Magic from the Parade #1
Magic from the Parade #1
written by Phil Willmarth
Work of Various
23 pages (Stapled), Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
(24 entries)
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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
William P. Miesel Bill Miesel's Utility Chart erasable marker on poster board, for predictions 23
Theodore Annemann A Si Stebbins Kink blindfolded medium removes a card with same suit and one with same value as selection, first published 1924 22
Don Tanner & Trevor Lewis & Phil Willmarth Six Card Mental Test Again! billet in envelope prediction 20
Stewart James Futuristic Art prediction of two selected sign, with a stand, carbon paper 19
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count 18
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count 18
Larry West & Phil Willmarth Larry West Twisting the Aces first one after the other, then until all Aces are face up 16
Dai Vernon Through The Fist Flourish 16
Larry West Double Card Handling Finesse similar to a in the hands Pad Spread 16
U. F. Grant Gen Grant's Triple Stop Card Trick three decks, three selections, first published 1953 15
Phil Willmarth New One Hand Knot - With Ring 14
Dr. Stanley Jaks Spoo-Key 14
Phil Willmarth The Acrobat knot appears in rope also published as "The Acrobat" (Phil Willmarth, 1989) 13
Rick Johnsson The Daisy Chain on-penetration of ring on rope 12
Dick Jarrow & Jack Potter Multiple DJ Knot ring and rope, several knots ring comes off 9
R. C. Buff Hitch A Spectator several knots quickly united behind back see also "The Portable Knot (Two-Handed Tony Lopilato Knot)" (Phil Willmarth, 1989) 8
Joe Scott & Mike O'Dowd The Poco Presto Dazzler center of handkerchief is burnt and restored again 7
Unknown The Flame Thru the Hanky flame of lighter is moved around handkerchief, no harm 6
Martin Gardner Jumping Hanky 5
Keith Allen Impromptu Haunted Hank 5
Martin Gardner Grandma's Needle handkerchief through thumb 4
Martin Gardner Stretching a Handkerchief 3
Martin Gardner Impromptu Vanisher coin vanishes from paper napkin 2
U. F. Grant Gen Grant's Bagged ring vanishes from glass and appears on rod which is pushed through a paper bag 1