Million Dollar Card Secrets
Million Dollar Card Secrets
written by Frank Garcia
Work of Various
128 pages (Spiralbound), published by Million Dollar Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Al Cooper
Language: English
(70 entries)
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Frank Garcia Foreword 7
George Schindler Introduction 11
Mike Tannen Introduction 11
Frank Everhardt Chicago Opener see also "Eca Tuoba Ecaf" (Eric Mason & Frank Everhardt, 1976),
varied by "Open Ended" (Karl Fulves, 1994)
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force 14
Unknown Double Lift standard book turnover 15
Dai Vernon & Laurie Ireland Double Cut 16
Frank Garcia Eye-Mazing aces put on table change to kings, aces reversed in deck see also "Ace Transposition" (Paul Rosini, 1948 / 27) 18
Charlie Miller Block Outjog Technique buckling at the last card 18
Edward Marlo Perplexing "Cardician Makes Good" 20
Unknown Cut and Turn Over Force reversed cards 20
Frank Garcia Cut the Kings spectator deals in four piles, kings on top, change to aces see also "The Good Magician" (Edward Marlo, 1947),
"The Mathemagician" (Bill Simon, 1954)
Frank Garcia Wild Cards performer's signature multiplies 25
Frank Garcia & Dai Vernon Dunbury Delight see also Ed Marlo, MUM, Sept. 1965 28
Unknown Tip-Over Change 28
Frank Garcia & Dai Vernon Impromptu Card Rise plunger 30
Jack McMillen Plunger Principle 30
Frank Garcia Three in a Million two decks, spec and perf select same card and cut off same amount of cards see also "Perfect Harmony" (Manfred Bacia, 2000) 32
Theodore Annemann & John Scarne Switchcraft duplicate, glass see also "Switchcraft Outdone!" (Frank Garcia & Ken Krenzel, 1982),
varied by "Interpretation of Scarne's Transposition" (Gabi Pareras, 2016)
Francis Carlyle Million Dollar Transposition double facer, one card in borrowed wallet, one in envelope 35
Frank Garcia Eight Card Brain-Wave 38
Bob Driebeek & Frank Garcia Razzle Dazzle card under coin in deck chances, one method visible, using card with hole of half-dollar size (Tosheroon) 40
Unknown Up Up Up Change Tenkai palm 43
Unknown 21 Force shown to Garcia by Marconick, credited to Marlo in reference see also "Million Dollar Card Secrets" (Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer), 1994) 44
Bill Simon & Frank Garcia Control Knockout card is produced on top via slip cut two times see also "Slip Cut Effect" (Ed Marlo, The Gen, April 1956) 45
Frank Garcia Ambitious Card - 1. classic sequence to load new card above a.c. 48
Frank Garcia Ambitious Card - 2. spinning double on top of convex deck 48
Frank Garcia Ambitious Card - 3. paintbrush change 49
Frank Garcia Ambitious Card - 4. card is apparently seen produding from centre see also "Topper" (Frank Garcia & Dai Vernon, 1953) 50
T. Nelson Downs Ambitious Card - 5. double backer 51
Al Leech Easy Aces 52
Frank Garcia Anytime Four Aces 54
Frank Garcia Hide and Seek Kings kings vanish, ladies appear in between 57
Frank Garcia & John Scarne TV Aces production where thumb digs in and pulls out aces, bridge 59
Edward Marlo Simple Shift 59
Unknown Thumb Pullout 61
Al Cohn Quasi-Mental you know top card of cut deck, bold 64
Frank Garcia Dual Discovery two cards change to selected cards see also "Two Wrongs" (Rich Aviles, 2010) 65
Unknown Steal from small packet 65
Unknown Colour Change standard, with small packet 66
Unknown Clear Voyant stacked, spectator shuffles, "queen removal"-glimpse 67
Unknown Full Deck Crimp 67
Si Stebbins Si Stebbins Set-Up 68
Unknown Uncanny Revelation unknown card is signed on back and forced from face 69
Frank Garcia & Bill Simon Peekaboo Revelation peeked card between face up aces in deck 71
Frank Garcia & Bert Allerton Miracle Stab stabbing any card called for, stacked 73
Unknown Stab-Mental thought of card is found 75
Frank Garcia Once In a Knife-Time spectator stabs 77
Marconick Case Card card penetrated case, gaffed case varied by "The Case of Mistaken Identity" (Vanni Bossi, 2016) 79
Frank Garcia Head to Head Poker kind of Always cut the Cards in reverse, crimp 82
Jay Ose & Frank Garcia Shoot-Out Poker Royal Flush shoots out of the deck, secret rubber band 84
Allen Swift Swift Poker Deal face up face down shuffled deck, using cut-and-turn-over-force see also "Guyatt's Drunken Cut Improved" (Terry Guyatt & Edward Marlo, 1968) 86
Frank Garcia & John Scarne Poker Dream based on Scarne's Drunk Poker Deal, cards dealt from face up face down shuffled deck see also "Guyatt's Drunken Cut Improved" (Terry Guyatt & Edward Marlo, 1968) 88
Alex Elmsley Just a "Second" Diamond Cut Diamond, second deal 91
Mel Stover Winnipeg False Cut one simple cut see also "Marnase False Cut" (Edward Marlo & S. W. Erdnase, 1971),
"The One, Two, Three Winnipeg Cut" (Mel Stover & Neil See, 1982),
varied by "The Tabled Winnipeg Cut" (Wesley James, 2004)
Al Cooper Cooper's Cut 95
Frank Garcia Affas-Gaffas False Cut 97
Unknown Gambler's Cut shown to Garcia by Artanis 99
Frank Garcia Culling the Aces pseudo riffle culling 102
Dr. Jacob Daley Winning Aces dealing winning pair of aces for 2-7 players, small stack 104
Unknown & Dr. Jacob Daley Adding a Card bold method of dealing an extra card 105
Dai Vernon Secret-Reversal card second from top 105
Tommy Martin Puzzling Color Change using spittle to glue cards together 106
Unknown Cough Cover reason to get hand away from deck 106
Dr. Jacob Daley Peek Key Control setting key next to peeked card 107
Frank Garcia Notes on the Zarrow Shuffle two Methods 108
Frank Garcia Million Dollar Card Production hand shown empty while doing single card backpalm productions 113
Frank Garcia Eclipse Card Production slow motion production from back palm 119
Frank Garcia Doing Close-up Magic 123
Frank Garcia Arroz con Pollo Chicken with Safron Rice and Peas 127