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Masao Atsukawa 逆説4A (Paradox 4 Aces) Setting up for Assembly type of effect with False Draw inspired by "フォールス ドロー" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001) 37
Unknown 赤と黒のミステーク (Red and Black Mistake) Spectator selects and loses black card, performer removes four red cards for them to choose one from, the red card changes into their black card 91
Tomoyuki Shimomura 編著者あとがき (Epilogue) 191
Unknown 笑ってください (Please laugh) Sucker trick, uses glide to show selection apparently placed on table. Actually not there. 67
Masao Atsukawa 消えるA (Disappearing Ace) Ace disappears from packet of four cards inspired by "回転カット" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001) 31
Hideo Kato 東京湾の“水と油” (Tokyo Bay Oil and Water) 161
Unknown 最後の1枚 (The Last Card) Another down-under location 105
Masao Atsukawa 整理好き (Like to be Organized) Ace to Six apparently mixed up, but goes back in order inspired by "フォールス ドロー" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001) 36
Unknown 探偵カード (Detective Card) Two cards turned face up and individually cut into the deck. Selection is found sandwiched between the face up cards 47
Tooru Suzuki 心の中で・・・ (In your heart...) Challenge location of two selected cards 172
Dai Vernon (Foreword) 1
Alex Ng & Harry Wong (Foreword) 2
Larry Jennings 小さな奇跡 (Small Miracle) Card changes into selection 125
Unknown 失敗は成功のもと (Failure is a stepping-stone to success) Five-spot found reversed in deck, count down to find selected card 24
Masao Atsukawa 天海のフライングクイーン (Tenkai's Flying Queen) based on Card Flight by Tenkai, homing card plot, Queen keeps coming back inspired by "Tenkai Card Flight" (Tenkai Ishida, Six Tricks by Tenkai, 1958) 18
Masao Atsukawa 回転カット (Revolution Cut) Secret reversal of half the deck during a cut varied by "消えるA" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001),
"ひっくり返るカード" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001)
Unknown 右手でブレークを保持する方法 (Maintaining a break with the right hand) In End Grip 17
Philip T. Goldstein 力ルイ千ビンナコネコナンビ千イル力? a/k/a Stack Cats see also "Stellar Surprise" (Nick Trost, ESP Session with Nick Trost),
"The Dream of a Hermit" (Dr. Stanley Jaks, 1941)
Henry Harrius 前言 (Introduction) 4
Unknown 両手の間のスプレッド (Spread between two hands) Two handed spread 19
Larry Jennings ロテイティングカードリバース (Rotating Card Reverse) 96
Larry Jennings リーピングジエーセス (Ripping the Aces) Spectator cuts to the Aces 153
Unknown リボンスプレッド (Ribbon Spread) On table 20
Dai Vernon リプレイスメントコントロール (Replacement Control) Keep card on top of deck after cutting the deck onto the table 51
Unknown リフルフォース (Riffle Force) 119
Unknown リフルパス (Riffle Pass) 43
Unknown リフルシャフル (Riffle shuffle) 34
Unknown ラン (Run) Running cards with overhand shuffle 31
Hideo Kato ラリー・ジェニングスのプロフィール (Profile of Larry Jennings) 5
Larry Jennings ラリー・ジェニングスから読者へのメッセージ (A message to readers from Larry Jennings) 3
Unknown ヨコのブリッジ (Sideways Bridge) 104
Unknown メキシカンターンオーバー (Mexican Turnover) 81
Unknown メキシカンジョーのクリンプ (Mexican Joe Crimp) 103
Unknown ポケットの中のカード (The Card in the Pocket) Lazy Man's Card to Pocket 53
Hideo Kato ボトムトップチェンジ (Bottom Top Change) Can be done with multiple cards 82
Unknown ボトムカードリバース (Bottom Card Reverse) 95
Unknown ボトムカードスリップ (Bottom Card Slip) With overhand shuffle 31
Unknown ボトムカードグリンプスII (Bottom Card Glimpse II) 113
Unknown ボトムカードグリンプスI (Bottom Card Glimpse I) 113
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Larry Jennings ホフジンサーの方法にもとずくトップチェンジ (Top Change based on Hofzinser's method) Card clipped between index / middle fingers 79
Larry Jennings プリフィギャレーション (Prefiguration) Four of a kind found via prediction and coincidence (dealing down) 155
Unknown プッシュオフによるマルティプルリフト (Push Off Multiple Lift) 72
Unknown ブレークをなくさないターンオーバー (Maintaining a break while turning the deck over) 128
Unknown ブレークの作り方III (ピンキーカウント) (Forming a break: Third Method) Pinky Count 16
Unknown ブレークの作り方II (Forming a break: Second Method) Push over top card and pull back 16
Unknown ブレークの作り方I (Forming a break: First Method) 15
Unknown ブレークの作り方 (Forming a break) For the pass 44
Unknown ブレーク (Break) Pinky break 15
Unknown フラリッシュエスケープ (Flourish Escape) Card selected and lost in deck, deck placed back in card case, card is pulled out of box (penetration effect) 39
Brother John Hamman フラシュトレーションカウント (Flushtration Count) 135
Masao Atsukawa フォールス ドロー (False Draw) In action of stripping out three cards from a spread, one is secretly stolen back under the spread varied by "整理好き" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001),
"逆説4A" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001),
"エレベーターカード (2)" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001)
Edward Marlo フォーエースプロローグ (Four Ace Prologue) 92
Unknown フォーエース (Four Ace) Simple Ace Assembly effect, spectator chooses which packet for Aces to assemble in 75
Hiroshi Sawa ファクシミリ (Facsimile) Card placed in deck, pulled out from elbow 166
Larry Jennings ファイナルタッチ (Final Touch) 143
Elmer Biddle ビドルムーブによるフォールスカウントII (Biddle Move as a False Count II) 89
Elmer Biddle ビドルムーブによるフォールスカウントI (Biddle Move as a False Count I) 89
Elmer Biddle ビドルムーブ (Biddle Move) 88
Unknown ビドルポジション (Biddle Position) End Grip 13
Unknown パーム (Palm) Classic Palm technique 48
Bruce Cervon パックの中のトランスポ (Transposition in the Deck) 126
Unknown パスによる客のカードのコントロール (To control a spectator's card with the pass) 44
Dai Vernon & Larry Jennings バーノンのダブルリフトのバリエーション (Variation on Vernon's Double Lift) Stud turnover 57
Dai Vernon バーノンのダブルリフト (Vernon's Double Lift) 54
Unknown バックルカウント (Buckle Count) 87
Tomoyuki Shimomura ハーレムダンジョン (Harlem Dungeon) Four Queens in card case sandwich selection, Queens change to Jacks 179
Brother John Hamman ハーマンカウント (Hamman Count) 134
Unknown ドリブルオフ (Dribble Off) Dribble 127
Unknown トリプルリフト・マルティプルリフト (Triple Lift / Multiple Lift) Just saying that you can extend the method to more cards 58
Unknown トップパーム (Top palm) 49
Unknown トップチェンジ (Top Change) 78
Unknown トップカードグリンプスIII (Top Card Glimpse III) From a palm 112
Unknown トップカードグリンプスII (Top Card Glimpse II) from a spread 112
Unknown トップカードグリンプスI (Top Card Glimpse I) Bubble peek 112
Unknown トップカード、ボトムカードを動かさない方法 (Method for retaining top/bottom card) With riffle shuffle 36
Unknown トップカード、ボトムカードのグリンプス (Top card / Bottom card glimpse) Glimpse using riffle shuffle 35
Edward Marlo トップへのリプレイスメント (Top Replacement) Replacement for card in right hand Classic Palm to top of deck 51
Unknown トップからボトムへ、ボトムからトップへ (From top to bottom, from bottom to top) Transferring cards by overhand shuffle 31
Unknown ディーリングポジション (Dealing Position) Mechanic's Grip or Dealer's Grip 13
Unknown テーブル上へのバックルカウント (Buckle Count above a table) 88
Edward Marlo & Dai Vernon ティルト (Tilt) also known as Depth Illusion by Vernon 123
Charlier チャーリャーパス(ワンハンドパス) (Charlier Pass / One Hand Pass) 129
Masao Atsukawa チェインジ (Change) Switch of a card from a spread 26
Larry Jennings ダブルリフト・ヒットメソッド (Double Lift: Hit Method) 57
Unknown ダブルリフトを使った応用例 (Uses of Double Lift)

1. Color Change
2. Transposition
3. Travelling (to top of the deck)
4. Reversal
5. To locate a card
Tenkai Ishida & Masao Atsukawa ダブルリフト (Double Lift) Double Lift handling with thumb break, top or bottom 6
Unknown ダブルバックルカウント (Double Buckle Count) 150
Yuic-hi Katakura ダブルダウン (Double Down) Four random cards change into four Kings, and then immediately into four Aces 175
Unknown ダブルカードプットダウン (Double Card Putdown) Placing double on table 128
Unknown ダブルカット (Double Cut) Double Undercut 28
Unknown タテのブリッジ (Length-wise Bridge) 103
Tomo Maeda タイクーンエーセス (Tycoon Aces) Ace Assembly, Aces change to Kings for kicker ending 169
Harry Lorayne ソルトレス (Saltless) 107
Unknown センターカードグリンプスII (Center Card Glimpse II) 114
Unknown センターカードグリンプスI (Center Card Glimpse I) 113
Hideo Kato スローイングカードスタブ (Throwing Card Stab) Card stabbed into dribbled deck, stabs right next to selection 61
Masao Atsukawa スリーカードモンテ (Three Card Monte) With Jumbo card gaffs 42
Unknown スプレッドのターンオーバー (Spread Turnover) Ribbon spread turnover 20
Unknown ストップカード (Stop Card) Stop Trick 66
Charles T. Jordan ジョーダンカウント (Jordan Count) 133
Larry Jennings シークレットサブトラクション (Secret Subtraction) 127
Unknown シークレットアディション IV (Secret Addition 4) With push off multiple lift 73
Larry Jennings シークレットアディション III (Secret Addition 3) Scoop addition type of idea 71
Edward Marlo シークレットアディション II (Secret Addition 2) Seems to be just a Braue Addition, not sure why it is credited to Marlo 70
Unknown シークレットアディション I (Secret Addition 1) Squaring up action 69
Edward Marlo コンビんシングカードコントロール (Convincing Card Control) Interesting variation, card is placed into back palm 167
Hideo Kato コメディダンバリーディリュージョン (Comedy Dunbury Delusion) 164
Larry Jennings コインカット (Coin Cut) 109
Masao Atsukawa ケースカード (Case Card) Prediction effect with prediction in box 39
Unknown グライドによるフォールスカウント (Glide as a False Count) 65
Unknown グライドによるフォース (Glide as a Force) 64
Unknown グライドによるチェンジ (Glide as a Change) 64
Unknown クリンプカードによるコントロール (Crimped card control) 38
Unknown クリンプカードからのカット (Cutting to a crimped card) 103
Unknown クリンプIII (Crimp III) From spread 102
Unknown クリンプII (Crimp II) Top of deck, with index finger 102
Unknown クリンプI (Crimp I) From a spread 101
Unknown クラシックフォース (Classic Force) 118
Unknown クラシックパス (Classic Pass) 41
Unknown ギャンブラーズボトムパーム (Gambler's Bottom Palm) Gambler's Cop 52
Larry Jennings ギャンブラーズエーセス (Gambler's Aces) Triumph with Aces 147
S. W. Erdnase カラーチェンジ (Color Change) Erdnase color change 130
Unknown カットの方法II (Cutting the deck: Second Method) Swing Cut 28
Unknown カットの方法I (Cutting the deck: First Method) Simple cutting in the hands, top half placed on bottom in Dealing Position 28
Larry Jennings オープントラベラー (Open Travelers) 139
Unknown オーバーハンドシャフルによるコントロール (Overhand shuffle control) 32
Unknown オーバーハンドシャフルによるコントロール (Overhand shuffle control) Control a card to a certain position in the deck 37
Unknown オーバーハンドシャフル (Overhand Shuffle) 30
Larry Jennings オブザベーションインカラー (Observation in Color) 150
Masao Atsukawa エレベーターカード (2) (Elevator Card 2) Elevator plot with Ace Two Three inspired by "フォールス ドロー" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001) 34
Masao Atsukawa エレベーターカード (1) (Elevator Card 1) Elevator plot with three cards 33
Alex Elmsley エルムズレイカウント (Elmsley Count) 132
Hiroshi Kondo インターナショナルカードトリック (International Card Trick) Ace Assembly effect with finale of whole deck grouping by four of a kind 183
Unknown インジョッグ、アンダーカット (Injog, Undercut) For overhand shuffle 32
Dai Vernon イモーショナルリアクション (Emotional Reaction) 115
Dai Vernon アクションリバース (Action Reverse) Named by Steranko, reversal during table shuffle 97
Unknown よんぶんのいちの奇跡 (Quarter Miracle) Card location from a packet of 16 cards, involves down-under deals, eliminate until one card left 84
Larry Jennings まぼろしの訪問者 (Illusion Visitor) The Visitor effect 158
Masao Atsukawa ひっくり返るカード (Reversed Card) Selection becomes reversed in deck inspired by "回転カット" (Masao Atsukawa, 2001) 30
Hideo Kato はじめに...... (Firstly...) 11
Unknown おぼえたカード (Remembered Card) Basic key card trick 21
Larry Jennings おかしな出来事 (A Strange Affair) Twisting type of effect 145
Unknown あなたの後で (Behind your back) 99
Basil Horwitz £100 ESP Test shuffled ESP deck, top three cards are predicted 39
Basil Horwitz £100 Challenge Mind Control Test cards from red and blue deck match, red/blue double backer 54
Basil Horwitz £100 Card Test blindfolded, card prediction in envelope 77
Gary Kurtz Zweites Beispiel 9
Christian Scherer Zweimal two apparently different cards are selected and found by spelling the name, sucker element 20
Christian Scherer Zweikartenwanderung two card transposition, card on table and card in center of deck 28
Unknown Das zweifach präparierte Kartenspiel deck with more than one preparation, marked and stripper for example 130
Alexander de Cova 3. Die zwei Pole - Close-up Magie
- Figur (character)
Christian Scherer Zwei + Zwei = Vier four aces are produced in the hands, two and two 7
Unknown Der Zuschauer als Kartenkünstler spectator touches card named by performer in face-down fan, under-the-fan force with bottom card dragged to other side 38
Unknown Der Zuschauer als Karten-Kommandant card shuffled back by spectator, yet it appears on top see also "The Appearance of Desired Cards" (1897),
"Impossible Coincidence" (1985)
Christoph Borer Zusätzliche Gedanken 41
Christoph Borer & Michel Gammenthaler Zur Post bill in pen, creating two bills with same number see also "Bill in Envelope" (Christoph Borer, 2006),
also published as "Bill in Envelope" (Christoph Borer, 2003)
Jörg Alexander Weber Zum Inhalt 1
R. Paul Wilson Zulu Sandwich three cards appear one by one between isolated sandwich 7
Alexander de Cova Zu Guter Letzt... 30
Ernest Earick Zorro Break / Z-break two breaks with thumb base and fourth finger 115
Mike Bornstein Zombino as Kolma, floating ball, thumb tip with wire and ball see also "Improved Floating Dollar Bill" (Mike Bornstein, 1984) 469
Karl Fulves Zombie Match book of matches rises behind a handkerchief and floats, in the end one of the matches lights spontaneously 38
Neville Wiltshire Zombie Cube effect suggestion 11
Eddie Ward Zombie Card Rise under handkerchief 487
Eddie Ward Zombie Card Rise 5
Rhett Bryson & John Riggs Zombie gag, bald head zombie 340
Karl Fulves Zoltan 67
Ray Hyman The Zoellner Phenomenon knot appears in cord while ends are held together 92
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaxis medium on the other end divines zodiac from spectator inspired by "Weird Wire" (Theodore Annemann, 1940),
see also "Zodiaccent" (Thomas Alan Waters, 1984)
Philip T. Goldstein Zodiagnostic word thought of from small zodiac booklet 52
Philip T. Goldstein Zodiagnostic word thought of from small zodiac booklet 7
Philip T. Goldstein Zodiaction spectator looks at a chart with the zodiac signs and thinks of one 6
Philip T. Goldstein Zodiaction spectator looks at a chart with the zodiac signs and thinks of one 6
Roy Johnson Zodiaclock Bonus spectator's birth sign is determined with clock principle and zodiac cards 516
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaccount approach to a book test, two persons, opened page by adding numbers is a compatibility reading for spectator's two star signs 737
Thomas Alan Waters Zodiaccent medium on the other end divines zodiac from spectator see also "Phoney" (Alan Barnert, 1946),
"Zodiaxis" (Thomas Alan Waters, 1982)
Jim Steinmeyer The Zodiac Wheel sign spelled out on printed layout, final destination known or predicted 21
Karl Fulves Zodiac Sell card chosen in spectator's hands, another card turns face-up, ZODIAC is spelled to find selection 70
Eddie Fields The Zodiac Card Mystery card divination effect with astrological sign presentation, also divine how many cards spectator hides in pocket also published as "Field's Zodiac Card Miracle" (Audley Walsh & Eddie Fields, 1976) 6
Gene Maze The Zodiac Card card placed reversed in deck, its value counted from this position leads to selection see also "Card at any Small Number" (Laurie Ireland, 1938) 63
Gerald Kosky Ziska Improved number of moved cards & selection are divined by value of a card, set-up, marked locator inspired by "The Transposed Cards" ( Ziska, 1909),
see also "The Transposed Cards" ( Ziska, 1937)
Jon Racherbaumer Zippy Zig-zag 147
Tony Miller Zipper Switch card is stuck in waistband and pulled through zipper and switched 56
Tom Gagnon Zip-Pop Change card that sticks out of deck changes 9
Harlan Tarbell Zip-Over Rope Mystery knotted and unknotted piece of rope change place 153
David Ben Zip Mindreading book test presentation: computer predicts words 98
Marty Kane Zip Code Pip Mode selection found on total of added values of several cards inspired by "Allerchrist Card Trick" (Bert Allerton & Henry Christ, 1950),
see also "Magic with Added Zip" (Marty Kane, 1998)
Louis Zingone The Zingone Thumbnail Gauge cutting off packet of known number see also "Fingernail Estimation" (Dai Vernon, 2000) 114
Louis Zingone Zingone Thumbnail Gauge 83
Harry Lorayne & Louis Zingone Zingone Spread Simplified simplified handling inspired by "The Zingone Spread" (Louis Zingone, 1940) 123
Neal Elias Zingone Spread Poker Deal idea inspired by "The Zingone Spread" (Louis Zingone, 1940) 16
Louis Zingone The Zingone Spread three cards, challenge selections conditions see also "The Flying Cards" (Louis Zingone & Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue, 1942),
"Zingone Spread Poker Deal" (Neal Elias, 1946),
"Zingone Spread Simplified" (Harry Lorayne & Louis Zingone, 1962),
"Trimental" (Juan Tamariz & Louis Zingone, 2000)
Louis Zingone The Zingone Perfect Table Pass see also "Easy Pass" (Edward Marlo, 1989) 39
Louis Zingone The Zingone Bottom Palm two methods (packet and full deck) see also "WJ Bottom Palm" (Wesley James, 1990) 62
Milton Kort Zinc's Mystery Box Al Zinc 195
Karl Fulves Zimzum coin drops through holes in paper that are much smaller 10
Herb Zarrow Zigs & Zags based on George Kaplan's "Zig-Zag" (Hugard's Magic Monthly) 53
Meir Yedid The Zig-Zag Thumb finger magic, thumb is moved 61
Louis Lam The Zig-Zag Card Novelty question marks on paper change into name of selected card 19
Edward Marlo Zig-Zag two methods 166
Sixten Beme Zig-Nificant 2701
Roxy Zig Zag Prediction half card as prediction, some more half cards in envelopes, selection with die see also "Triangle Prediction" (Ron Lashbrook, 1983) 1089
Don England The Zig Zag Card Trick 46
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Zig Zag matched in value and in numerical paired sequence 14
Christoph Borer Der Zetteltausch switching a letter, buddha papers variation 20
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Zetetic by Marcello Truzzi 60
Edward Marlo The Zerox Card 28
Luke Jermay Zeroing In finding a suggestible person 159
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four #2 four coin production 3
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four #1 four coin production 1
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four four coin production 1
Gary Kurtz Zero, One, Two, Four four coin production, with Alternate Production Technique for first coin 1
Karl Fulves Zero Gee Lunaball (scientific toy), light metal sphere with magnetic outer surface, close-up levitation see also "Babel" (Karl Fulves, 1975) 841
Karl Fulves Zero Equals Zero why the Parallel Principle always works see also "The Parallel Principle" (Karl Fulves, 1979) 6
Philip T. Goldstein Zenvelopes ten ESP cards in envelopes are sorted in pairs by spectator inspired by "Tenvelopes" (Karl Fulves, 1989) 6
Philip T. Goldstein Zenvelopes ten ESP cards in envelopes are sorted in pairs by spectator inspired by "Tenvelopes" (Karl Fulves, 1989) 8
Nick Trost & Al Thatcher & Michael F. Zens Zens-Gilbreath Poker Deal Any poker hand called for inspired by "Super-Duper Poker Deal" (Al Thatcher, Jerry Mentzer's Card File, 1993),
"The Zens Quadruple Poker Trick" (M. F. Zens, 1931),
see also "Any Hand Called For" (Karl Fulves, More Self-Working Card Tricks, 1984)
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Zens-Ational see No. 8 for credit information inspired by "Quadruple Poker Trick" (Michael F. Zens, 1937),
see also "Research Division" (Russell "Rusduck" Duck & Stewart James, 1958)
Michael F. Zens Zens' Miracle Pocket to Pocket Trick three chosen cards, envelopes, repeating set-up deck see also "The Improved "Zens" Cards & Envelopes" (Michael F. Zens, 1945) 298
Michael F. Zens Zens' Card Miracle with marked cards and 2 decks set-up 296
Charlie Miller & Michael F. Zens The Zens Card Trick with two selections 19
Karl Fulves Zenner Plus "Curiosities"
guessing ESP cards with better accuracy than normal
Paul Swinford Zenith Triumph 106
Karl Fulves Zenergy get-ready for Jaks routine 38
Jon Racherbaumer Zen Triumph see also "Traveling Triumph" (Paul Harris, 1980) 12
Jack Parker The Zen Spread One handed Ascanio-like spread to display four cards as three 52
Philip T. Goldstein Zen Poker streamlined "can you see your suit/value... here?" see also "Demon's Divination" (Charles T. Jordan, 1938) 2
Darwin Ortiz The Zen Master performer knows position of card, memorized deck 102
So Sato Zen Derby horse race plot, Mass Destruction Stacking 137
John Guastaferro Zen Bend straw bends at fingertips 51
Karl Fulves Zen And Water 4&4, spectator mixes cards, posed as problem 35
Tom Stone Zen and the Art of Fooling Colleagues magician's joke, cigarette through coin with chinese coin, sucker 45
U. F. Grant Zella's Space Coins (originally from New Phoenix) 480
U. F. Grant Zella Ring on the Rope using extra piece 173
U. F. Grant Zella Prediction Trick one card selected, one thought of, prediction written on one card, it's the selection with the thought of card written on it see also "The Twenty-First Stunner" (Robert A. Nelson & Dr. H. Walter Grote, 1945) 19
Christoph Borer Zeitungsschnipselforce forcing a newspaper piece, pieces in folded newspaper 1
Christoph Borer Die Zeitmaschine book put in envelope ages in two steps, time machine presentation 44
Christoph Borer Die Zehner-Balance balancing effect impact and strength of story to reach ten 266
Karl Fulves Zebra Count 15
Jörg Alexander Weber Zaubersalz salt packet torn, salt poured in hand vanishes and packet restores inspired by "Sweet and Low" (Richard Osterlind, Challenge Magic video, 1990) 18
Jörg Alexander Weber & John Carney Zaubermaus puppet mouse appears and vanishes inspired by "Kitty's Treat" (John Carney, 1983) 20
Bruce Cervon Zauberkunste Triumph! 17
Alexander de Cova Zauberkunst ist eine Technologie! - Worin besteht denn nun die Technologie in der Zauberkunst? 6
Christoph Borer Der Zauberfreund number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag also published as "Han" (Christoph Borer & Michel Gammenthaler, 1999),
"Han" (Christoph Borer & Michel Gammenthaler, 2000),
"Der Zauberfreund" (Christoph Borer, 2003)
Christoph Borer Der Zauberfreund number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag also published as "Han" (Christoph Borer & Michel Gammenthaler, 1999),
"Han" (Christoph Borer & Michel Gammenthaler, 2000),
"Der Zauberfreund" (Christoph Borer, 2006)
Gary Kurtz Zarrow's Triple Buckle 58
Karl Fulves The Zarrow Transfer block transfer applications, partial zarrow 34
Karl Fulves Zarrow Transfer "using center pull-out as starting point" 6
Edward Marlo Zarrow Shuffle Riffle Stacking 76
Karl Fulves Zarrow Shuffle Method riffle culling a card while retaining order of rest 138
Gary Plants Zarrow Shuffle Ideas - Introduction
- Version One
- Version Two
John Luka Zarrow Shuffle Finesse 87
Gary Plants Zarrow Shuffle - Plants Handling - The Split
- The Weave
- The Strip-out
- Opening the Gap
- The Block Insertion
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle also as red-black shuffle 53
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 137
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle 120
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 632
Karl Fulves Zarrow Shuffle definition of term, no handling details 3
Herb Zarrow & Dai Vernon Zarrow Shuffle 453
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle very brief 42
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle brief 8
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle brief 192
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle 9
Wesley James The Zarrow Shuffle - The Problems
- WJ on the Zarrow
- Recap
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 83
Herb Zarrow & Edward Marlo & David Neighbors Zarrow Shuffle 3
Steve Mayhew The Zarrow Sequence stacking the cards, so the spectator can shuffle 11
Alexander de Cova Zarrow Mischen finesse 3
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Full Deck Control 49
Karl Fulves Zarrow Faro Shuffle partial faro under cover blocks inspired by "Perfect Riffle Shuffle" (Charlie Miller, 1940) 100
Herb Zarrow Zarrow False Shuffle 128
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Dynamic breakdown of the basic procedure 629
Derek Dingle Zarrow Culling 144
Derek Dingle Zarrow Culling 31
Derek Dingle Zarrow Culling 10
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Block Addition Move 30
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 48
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 13
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 24
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 42
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 74
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition 106
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Addition Move 104
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Addition 204
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Addition 58
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Addition brief 128
Tony Corinda Zarkamorta II - The Ceremony of Reincarnation page is torn from a magazine and a word selected by randomly sticking a pin in that page, the page is burnt and reappears back in the book, with a hole in the chosen word and burnt edges 201
Karl Fulves Zap Flap clean-up for Flap-Flap gimmick 45
Fred Kaps & Channing Pollock Zap Aces see also "Variation" (Dai Vernon, 1972) 83
Mike Rogers The Zany Gaff deck placed on table, covered with handkerchief, selection comes face up to top, magnetic thread gimmick between hands 93
Christoph Borer & Alexander Römer & Joachim Rau & Charly Dörries Der Zahn der Zeit pictures of buildings put in a box, they all age except chosen photograph, time traveling machine 25
George Zacharellis Zacharellis' Double card spring off from thumb between first two fingers see also "The Double Lift" (Bert Allerton, 1958) 487
Karl Fulves The Z-Transposition exchanging two cards with 1 Zarrow shuffle without disturbing the rest 125
Roy Walton Z-Notes several notes, including
- Triple Cut Zarrow
- To Cull Cards To Face Or Top Of Pack (positions initially known)
Doug Edwards The Z-E Shuffle bottom half stays intact only 151
J. Ray Beffel The Z Ray Box spectator sits on card other spectator divines it by looking into a X-Ray box 21
Karl Fulves Z Numbers two cards chosen from red-backed deck, two cards are in pocket from blue-backed deck - they're the same inspired by "Domination Of Thought #1" (Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, 2002) 2
Unknown Z Break 99
Karl Fulves Yumpin' Yake jacks cut into packet, rubber band around packet vanishes and traps jacks with previous selection 46
Juan Tamariz Yourself 4&4 171
Ernest Earick Yours, Mine, Yours coin with card face up in centre of deck inspired by "A Very Strange Exchange" (Paul Harris, 1981) 102
James Swain Yours, Mine, and Ours featuring alternative to Alignment Move in Quick-3-Way 387
Rick Johnsson Yours, Mine & Ours with "My Card" & " Your Card" written on blank cards 887
Roy Johnson Yours Sincerly 84
Roy Walton Your Very Own suits sort themselves 306
Cyril Marriott Your Thought three billets, reading billets in hat, secretly opening and closing , method, umbrella move see also "Al Baker's Billet Mystery" (Al Baker, 1933),
"The Umbrella Move" (1978)
Brian Jordan* Your Thot without exchanging decks 388
Harvey P. Graham Your Song! pianist plays the songs people select, songs written on white cards 533
David Regal Your really can change your Mind! using two regular decks 2458
Al Baker Your Pulse Tells spectator's index finger finds card, thick card ("click") 108
Robert A. Nelson Your Program 17
Roberto Giobbi Your Page 64
Steve Dusheck Your Number, Your Fortune 2533
David Regal Your Number's Up card is found with spectator's phone number 118
Paul Rosini Your Number - Your Card see also "A Great Location Trick" (Paul Rosini, 1938) 147
Gene Finnell Your Number - Your Card four cards face up, value of each is dealt and four selections are found, spectators decide in which order 15
Stuart Robson Your Nose Knows 7
Edw. C. Jochens Your Mind Has Told Me So cards with songs, in envelope 20
George Johnson Your Magical Scrapbook tip 697
Aldo Colombini Your Lucky Day spectator touches four cards 2679
John Riggs Your Good Fortune, Miss! prediction of a gem stone and a tarot card 74
Audley Walsh Your Fortune, Miss! method to read billet with deck of cards as cover 196
Audley Walsh Your Fortune, Miss! method to switch and read billet with deck of cards as cover 28
H. K. Becker Your Flush gambling demonstration, royal flush finish 966
David Kaye Your First Steps: 10 Steps to Understanding Children's Magic 1. You must like children or at least fake it well.
2. Speak to children as you would an adult.
3. Emphasize the entertainment over the effect.
4. Eliminate distractions.
5. "I know that one" doesn't always mean that.
6. Go with the flow and be willing to go off script.
7. Children love participating.
8. Explain the plot and keep plots simple.
9. Make pop culture references.
10. Have fun.
David Berglas Your Finger on the Pulse pulse stop with two spectators, stage presentation 368
Erhard Liebenow Your Favorite Value, Please! spectator names a value, performer cuts to the aces, then the aces transform into his selected value 10
John Graham "Your Favorite Method" quick coincidence thing 2764
Arthur H. Buckley Your Favorite Ace Experiment No. 34 - named aces appear at named numbers, surprise transposition at end 199
Jay Ose & Gerald Kosky Your Favorite Ace named ace produced with four different procedures 613
Peter Warlock Your Fate in a Teacup color, card and word from book predicted on three billets, reprinted from Pentagram Vol. 1 No. 1, 1946 1
George Blake Your Deal 788
John Bahu Your Cut My Cut breather, penelope 2797
Harry Lorayne Your Choice ace to three are displayed, chosen card changes into selection, inspired by Vernon's trick 54
Philip T. Goldstein Your Choice one out of six prediction 335
Philip T. Goldstein Your Choice prediction of a number between one and six, interesting presentation 13
Tom Craven Your Card/My Card blank cards with text transpose while sandwiched 1583
Unknown Your Card, Your Number slip back count, one way deck 154
Jean Hugard Your Card, Sir? cards torn up in four pieces are put in hat, corners of selection found in mess 160
Orville Wayne Meyer Your Card! selection is divined via two cards behind back (suit, value), cyclical stack, see page 99 for improvement by Meyer 7
Alan Keith Your Card Sir! two methods, memorized deck and new pack order 74
Rovi Your Card Plus Four Aces selection is found reversed in the deck, first the four aces and the joker are produced 11
Karl Fulves Your Card Mine spectator choses card for performer and vice versa, they then divine each other's card 81
Orville Wayne Meyer Your Card behind back you produce card of same suit and value as spectator's selection, Si Stebbins see also "Your Card" (Orville Wayne Meyer, 1934) 204
Orville Wayne Meyer Your Card behind back you produce card of same suit and value as spectator's selection, Si Stebbins see also "Your Card" (Orville Wayne Meyer, 1937) 30
John Guastaferro Your Brand Voice 33
Larry Jennings & Jim Patton Your Best Suit ace through ten packet, chosen card turns over and transposes with joker put in breast pocket, a bit similar to DCD 60
Jim Hooper Your Autograph, Please sentence appears on blank card 437
Karl Fulves You, Babe after counting procedure with birthday a card with value Nine is selected, ninth item on a list matches spectator in humorous way see also The Chronicles #32, Rigmarole #2, Verbatim #2 5
Michael Weber You're Uri a openly bent spoon is rubbed, it starts to smoke and eventually the spoon is straightened and finally breaks 12
David Kaye You're So Silly! - Adding Comedy Elements To Your Routines - Incongruity
- Magician In Trouble
- Silly Words
- Funny Props
- Exaggeration
- Repetition
Paul Fleming (reviewer) You're On! by Wilbur T. Kattner 41
Karl Fulves You're In The Army upside down number to word gag 749
Paul Curry You're a Liar presentational idea inspired by "Lies! Lies! Lies!" (Henry Christ, 1935),
also published as "You're a Liar" (Paul Curry, 1952)
Paul Curry You're a Liar presentational idea see also "Lies! Lies! Lies!" (Henry Christ, 1935),
also published as "You're A Liar" (Paul Curry, 1956),
"You're a Liar" (Paul Curry, 2001)
Paul Curry You're A Liar also published as "You're a Liar" (Paul Curry, 1952) 109
Karl Fulves You're A Five spectator choses one of many photos, performer describes it correctly 17
Karl Fulves You're How Old? "The First Layout", ace through 9 of two suits, spectator remembers pair with her age, in the end birth year announced 4
Doug Edwards You'll Fool All divided Deck 2034
David Regal You'd Swear There were Duplicates 1861
Robert Parrish & John Goodrum You'd Be Surprised 5
Karl Fulves You Win Once indifferent card put between two black queens, spectator cannot follow it 1074
Rovi You Will Take the Joker selection changes into joker on spectator's palm 25
Lewis Jones You Think, I Think The magician reads the spectator's mind. Then, the spectator reads the magician's mind. 134
Unknown You Selected the - estimation 46
Harold Lloyd You See? three card discovery, using one hand only, one-way 280
Harold Lloyd You See? three card location, one-way 353
Alan Alan & Corvello You Read My Mind 44
Jerry Sadowitz You only collect Twice odd-backed Cards 26
Gary Plants You Name It, I'll Flush It suit named, corresponding royal flush stacked for 10-handed game, originally from Precursor (Oct. 2003) inspired by Tony Giorgio routine from Magicana/Genii 18
Roy Walton You Name It I'll Change It see also "Hop-A-Long Hofzinser" (Roy Walton, 1976) 44
Karl Fulves You Must Remember This commentary on the memory system 25
Karl Fulves You Missed apparent mistake, open prediction is seen dealt face up, still successful outcome 11
Michael Kaminskas You Marked It marked coin in corked bottle 66
Dai Vernon You lied! interesting peek 38
Michael Close & Shigeo Takagi You Hue spectator's name is duplicated, using name index, variation on Takagi's "The Wild Blanks" 16
Roberto Giobbi You Have to Entertain Them First 351
Tom Gagnon You Have My Sympathy with close up map inspired by "The Sympathetic Coins" (Yank Hoe, 1909) 399
Karl Fulves You Have 3 Chances two red deuces and black four, transpositions between a deuce and four, then change to 2 black fours and red deuce, then 3 black fours 25
Geoffrey Latta You Gotta' Be Kidding! loading a coin into an Okito Box while closing the lid, brief 12
Karl Fulves You Go First without adding or taking cards 85
Gerald Kosky "You Get It" 235
Edward Marlo & Walter B. Gibson You Found It! spectator turns card face-up, it is previous selection, alternatively next to selection, mathematical, inspired by Walter Gibson's "The Popular Card Tricks", three methods 14
Jack "Juicy" Broad You Don't Know Jack on gambling 14
Unknown "You Do as I Do" - A. The Sympathetic Cards stacked 270
Al Baker You Do as I Do with One Pack 764
Al Baker & Dr. Ben B. Braude You Do as I Do (Using one pack of cards) Do As I Do, performer picks out spectator's card, asks spectator to take out similar card and is able to divine it 29
Unknown You Do As I Do two decks, card exchanged 232
Edward Marlo You Do As I Do three methods 77
Unknown You Do As I Do key card 68
Charlie Miller You Do as I Do tip 60
John Scarne You Do as I Do Standard Do As I do effect with two decks, spectator / performer selects same card coincidentally see also "You Do As I Do" (John Scarne, 1956) 27
John Scarne You Do As I Do two decks, 5 key numbers 116
Cy Keller You Do As Cy Do both cards at same position varied by "Off-Centre Coincidence" (Justin Higham, 2008) 935
Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer You Did It Again! six cards, spectator thinks one, is turned over by spectator himself, repeat 11
Edward Marlo You Did It Again and Again! six cards, spectator thinks one, is turned over by spectator himself, repeats 13
Helder Guimarães "You Decide" Cards Across spectator decides how many cards should travel 21
Dr. Stanley Jaks You Cross As I Cross spectator and performer make a cross on a page in a book with the same title, it's the same page 979
Laurie Ireland You Caught Me That Time card transforms into card silk 16
Unknown You Caught Me coins transform into performer's hand, sixteen single pennies finale, "21 Cent Trick" gaff set inspired by "Fifty Cent Trick" (L. Ireland) 50
Frank De Sua You Can't Lose - Apparently! system for placing bets, horse race etc. 5
Unknown You Can't Lose Predict that when spectator's cards and magician's cards are added together, there will be an even number or odd number 16
Tom Sellers You Can't Keep a Good Man Down three cards change on pack, "showing how Hitler and Mussolini tried to jump on Churchill, but Mr. Churchill came out on top" 24
Harry Lorayne You Can't Go Wrong kind of Quick Coincidence with bad methos 8
Roy Walton You Can't Cheat An Honest Man two hands, performer always has four jacks, aces as climax 47
Malcolm Davison You can tell Fortunes reading card trick, with kings kicker 51
So Sato You Can Count on Dr. Daley no multiple lifts 81
Edward Marlo You Can Always Do Better three cards in different positions, 2 of them come together face up, then selection appears between them see also "Direct Jack Sandwich" (Mike Gallo, 1985) 738
Larry Jennings You Can Always Count on Your Wallet card placed in wallet is mate of stopped at card 197
Eddie Fechter You Brain Me glimpse of reversed selection in deck 49
Lee Asher You bet your Asher six card repeat with gambling patter, royal flush finale 3
Michael Close & John Cornelius You Axed For It ring to box, appears to be at several places at once inspired by "My Lady's Ring" (John Cornelius),
varied by "That's My Ring!" (John Lovick, 2016)
Karl Fulves You Are Note Alone weird shipping requests he gets from subscribers 52
Karl Fulves (reviewer) You Are Magic #6 by Father Cyprian 102
Herbert Hood You and Yours - Me and Mine 776
Simon Lovell You And Them 13
Laurie Ireland You Always Have a Handkerchief...! 23
Roberto Giobbi You anecdote of Goshman 195
Scotty York & Richard Himber York's Stab Surprise razor blade card trick, see Surprise Stab Revisited for an updated version see also "Surprise Stab Revisited" (Scotty York & Richard Himber, 1975) 42
Gerald Kosky Yore Finder two key cards and optional fishing, credit correction on page 65 see also "This is Mind-Reading?" (Harry Lorayne, 1962) 39
Jason Alford The Yoo-Hoo Unload 46
James G. Thompson Jr. Yoo Hoo, Dear! several cards are remembered by putting a knife somewhere in the deck 245
George G. Kaplan The Yogi´s Secret putting flesh-colored daub on spectators forehead for an out of the room selection 163
Unknown The Yogi's Prediction prediction, kind of confabulation, carbon envelope 209
Eddie Fields Yogi You-Do-As-I-Do 54
R. M. Jamison Yogi Tells one from four, card is spelled to 1113
Unknown Yogi Spelling Test four groups of six arranged cards 186
Yogi Ray Yogi Ray's Night Club Milk Glass handling for the Patriotic Glass 2
Edward Marlo Yogi Bird Card Trick wind-up toy finds card, two methods (ungaffed and with set of duplicates) 99
Ormond McGill Yogi Anesthetic human pincushion, needles are pushed in arm, needle through the flesh of a spectator 27
Karl Fulves Yo, Adrian two spectators take a card from half the deck and place it in the other, both divined, one is a confederate 13
William Larsen & Harlan Tarbell & T. Page Wright Yo! Ho! Ho! And A Bottle Of Rum! prop spectacle 357
Philip T. Goldstein Yo! Bet no Monte, Boy. a/k/a Roll, or...
matching effect with three cards torn in half and a die
Lee Asher Yo cards are thrown yoyo-like 6
R. M. Jamison Ykcowrebbj effect with mirror and the reflection of words 453
Martin Gardner Yin-Yang only high cards used, five cards dealt out in row, spectator marks them with either red/black, odd/even or high/low property, all cards divined, three-way gray code 710
Stephen Minch The Yin-Empress and the Hermit of Yang twelve cards, two are predicted 10
So Sato Yin Yang Divide six cards chosen, separated into two groups of three and each added up, both totals predicted 92
Theodore Annemann Yggdrasil two phase routine with ESP cards 284
Roberto Giobbi Yet More Luck! another casino story see also Barnhart ("Gamblers of Yesteryear", 1983) 127
Val Andrews Yet Another! No. 15, electric deck gag 7
Harvey Rosenthal Yet Another Technicolor Oddity five reds and five black cards inspired by "Technicolor Oddity" (Karl Fulves, 1973) 15
Steve Beam Yet Another Scott Robinson Insert "The Purse" 1118
Roberto Giobbi Yet Another Idea for "Flash Cash" 343
Roberto Giobbi Yet Another Extraordinary Ability simultaneous speaking skill 331
Tony Miller Yet Another Card To Wallet method to transfer card from deck behind edge of jacket with no palming 748
Unknown Yet Another Bar Bet liquid in conical glasses 209
Unknown Yes-No Gag 6
Roberto Giobbi Yes, but... explaining simple trick, then using different method 76
John Carney & Edward Marlo "Yenrac" Packet Switch 17
John Carney & Edward Marlo The Yenrac Packet Switch see also "The Double-Palm Change" (Prof. Robert Hellis, 1902),
"As an Exchange" (Edward Marlo, 1983)
Al Smith (reviewer) Yellow Magic Pages by Wittus Witt 1011
Andrew Wimhurst Yellow Kid's Monte card to Wallet Climax 21
Stanley Collins The Yellow Idol big die, spot moves then its placed in a box and travels to a crystal box and back, then a small figure / doll appears 77
Al Smith (reviewer) The Yellow Book of Mentalism by Philip T. Goldstein 735
Roy Baker Yecrik two colored rings change places on a string 388
Tony Lopilato "Yeast" Pack cards kind of rise inside of handkerchief, using spring 97
Michael Ammar Yeast Card ambitious card with card to match book finale, folded 24
Joseph Barry & John Cottle Year One in Photos photos of Joseph Barry and John Cottle on conventions and magic meetings 16
Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue A Year in Your Life four digits of named year cut to see also "A Poker Player's Picnic" (1948) 19
Jack Yeager The Yeager Four Ace Trick self-working, dealing three cards on each ace, putting piles together and dealing again, chosen heap contains aces 16
Orlando Bagley Yarn Trick 12
Louis Tannen Yankee Vase rope and vase, without cork 213
Unknown The "Yankee Doodle" Card singing a tune, card appears at last beat 120
Tommy Windsor Yankee Doodle Hat à la phantom tube 84
Ross Bertram Yank-a-Hank coin vanishes from spread-out handkerchief, then reappears in knotted handkerchief 7
R. Paul Wilson YAMFACAAN "Yet Another Method for A Card at Any Number", reverse spread 170
Al Baker Yale Lock Key Trick key through rope, second method with wooden curtain ring 763
Jon Racherbaumer Yakety-Yak Tack essay on patter 45
Philip T. Goldstein & Karl Fulves Yada pack with ten arrow cards inspired by "Unmatch" (Karl Fulves, 1971),
"Color Thot" (Martin Gardner, 1972)
Otis Manning XX pocket funnel for coin to ball of wool 285
James G. Thompson Jr. XX one of four cards is selected and packet wrapped with a rubber band, medium divines card 610
Karl Fulves & Dr. Stanley Jaks Xtender two card prediction with card stand inspired by Supersonic Card Prediction (Stanley Jaks) 45
Crocker Xkwizit! two hinged cards in deck to keep cards together while shuffled freely 689
Tommy Wonder & Crocker Xkwizit - Card Hold-Out in Deck to keep some gaffed cards together in deck see also "Xkwizit!" ( Crocker, 1940) 127
Ron Bauer Xerox Money blank paper changes into money in wallet in multiple phases 2
Stephen Tucker The Xerox Effect signature multiplies on blank cards 2683
John Northern Hilliard X. Dai Vernon Card Stars of the U.S.A. intro 575
Chad Long X-tracting 4 coins from box to hand one by one 17
Ronald B. Edwards X-Spell-I-Mental mental speller 648
Salomon Cohn X-sellent spectator thinks of an item in list, performer marks it with an x 625
Karl Fulves X-Ray Vision spectator reverses card behind performer's back, it is divined, using code and confederate 19
Unknown X-Ray Vision No. 87, shuffled deck is cut in four piles, performer names the four bottom cards 24
Roberto Giobbi X-ray Trick deck cut into three piles, performer names top card of each pile 243
Edward Marlo X-Ray Spelling estimated cut and spelling see also "Controlled Spelling" (Harry Lorayne, 1973),
"Cut and Spell" (Dai Vernon, 1989)
Unknown The X-Ray Location newspaper over scattered cards using the corner-short 43
Unknown The X-Ray Knife spectator stabs knife into deck see also "Garcia's Grand" (Frank Garcia, 1947) 274
Unknown X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects blindfold method, tape and blindfold 251
Unknown X-Ray Eyes performer know position of chosen card, short key card 310
Ormond McGill The X-Ray Eye Act cotton, tape and handkerchief 5
Edward Marlo X-Ray Deck Handling handling ideas for an x-ray deck (half the cards have a hole at the index corner to glimpse inserted card) 182
Derek Dingle & Richard Kaufman & Ken Krenzel X-Ray Coins through glass table 38
Arthur Setterington X-Ray Coins revelation of the dates on coins, when putting one reversed on the hand and watching through a napkin tube 9
Oliver Meech X-ray Coin Magician swallows initialled coin, picture of coin with initials appears on an X-ray photograph 30
Unknown The X-Ray Cards using cards with window 200
Unknown X-Ray Cards packet with cut-out index to peek card placed in packet 201
C. O. Williams X-Ray stack, two riffle shuffles 364
Scotty York The "X-Rated" Cups and Balls Routine three cups, no loads from pockets, seated 1
Paul Harris & John C. Wagner X-Press three face-down cards dropped on aces and pressed, the alternate into collectors configuration, then three cards go back in deck and aces on table, collectors packet appears in deck and kings are on table inspired by "Press" (Paul Harris, 1976) 9
Thomas Alan Waters & Edmund Rowland & Fred Lowe & Robert Harbin X-Positions page is torn in 16 parts and a piece selected, analysis , ideas on headline predictions see also Robert Harbin in "Abra" Vol.7, No. 181. P. 387.,
Fred Lowe in "New Pentagram" Vol. 4, No. 1. P.1.,
Edmund Rowland in Warlock's "Pentagram" Vol, 7. No.2. P. 11.
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