written by Christoph Borer
Work of Christoph Borer
22 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christoph Borer
Language: German 
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Christoph Borer Plastic Thought named card is found to be the only card with different colored back, deck in plastic bag also published as "Cosmos" (Christoph Borer, 2000),
"Cosmos" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Cosmos" (Christoph Borer, 2010)
Christoph Borer Denise one of twelve names is predicted see also "Schöne Erinnerung" (Christoph Borer, 1991),
also published as "Denise" (Christoph Borer, 2006)
Christoph Borer Mehrere-Würfel-Force forcing an object among twelve, two dice, with several outs see also "Mehrere-Würfel-Force" (Christoph Borer, 1991) 6
Christoph Borer Runenmirakel one of several rune stones is selected and spectator draws symbol, performer duplicates the drawing also published as "Runenmirakel" (Christoph Borer, 2006) 8
Christoph Borer Giant Count reinvention of "Dr. Jaks Kartenbluff", selected card is shuffled into the deck and cards put in inside jacket pocket, small number is named and on that position performer produces a jumbo card which has the same value as the selection see also Dr. Jaks' "Dr. Jaks Kartenbluff" in Charly Eperny's "Das Stanley-Jaks Buch", 1961. P.126,
"Giant Count" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
also published as "Giant Count" (Christoph Borer, 1988)
Christoph Borer & Thomas Otto Tear Off corner is torn from selection, card is then restored and all the other cards have a corner missing also published as "Cutting Corners" (Christoph Borer & Thomas Otto, 2000),
"Tear Off" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Tear Off" (Christoph Borer, 2016)
Christoph Borer Nichtraucher two cards, one is cut to, second is found under box of cigarettes, eventually a non-smoking sign appears on the first selection also published as "Nichtraucher" (Christoph Borer, 2006) 12
Christoph Borer Geheime Wünsche rune stone prediction, one of thirteen 14
Roy Baker PATEO Force 15
Christoph Borer & Thomas Otto Die Wahrsagerin see also "Gambler - Die Intuition des Spielers" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
also published as "Die Intuition des Spielers" (Christoph Borer, 2002),
"Die Intuition des Spielers" (Christoph Borer, 2003)
Christoph Borer Double Thought half forcing deck, spectator and magician find the selection of the other inspired by "Double Thought" (Al Koran, 1967),
also published as "Double Thought" (Christoph Borer, 1989),
"Double Thought" (Christoph Borer, 2003),
"Double Thought" (Christoph Borer, 2007)
Christoph Borer Eine Halbe Sache back of selection change back, then back of color only change to the center, eventually all cards change back color, red/blue double backer also published as "Eine halbe Sache" (Christoph Borer, 1988),
"Eine Halbe Sache" (Christoph Borer, 1989),
"Eine halbe Sache" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Eine halbe Sache" (Christoph Borer, 2007)
Unknown Top Change face up, back color transformation 21