the name for more success 25 1988 40
Steve Beam Name Brand Magic promoting the name, like a brand see also "Name Dropping" (Steve Beam, 1989),
"The Trapdoor Issue #25" (Steve Beam, 2011)
25 1988 425
Steve Beam In Heat patter line, intro 25 1988 426
Steve Beam Last Initial producing initials with a deck of cards 25 1988 427
Steve Beam Lighten Up patter lines 25 1988 428
Steve Beam Armchair Painter toy letters on a slate forming a message, some fall down and forming name of selection 25 1988 428
Steve Beam Subscriber News Service 25 1988 431
Steve Beam Sucker Sandwich I, II & III sandwich routine with two odd backed cards, gag as a second phase, three versions 25 1988 431
Steve Beam Thru card is dropped face up on the deck, it penetrates deck and is stopped in the middle by selection, drop change 25 1988 433
Jim Hyams Med-Update 25 1988 435
Steve Beam Five Year Index 25 1988 438
Steve Beam Thanksgiven 25 1988 443
Steve Beam Leftovers on auctions, the Magic Castle, Tom Gagnon, Paul Sorrentino 25 1988 444
Steve Beam Addendum Addendum 2011 i
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #1 see also "Upside Down" (Steve Beam, 1983) Addendum 2011 iii
Steve Beam The Beamsley Count aka the Maeb-y Count, includes the Third Finger Buckle see also "The Maeb-y Count" (Steve Beam, 1983) Addendum 2011 iv
Steve Beam Testosterone Test (new) red/black order of aces changes, observation test also published as "Maeb-Y Aces" in Don Morris' "Close-Up Encounters" Addendum 2011 vii
Steve Beam The Steam Count Jordan Count alternative, third finger buckle Addendum 2011 ix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #2 on drawing illustrations (tip by Jerry Andrus), Don Harris, Coins in Bottle see also "Coins in Bottle" (Steve Beam, 1983) Addendum 2011 x
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #3 on illustrations, John Riggs, Upside Down, Human Printing Press, Credit Check see also "The Human Printing Press" (Steve Beam, 1984) Addendum 2011 xii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #6 on Calculator Trick, The Cold Fold, Compu-Card & Teleforce, on digital trickery, GIGO see also "GIGO" (Steve Beam, 1984),
"Teleforce" (Steve Beam, 1984),
"Compu-Card" (Steve Beam, 1984),
"Cold Fold" (John Riggs, 1984),
"Calculator Trick" (Steve Beam, 1984)
Addendum 2011 xii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #4 on The Human Eraser, False Faro see also "False Faro" (Steve Beam, 1984),
"The Human Eraser" (Steve Beam, 1984)
Addendum 2011 xiv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #5 on Creating Magic, Stewart James, David Ben, Credit Check see also "Creating Magic" (Steve Beam, 1984) Addendum 2011 xv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #7 on Multiple Impact, The Great Divide, Siamese Stab, Credit Check see also "Siamese Stab" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"The Great Divide" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"Impact!" (Steve Beam, 1985)
Addendum 2011 xix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #8 on Time Bomb, Middle Gauge Spread, Double Prophecy, The Electric Chair see also "Electric Chair" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"Double Prophecy" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"Middle-Guage Spread" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"The Time Bomb" (Glenn Strange, 1985)
Addendum 2011 xxi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #9 on Shakedown, Finger Flinger Reversal, Woody Landers, Card Compression see also "Card Compression" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"Finger Flinger Reversal" (Woody Landers, 1985),
"Shakedown" (Steve Beam, 1985)
Addendum 2011 xxii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #10 on Charged Cards, Beam's Guide to Attending Magic Conventions see also "The Beam Guide to Attending Magic Conventions" (Steve Beam, 1985),
"Charged Cards" (Steve Beam, 1985)
Addendum 2011 xxiii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #11 on Expanded Autograph Hound, The Throw Up Move, Jim Swoger see also "The Throw Up Move" (James Swoger, 1985),
"Expanded Autograph Hound" (Steve Beam, 1985)
Addendum 2011 xxiv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #12 on illustrations, The Thing see also "The Thing" (John Riggs, 1985) Addendum 2011 xxv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #13 on Jinxed, Reserved Seating, 6801 Prediction see also "6801 Prediction" (Steve Beam, 1986),
"Reserved Seating" (Wayne Kyzer, 1986),
"Jinxed" (Steve Beam, 1986)
Addendum 2011 xxvi
Steve Beam Greased Shortening see also Steve Beam's "Killocation" in "Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol. 1",
"Jinxed" (Steve Beam, 1986)
Addendum 2011 xxvi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #14 on John Riggs cartoon, Cashpack, Well Shaken see also "Well Shaken" (Steve Beam, 1986),
"CashPack" (Steve Beam, 1986)
Addendum 2011 xxx
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #15 on being a hobbyist, magician-as-actor see also "The Good, the Bad & the Layman" (Steve Beam, 1986) Addendum 2011 xxxi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #16 on proofreading Addendum 2011 xxxiii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #17 on four-of-a-kind productions,Abbot's, Street Magic, Floating Trash, Milked see also "Milked" (Tim Harkelroad, 1987),
"Floating Trash" (Steve Beam, 1987),
"Street Magic" (Steve Beam, 1987)
Addendum 2011 xxxiv
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #18 on Cardtrik see also "Cardtrik" (Steve Beam, 1987) Addendum 2011 xxxvi
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #19 on Blender, Guilty see also "Guilty" (Steve Beam, 1987),
"Blender" (Chris Ball, 1987)
Addendum 2011 xxxvii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #20 Addendum 2011 xxxviii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #21 on Mirror Change, Turnabout, Christmas Special, Terminal Tricks see also "Terminal Tricks" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Christmas Special" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Turnabout" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Mirror Change" (Steve Beam, 1988)
Addendum 2011 xxxix
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #22 on Stephen Minch, Upwardly 1 &2, Card Cleavage, The Jogger, Tenkai Charlie see also "Tenkai Charlie" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"The Jogger" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Card Cleavage" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Upwardly Mobile 2" (Steve Beam, 1988),
"Upwardly Mobile 1" (Steve Beam, 1988)
Addendum 2011 xli
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #23 Addendum 2011 xlii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #24 on Topless, Bird Brain see also "Topless" (Mark Lefler, 1988),
"Bird Brain" (Steve Beam, 1988)
Addendum 2011 xliii
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #25 on Name Brand Magic see also "Name Brand Magic" (Steve Beam, 1988) Addendum 2011 xliv
Steve Beam Table of Contents - Issue by Issue Addendum 2011 xlv
Steve Beam Special Issues #05 1st Annual - Creating Magic
#10 2nd Annual - Beam's Guide to Attending Magic Conventions
#11 No Steve Beam Issue
#12 John Riggs' 1-Man Issue
#15 3rd Annual - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
#15 Dead Raccoon Issue
#20 4th Annual - The Bald Issue
#22 The Power Session - All Cards
#23 Tom Gagnon - One-Man Issue
#25 5th Annual - Name Brand Magic
Addendum 2011 liv
Steve Beam Table of Contributors Addendum 2011 lv
Steve Beam Alphabetical Table of Tricks Addendum 2011 lix
Steve Beam Thanksgiven Addendum 2011 lxv