The Command Performance - Premier Issue
The Command Performance - Premier Issue
written by Michael Ammar
Work of Michael Ammar
33 pages (Stapled), published by The Secret Service
Illustrated with drawings by Michael Ammar
Language: English
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Michael Ammar Foreward 1
Michael Ammar The Iceman Cometh card in ice block, torn corner also published as "Frozen Deckery" (Michael Ammar, 1980),
"The Iceman Cometh" (Michael Ammar, 1991)
Michael Ammar Card Case Switch three strategies 3
Michael Ammar Corner Switch as it is torn off also published as "Corner Switch" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 6
Michael Ammar This'll "Flip" You Out! broken and restored flip-top from can varied by "Popped Top!" (Richard Bartram, 1985),
also published as "This'll Flip You Out" (Michael Ammar, 1991)
Michael Ammar Switching Sandwiches also published as "Switching Sandwiches" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 9
Michael Ammar Peek Justification 9
Edward Marlo Covered Side Steal 10
Harry Lorayne & Edward Marlo & Carmen D'Amico Instant Card Catch see also "Instant Sandwich Catch" (Harry Lorayne & Carmen D'Amico & Edward Marlo, 1978) 11
Gerald Kosky Sandwich Switch credited to Ken Krenzel 12
Michael Ammar Card Cubes card in ice cube which appears in hand also published as "Card Cubes" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 14
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean to show hands empty also published as "Wiped Clean" (Michael Ammar, 1980),
"Wiped Clean #1" (Michael Ammar, 1991)
Michael Ammar Torn and Restored Cigarette #1 also published as "Torn & Restored Cigarette #1" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 19
Michael Ammar Signed Bill in Lightbulb also published as "Signed Bill in Light Bulb" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 21
Ken Newhouse Isolated Prediction stopped at card put in wallet and matches prediction that's in there 25
Michael Ammar Let's Hit the Bottle corked bottle also published as "Let's Hit the Bottle" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 28
Michael Ammar Torn and Restored Cigarette #2 also published as "Torn & Restored Cigarette #2" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 31
Michael Ammar Bravo... David Copperfield 33
Michael Ammar Bravo... Phil Goldstein 33
Michael Ammar Bravo... Paul Harris 33