Seminarnotitzen 2007
Seminarnotitzen 2007
written by Christoph Borer
Work of Christoph Borer
23 pages (Hardcover), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christoph Borer
Language: German 
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Christoph Borer Abwasserleitung pieces of newspaper are chosen and words selected, letters in selected words reveal card selection 1
Christoph Borer Zeitungsschnipselforce forcing a newspaper piece, pieces in folded newspaper 1
Christoph Borer Lasset die Musik erklingen! several cards with music titles, selection is predicted with mechanical music box see also "Die Musikdose" (Christoph Borer, 2016),
also published as "Lasset die Musik erklingen!" (Christoph Borer, 2006)
Christoph Borer Pralinen five spectators select a chocolate-truffle from a box, they are all brown, the one that is remaining is white, poison story, two methods also published as "Pralinen" (Christoph Borer, 2006) 5
Christoph Borer Anagramm-Wahl from a piece of newspaper two selected words are mixed up to form a message, anagram also published as "Anagramm-Wahl" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Die Anagramm-Wahl" (Christoph Borer, 2016)
Christoph Borer & Christian Scherer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery way also published as "Hofzinsers Handschuh" (Christian Scherer & Christoph Borer, 2006) 8
Christoph Borer & Krabat & Mireille & Nadia "Lou" Schürmann Toro zodiac prediction, written on slate, prediction is turned over and correct zodiac is found, when performer erases slate with sponge, transformation of the word see also "Before your Eyes" (Norman Ashworth, 1937),
also published as "Toro" (Christoph Borer & Krabat & Mireille & Nadia "Lou" Schürmann, 2012)
Christoph Borer Bank Night four envelopes, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator wins see also Eckhard Böttcher's "Bank Night verkehrt" in "Magische Perlen Band 1 - Das Beste aus meinem Routinen-Service" 1995, P. 21,
also published as "Bank Night" (Christoph Borer, 1997),
"Bank Night" (Christoph Borer, 2003),
"Bank Night" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Bank Night" (Christoph Borer, 2010)
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum also published as "Mery" (Christoph Borer, 2000),
"Pendulum" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
"Pendulum" (Christoph Borer, 2007),
"Pendulum" (Christoph Borer, 2016)
Jay Ose Ose's Cut triple cut to table, without credit 18
Christoph Borer Impossibile clever presentation, table is flipped over at the end also published as "Impossibile" (Christoph Borer, 1997),
"Impossibile" (Christoph Borer, 2006)
Unknown Deck Switch brief 21