Encore II
Encore II
The Command Performance Series
written by Michael Ammar
Work of Michael Ammar & Various
45 pages (Stapled), published by The Secret Service
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Hirsch
Language: English
(28 entries)
Data entered by Denis Behr.
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Michael Ammar Introduction 1
Michael Ammar Card Matrix cards visually assemble instead of coins underneath also published as "Card Matrix" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 2
Rick Anderson Amazing Coin Vanish also published as "Amazing Coin Vanish" (Rick Anderson, 1991) 5
Michael Ammar Retention Vision Vanish also published as "Retention-of-Vision Vanish" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 7
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean #2 to show both hands empty also published as "Wiped Clean #2" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 9
Michael Ammar Coin on Ceiling also as a kicker for card on ceiling with card corner also published as "Coin on Ceiling" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 11
Bob Chesbro Snort but Sweet inhaling two halfs of torn cigarette also published as "Snort but Sweet" (Bob Chesbro, 1991) 12
David Williamson Reverse Matrix four coins, four cards also published as "Reverse Matrix" (David Williamson, 1991) 15
Paul Gertner Scoop 15
Earl Nelson Loading Sequence coin loaded under card as it is lifted see also "Variations" (Earl Nelson) 16
Lou Gallo Silver Certificate folded dollar bill visibly transforms into dollar coin also published as "Silver Certificate" (Lou Gallo, 1991) 18
David Williamson The Striking Vanish - Alternate Handling (closed fist) 21
David Williamson Coin in Pen Cap using striking vanish also published as "Coin in Pen Cap" (David Williamson, 1991) 23
Unknown Edge Grip 24
James Lewis & Piet Forton & Michael Ammar Inversion here spelled "Jim Louis"
- First Handling (Piet Forton)
- Second Handling (Michael Ammar)
- Third Handling (Michael Ammar)
also published as "Inversion" (James Lewis & Piet Forton & Michael Ammar, 1991) 25
Edward Marlo Covered Side Steal 26
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Move 27
Cardini Cardini Snap Change 27
Michael Ammar The Vanishing Glass stemmed glass vanishes under silk also published as "The Vanishing Glass" (Michael Ammar, 1991) 29
Mike Gallo "Coins Thru Table Kicker" coins travel up instead of last one down also published as "Coins Through Table Kicker" (Mike Gallo, 1991) 32
Mike Gallo New Wave Coins Across three coins in each hand, one behind also published as "New Wave Coins Across" (Mike Gallo, 1991) 34
Unknown Han Ping Chien 35
Mike Gallo Coin Overcount five as six 37
John Carney Fingertip Coin Vanish also published as "Fingertip Coin Vanish" (John Carney, 1991) 38
John Carney Le Perrier - Coin In Bottle see also "Quarter Spin" (John Carney, 1991) 40
Michael Ammar Bravo... Karrell Fox 45
Michael Ammar Bravo... Darwin Ortiz 45
Michael Ammar Bravo... Bob Read 45