Standup Card Magic
Standup Card Magic
Card Magic for Parlor and Stage
(first German edition: 2014)
written by Roberto Giobbi
Work of Roberto Giobbi
280 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
(80 entries)
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Roberto Giobbi Thanks! v
Roberto Giobbi Nothing but a Deck of Cards! ix
Roberto Giobbi Introduction quasi Card College 6
- On the Nature of This Book
- References and Bibliography
- Left-Right
- A Final Detail about Detail
Roberto Giobbi Chapter 1: The Standup Card Conjurer - Rules Are Guidelines
- The Standup Card Conjurer
- Definition
- Formal Elements
- The Fascination of Standup Magic
- History
Roberto Giobbi The Parlor - Chair Arrangement
- Platform and Technology
- The Bear Pit
- The Performing Area
- The Table
Roberto Giobbi Selecting Tricks - What Is the Effect?
- Simple and Clear
- Cards as Objects
- Openers
Roberto Giobbi The Performance in the Parlor - How to Look into the Audience
- Body Language and Elbows
- How to Introduce and Show a Deck
Roberto Giobbi & Juan Tamariz How to Make the Invisible Visible - Jumbo Indices, Giant Cards and Hybrids
- Professional Card Stands
- Improvised Card Stands
- The Tamariz Shadow Rule
- The Spectator Shows a Card
Roberto Giobbi Going into the Audience 18
Roberto Giobbi Applause - How Do You Get Applause?
- Lack of Applause
Roberto Giobbi The Script 20
Roberto Giobbi Concluding Remarks 22
Roberto Giobbi Chapter 2: Spectator Management - Interaction with Spectators 23
Roberto Giobbi The Spectator Onstage - Spectators and Communication
- Spectators and Dramatic Construction
- Spectators and Psychological Construction
- Homo Ludens
Roberto Giobbi Selection Criteria for spectators that should assist
- Numerus Clausus
- Selection Test
- Man or Woman?
- A Woman Who Knows Playing Cards
- What Age?
- General Remarks
Roberto Giobbi & Ted Lesley The First Step when a spectator comes onto stage
- Invitation
- The Way of the Inchworm
- Props
- Interactive Questions
- One, Two, Three
- The Lesley Ploy
Roberto Giobbi Interaction with the Spectator - Thank You Very Much!
- The Personal Touch
- Win-Win
- Dealing with Problem Spectators (hecklers)
- Dismissing the Spectator
- Concluding Remarks
Roberto Giobbi Chapter 3: Card Technique for the Standup Performer 35
Roberto Giobbi False Shuffles short intro 37
Roberto Giobbi The True Shuffle for use on stage
- The Overhand Shuffle
- The Waterfall Riffle Shuffle
- The Hindu Shuffle
G. W. Hunter & Dai Vernon & Roberto Giobbi The G. W. Hunter False Shuffle see also "The G. W. Hunter False Shuffle" (G. W. Hunter & Dai Vernon, 1970) 39
Roberto Giobbi Cut-Shuffle-Cut framing for the Hunter shuffle 40
Roberto Giobbi The False Weave Shuffle - True Weave Shuffle
- False Weave Shuffle
Roberto Giobbi The Optical False Shuffle only referenced see also "Controlling the Entire Deck: the Optical Shuffle" (1996) 43
Roberto Giobbi In-the-Hands False Riffle Shuffle also published as "An In-the-hands False Shuffle" (Roberto Giobbi, 1998) 43
Roberto Giobbi False Cuts 44
Larry Jennings The Jennings False Cut 45
Roberto Giobbi The False Swing Cut - From the Hand in to the Hand (straight cut)
- From the Hand to the Table
Roberto Giobbi The Partial False Cut - Shuffle and Cut in Combination - Top
- Shuffle and Cut in Combination - Bottom
Roberto Giobbi Card Controls - Controlling Single and Multiple Cards
- Scenario 1
- Scenario 2
- Scenario 3
Roberto Giobbi The Parallel Shift side steal dynamics
- Variation
Roberto Giobbi The Lift-Shuffle Control 53
Roberto Giobbi Control with Dribble and Side Shuffle - Optional Preliminary Procedure
- Selection Procedure
- The Side-Control Shuffle
- Additional Options
see also "Side-Cut Faro" (Derek Dingle, 1982),
"The Lateral Insertion" (Roberto Giobbi, 2016)
Jack McMillen & Roberto Giobbi Variation with an Injog Shuffle inspired by Control in "Jack McMillen" (Michael Landes) 59
Michel Gammenthaler & Roberto Giobbi The Fast Control 59
Dai Vernon & Roberto Giobbi The Dai Vernon Multiple Shift - Insertion of the Cards
- False Insertion
- Control Shuffle
- With Chosen Cards
Roberto Giobbi Forces short intro 65
Roberto Giobbi Classic Force Light more or less giving force card to spectator
- Original Form
- The Failsafe Classic Force
- Notes on the Classic Force
Roberto Giobbi The Riffle Force with break, for stand-up use 67
Roberto Giobbi The Hindu-Shuffle Force for stand-up use
- Hindu Force from a Distance
- Forcing Multiple Cards with a Hindu Shuffle
Roberto Giobbi The Peek Force - Peek and Force 71
Peter Warlock The Cut Force - How It Looks
- How It Works
see also "Take Me" (Robert Parrish & Steadly, 1969),
also published as "Tour de Force" (Warlock's Way)
Roberto Giobbi Palming short intro 75
Dai Vernon & Roberto Giobbi The Vernon Top Palm - Gestures and Poses
- Position of the Deck and Cover
inspired by ""Topping The Deck"" (Dai Vernon, 1941 / 49) 75
Roberto Giobbi The One-handed Palm tips on management 77
Morris Loewy The Loewy Palm - Technique and Management 78
Roberto Giobbi & Edward Marlo The Bottom Palm - The Due Tempi Palm delayed see also "The Bottom Palm Simplified" (1941),
"The Bottom Palm" (Edward Marlo, 1961)
Roberto Giobbi The Color Change - The Classic Color Change
- Concluding Remarks
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change 84
Roberto Giobbi & Edward Victor The Glide - The Classic Glide for Standup Magic
- Variation ("A New Glide" handling)
varied by "A New Glide" (Edward Victor, The Magic of the Hands, p. 6) 84
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift and Double Turnover for stand-up use
- Showing a Double Card
Cliff Green & Roberto Giobbi A Fine Double Lift inspired by "The Double Lift" (Cliff Green, 1961) 88
Roberto Giobbi The Replacement 90
Roberto Giobbi False Dealing- The Second Deal for stand-up use, end grip 91
Roberto Giobbi Forcing second deal 93
Roberto Giobbi The Bottom Deal for one-time use in stand-up situation 94
Roberto Giobbi & Dai Vernon The Classic Top Change - The Top Change from End Grip (credit information)
- The Cross Top Change (Vernon)
- Concluding Remarks
Roberto Giobbi & Billy McComb & Ken De Courcy Card Call "Cabaret ard Divination" of a bunch of cards, last card predicted in letter 105
Unknown The Job-Sharing Shuffle several spectators shuffle, distinct groups kept separated 109
Patrick Page & Roberto Giobbi And Yet It Is! apparently wrong card found, changes to correct one inspired by "The Unknown Solider's Card Trick" (Patrick's Pages of Magic, Lecture Notes 1973),
see also "The Three to Two of Spades" (Ken de Courcy, Ken on Kards - Card Magic for Non-Card Men)
Vanni Bossi The Fool's Metamorphosis named card rises to top of deck on glass, transposes with joker 126
Vanni Bossi Pre-show within the Show "name your favorite card" 126
Jim Ryan & Roberto Giobbi Vice Versa two spectators get the wrong card each, then they transpose, thoughts on transpositions inspired by "Vice-Versa" (Jim Ryan, 1968) 137
Edward Marlo & Roberto Giobbi Double Selection & Control two card control 138
Roberto Giobbi A Comedy of Errors queens change into other matching set, queens from different pockets, standup staging with glasses 144
Roberto Giobbi Prediction at Risk card from red-backed deck matches card from blue-backed deck, also predicted in envelope, Himber wallet inspired by "Repeat "Do as I do"" (Dai Vernon, 1959) 156
Roberto Giobbi & Theodore Annemann The Three Roses red-backed card put in blue-backed deck, deck in glass, card named in three stages, it's odd-backed card inspired by "Remote Control" (Theodore Annemann, 1937) 166
Roberto Giobbi & Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser's Triple Prediction three cards in handkerchief in spectator's hands, they turn out to be later signed selections, dropping double backers inspired by "Die Drei Kräfte" (Hofzinsers Kartenkünste),
see also "Winter-Sommer" (Hofzinser's Zauberkünste)
Roberto Giobbi The Devil's Messenger three signed selections shuffled back, messenger brings envelope from back with those selections, credit information, Universal Card Scam inspired by magazine "Hokus Pokus", Alexander Herrmann trick, 1937 issue,
see also Rigmarole No. 9, 1994,
"The Salamandrine Card" (Sachs, Sleight of Hand)
Theodore Annemann & Roberto Giobbi Jinx Switch Version 192
Roberto Giobbi & Fred Kaps Swiss Poker named card to cigarette inspired by "The Invisible Card in Cigarette" (Fred Kaps, Jelsma booklet),
see also "Invisible Card in Cigarette" (Alex Elmsley, 1991)
Roberto Giobbi Verbal Range Force getting spectator to name high card 202
Unknown Cigarette Switch 205
Roberto Giobbi Card in Lemon deck changes into lemon underneath handkerchief, selection inside lemon inspired by "Undercover Surprise" (Frank Thompson & Alton Sharpe, 1968) 211
Unknown Bottom Card All-Around Square-up Glimpse bottom two cards 215
Roberto Giobbi Napoleon's Game "Nap Hand Deal", three spectators play cards, performer divines cards in hands and makes weakest hand win 225
Roberto Giobbi Stickler detailed description, single card stabbed, newspaper cover, credit information 242
Roberto Giobbi Déjà vu "Card Routines from Other Books by Roberto Giobbi That Are Suitable for Parlor and Stage"
- Card College 1-5
- Light Trilogy
- Confidences
- The Art of Switching Decks
Roberto Giobbi Works Cited - Books
- Magazines
- Lecture Notes
- Internet
Roberto Giobbi Envoy 279