Less is More
Less is More
written by Benjamin Earl
Work of Benjamin Earl
142 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Andi Gladwin Foreword xiii
Benjamin Earl Introduction xvii
Benjamin Earl Evolving with simplicity; a process of improvement on the Henry Christ Aces plot 3
Benjamin Earl Thanks to Henry also published as "Thanks to Henry" (Benjamin Earl, 2012) 7
Unknown Psychological Stop Trick 9
Benjamin Earl Notes - Removing the Aces
- Losing the Aces
- Finding the Aces
Benjamin Earl Henry in Isolation streamlined, breather also published as "Henry in Isolation" (Benjamin Earl, 2013) 15
Benjamin Earl Isolation Procedure losing the Aces by shuffling them into four packets see also "The Inseparable Four" (Harry Lorayne, 1962) 16
Benjamin Earl Instant Isolation tabled, all aces at once also published as "Instant Isolation" (Benjamin Earl, 2013) 19
Benjamin Earl Henry Topped not much relation to Christ Aces plot anymore also published as "Henry Topped" (Benjamin Earl, 2014) 22
Benjamin Earl Chapter One Summary 25
Benjamin Earl The Sting Cut work on the tabled triple undercut
- Varying tempo, rhythm & style
- Adding false strips
- Ending with a straight cut
- Performing the cut twice
see also False Cut - Third Method (Poker by Hardison, 1914),
also published as "The Sting Cut" (Benjamin Earl, 2012)
Benjamin Earl Stutter-Step Subtlety straight cut with illusion of triple cut also published as "The Stutter-Step Subtlety" (Benjamin Earl, 2013) 32
Benjamin Earl The Any Card Game Control display layout that communicates chaos yet retains stack
- Full Deck Control
- Small Stock Control
also published as "The Any Card Game Control" (Benjamin Earl, 2012) 36
Benjamin Earl The Real Optical Shuffle 41
Benjamin Earl & Frank Thompson Finessed Frank Thompson Cut inspired by "False Cut" (Frank Thompson, 1982),
also published as "Finessed Frank Thompson Cut" (Benjamin Earl & Frank Thompson, 2014)
Benjamin Earl The Bounce Cut simulates running cut from hand to table see also "Chaos Cut" (Pit Hartling, 1998),
also published as "The Bounce Cut" (Benjamin Earl, 2014)
Benjamin Earl Spectator Shuffle Holdout spectator shuffles deck in stages yet set-up is retained see also "Half & Half Control" (Benjamin Earl, 2017),
also published as "Spectator's Holdout Shuffle" (Benjamin Earl, 2010)
Unknown Burying Top and Bottom Card credit information 57
Benjamin Earl Half & Half Control spectator shuffles deck in stages yet set-up is retained see also "Spectator Shuffle Holdout" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 59
Benjamin Earl Shuffled Ose Control spectator cuts and partially shuffles deck, small stock inspired by "Spectator's Ose False Cut" (Paul Harris & Jay Ose, 1996) 60
Benjamin Earl Deep Slug Control spectator shuffles deck in parts, set up retained near top below break 63
Benjamin Earl Chapter Two Summary 66
Benjamin Earl Blinded by the Hand four aces located with "other" hand Ramsay-style see also "Blind Lemon Aces " (Jack Carpenter, 1999),
also published as "Blinded by The Hand" (Benjamin Earl, 2014)
Benjamin Earl Wide Awake Scream two of four lost aces travel to pockets, one ace appears in spectator's hands and deck vanishes leaving last ace inspired by "Shock Treatment" (Jackie McClements, 1994 Notes),
also published as "Wide Awake Scream" (Benjamin Earl, 2014)
Benjamin Earl The Back Room Demo false stacking demo of the four aces from a spectator shuffled deck also published as "The Back Room Demo" (Benjamin Earl, 2015) 76
Benjamin Earl Clean Cutter in-the-hands ace cutting varied by "Clean Cutter 2" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 80
Bruce Elliott Brrrrtttt! Revelation 82
Benjamin Earl Clean Cutter 2 in-the-hands ace production inspired by "Clean Cutter" (Benjamin Earl, 2017) 87
Benjamin Earl Flow Productions four ace cutting production, "impressionistically" coming from different parts of the deck, with credit information
- Four-Packet Flow
- Pure Flow
also published as "Pure Flow" (Benjamin Earl, 2014),
"Four Packet Flow" (Benjamin Earl, 2014)
Benjamin Earl Chapter Three Summary 99
Benjamin Earl Stem Cell framing routine differently to get different experiences with same handling, four cards shown one by one and tabled, they change into four aces, possible presentations:
- Stem Cell Monte
- Stem Cell Magician vs. Gambler
- Stem Cell Sleight of Hand
Unknown Lift Shuffle to remove card from top stock 104
Benjamin Earl The Resourceful Professional gambling routine
1. Shuffle Location/Culling
2. False Dealing
3. Stacking
4. Card Mucking/Switching
5. Shuffle Tracking
6. Four-of-a-Kind Location
Benjamin Earl No-Motion Four Aces four aces cut from a shuffled deck followed by ace assembly also published as "No-Motion Four Aces" (Benjamin Earl, 2015) 114
Benjamin Earl Unconsidered Switch in lieu of the Braue Addition 116
Benjamin Earl Chapter Four Summary 126
Benjamin Earl Real Ace Cutting: exploring realism, rhythm and nuance thoughts on cutting four aces from a shuffled deck
- Technical Notes
- Performance Notes
also published as "Real Ace Cutting" (Benjamin Earl, 2014) 129
Benjamin Earl Chapter Five Summary 139
Benjamin Earl In Closing 141