Prinzipien in der Praxis
Prinzipien in der Praxis
Professionelle Routinen für den Close-up Bereich
written by Gary Kurtz
Work of Gary Kurtz
59 pages (Paperback), published by Alexander de Cova Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Gary Kurtz
Language: German 
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Alexander de Cova Einleitung 5
Gary Kurtz Hypothetical Possibilities ambitious card, signature vanishes and reappears, wallet, revised handling inspired by "Hypothetical Possibilities" (Gary Kurtz, 1990) 7
Gary Kurtz Double Lift Set-Up 8
Dr. Jacob Daley Lipop Flourish 9
Al Smith & Father Cyprian Flip Flop Change called "Elevator Change" by Daryl here 10
Gary Kurtz The Flutter Change using Longitudinal Tenkai Palm see also "Longitudinal Card Change" (Phillip Young, 1982) 13
Gary Kurtz The Longitudinal Palm Vanish And Transfer false transfer sequence, transfer from TLP to classic 14
Gary Kurtz The Upjogged Erdnase Transformation see also "Variations on Erdnase's First Transformation: Transformation with Outjog" (Alex Elmsley, 1991) 16
Gary Kurtz The Rub-a-Dub Dub Vanish 17
Gary Kurtz Der G.K. Top Change 18
Gary Kurtz Spectator Color Changing Aces spectator touches four cards, they are the aces, then they have large Xs on the backs 19
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition wedge break handling 20
Gary Kurtz Two Heads Are Better Than One a friend locates a card, stooged with some simple instructions 21
Gary Kurtz Nach Hofzinser (Cull-Methode) key placement handling 22
Dai Vernon Leitkartenkontrolle nach Dai Vernon running cut key placement 23
Gary Kurtz The King Thing selection made, twisting routine with kings, they all change into selection and back to kings, kings transpose with single card in case see also "Omni-Twist" (Edward Marlo, 1977),
also published as "The King Thing" (Gary Kurtz, 1992)
Bob Farmer Push-In Unload 24
Gary Kurtz All Alike Display top change for last card 26
Gary Kurtz Card to Case Load from packet to back of case 28
Gary Kurtz The Empty Hand inside jacket pocket 29
Gary Kurtz The Empty Hand Delay time-delayed use as load
1. Anwendung: Beim Zurückgeben laden (load pocket when returning pen to pocket)
2. Anwendung: Das Laden beim herausholen eines Gegenstandes (load pocket when taking something out of pocket)
Gary Kurtz The Bold Load signed card or spectator's business card is placed in one pocket, then instantly taken out of wallet in other pocket 33
Gary Kurtz The Code of Silence also published as "Code of Silence" (Gary Kurtz, 1989) 34
Gary Kurtz The Spectator Peek And Glimpse spectator peeks himself, then three handlings for the glimpse 35
Gary Kurtz Money begets Money four coin production also published as "Money Begets Money" (Gary Kurtz, 1988) 40
Gary Kurtz Two for Two Shuttle Pass 42
Gary Kurtz Spectator Sleeve Coins producing four coins from spectator's sleeve 42
Gary Kurtz Fingertip Drop Shuffle 43
Gary Kurtz Flash Glitter Finale coins wrapped in (flash) paper disappear 45
Juan Tamariz Double Crossing the Gaze Switch 46
Gary Kurtz Spectator's Coins Across four coins across 47
Gary Kurtz Fingertip Steal 48
Gary Kurtz Palming One Coin from a Group flip-over handling see also "Subtle Coin Steal" (Harvey Rosenthal, 1976),
also published as "Palming Coin from a Group" (Gary Kurtz, 1992)
Gary Kurtz Han Ping Chien on Spectator's Hand 52
Gary Kurtz Copper/Silver Continuation series of effects with coins and handkerchief, two jumbo coins finale, load from body 54