The Knot Collector
The Knot Collector
A Routine of Flourish and Trick Knots using a Single Piece of Rope
written by Phil Willmarth
Work of Various
40 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
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Tenkai Ishida The Rope Through Neck 39
Herb Zarrow The Pendulum or Lazy Magician's Knot flourish knot also published as Herb Zarrow's "The Pendulum or Lazy Magician's Knot" in Karl Fulves "Close-Up Folio" No.12 /1979 36
Phil Willmarth The Willmarth Snap Knot (Throwing a Loop) one-handed flourish knot 34
Pavel The High Flying Knot rope tossed in the air, flourish knot 33
Phil Willmarth The Airplane Knot flourish knot 31
Unknown The Flying Bird Flourish (Wright Brother's Knot Lead-In) rope flourish 30
Flip Hallema & Phil Willmarth The Model T Ford Knot flourish one-handed cud 29
Unknown The Peddler's or Traveling Knot knot is moved on rope 26
Phil Willmarth The Cowboy Knot flourish knot 25
Phil Willmarth The High Diver flourish knot 24
Unknown The One Hand Knot 23
Phil Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope also published as "The Acrobat" (Phil Willmarth, 1984) 23
J. B. Bobo & Phil Willmarth The Strike Knot (Throwing a Knot) flourish one-handed kont see also "Throwing a Knot" (J. B. Bobo, 1947) 21
G. W. Hunter The Bow or Shoelace Knot false knot 18
Phil Willmarth The Robin Hood Knot flourish knot, follow up for Robin Hood Knot 16
Unknown The William Tell Knot flourish knot 14
Phil Willmarth The Fisherman's Knot flourish knot 12
Unknown The Harpoon Knot flourish knot 10
Wilfred Sellten Satin's Knot 8
Phil Willmarth The Portable Knot (Two-Handed Tony Lopilato Knot) complicated dissolving knot bundle inspired by "The Tony Lopilato Knot" (Tony Lopilato, 1948 / 27),
see also "Hitch A Spectator" (R. C. Buff, 1984)
Francis Martineau The Smoke and Forget Me Knot false knot with rope 4
Phil Willmarth Getting Started preparing a rope 3
Phil Willmarth Introduction 1